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Hey guys, how was your weekend? My weekend was a fruitful one. Besides having a family gathering, I have also attended Urban Mom 2014 event. The event was happened from 3 to 7 Sep 2014 at G floor, Highstreet, 1 Utama shopping center where parents, celebrity parents and medical experts participated in the first ever LIVE TALK SHOW programme exploring challenging topics for modern parenting.
In conjunction with Urban Mom event, flexWorkLife.my had organized a talk show regarding ‘I Made a Carrer Comeback’ to bring awareness and focus to mothers who is interested to make a career comeback, but unsure how or not familiar with the flexible working arrangement that certain employers offer.
flexWorkLife.my was established last year. If you haven’t heard of it, it is belongs to Talent Corp.  flexWorkLife.my is an initiative to introduce and enhance work life practices at the workplace, aimed towards better attracting and retaining women and the younger workforce.

According to a survey, women leave the workforce due to 3 main reasons;

1)      To raise a family.
2)      Lack of work-life balance.
3)      To care for a family member.
While many women on hiatus want to return to work, they face many barriers to re-entry such as career obsolescence and employer bias.
Besides that, only 7% of employers have childcare support facility policy, and only 30% of employers have flexible work arrangements policy.
Left: Ms. Salika Suksuwan, Head, Industry Partnerships, Talent Corporation Malaysia
Second left: Ms. Nisa Hidayah, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Standard Chartered
Third left: Ms. Pauline Teo, HR Analyst, BASF Asia-Pacific Service Centre Sdn Bhd
Right: Emcee

The invited guests Ms. Salika Suksuwan, Head, Industry Partnerships, Talent Corporation MalaysiaMs. Nisa Hidayah, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Standard Chartered and Ms. Pauline Teo, HR Analyst, BASF Asia-Pacific Service Centre Sdn Bhd shared their opinions during the I Made a Carrer Comeback’ Live Talk Show.
Ms. Nisa and Ms. Pauline were dropped out from work for pregnancy and come back to work life after 2 and 7 years respectively. Thanks to flexWorkLife.my, they get to work flexible hours, for e.g. 4 hours a day and still enjoy a full time employee benefits in their current job.
As a mother of 2 lovely girls, I strongly believe that flexibility in work is very important. I am now working full time to pay off my commitments. In the meantime I need to send and pick up kids at school and tuition classes on daily basis. I also need to run errands, do house works, taking care my mother and manage my personal blog here. Can you imagine 24 hours is not really enough for me, and I sacrifice my sleep to make sure things are done.
There are many times I have asked myself if I could quit my job to fully concentrate on my family; especially when my kids are sick and I really wish to stay home to take care of them. However, with the high living cost in Kuala Lumpur, it sounds like impossible. I have to stay on my job from 9 to 5 while in the office even though I don’t like it.

I believe most of us would love to raise our family without sacrifice our work, income and achievements. I am happy that I found out flexWorkLife.my, it has made it possible for us to enjoy the flexible work arrangements. Not only it benefits to employee like us, they are also benefits for employers because they get to listed on flexWorkLife.my for free, and enjoy tax incentives for their initiatives. Isn’t this a win-win solution?!
I found the job listings on flexWorkLife.my cover most of the industry, from sales to project managements. If you do not manage to find a job you want, you could also choose to drop your resume to them to stay connected.

I guess It’s time for me to find that FlexiJob to enjoy work life balance.

To know more about flexWorkLife.my; logon to


Miera Nadhirah said...

Pretty awesome event.. I am blessed to be able to have a flexi job by myself but no stable income.. huhuhu... but time spent with my little one is so much fun compared to earning buckets of money.. so I guess there is always a sacrifice somewhere... and I can't complain too much... hehehe

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yes Miera, thanks to Urban Mom for organising such meaningful events for us. I know right, it's not easy to become a mother nowadays. We have to multi task and work to get more income for the household.

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