Crispy & Savory Salted Egg Meals by Marrybrown

We Malaysian love salted egg meals, don't we? Now, it's time to get egg-cited with Crispy & Savory Marrybrown's Salted Egg Meals. Our very own home grown fast food restaurant chain, Marrybrown returns to crack the egg and reveal their latest menu, Salted Egg Meals made available in two options: the much-loved fan favourite, Burger and MB Crispy Chicken coated in tantalising real Salted Egg sauce!
After a thorough research process creating this flavour, Marrybrown successfully perfected Malaysian’s favourite local recipe, and is now keen to wow fans with their twist of the latest flavour using real Salted Egg.
We have tried Marrybrown's Salted Egg Burger as well as MB Crispy Chicken. We love the crispy outside and juicy inside chicken a lot. Most importantly, they are coated with the extraordinary delicious golden salted egg sauce. In fact, my whole family love the Salted Egg Meals by Marrybrown.
“We know that the Salted Egg trend has been a hit among Malaysians’ over the years and have tried it on every kind of meals possible, but we are confident that our sauce will be a favourite with our customers as not only it has that extra-special kick bound to entice Malaysians, we are adamant to use real salted eggs for this menu as it will add a creamy richness and an umami to the sauce,” said Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

Where's the New Normal at Petaling Jaya?

Today marked the last day of May 2020. According to Malaysia's government, the Conditional Movement Control Order will soon be lifted in another 2 weeks. I have seen my friend's post about my favourite restaurant in Petaling Jaya has re-open for dine-in, hence I decided to pay a visit to enjoy some good food.

But, I felt sick with what I seen today. Are we all too comfortable and forgot how to live the new normal?
Let's see, the crowd inside 1 Utama New Wing is really crazy, especially at JD sports, Starbucks, H&M, Baskin Robbins. I don't see social distancing nor sanitiser around the shopping mall. It was really bad and I felt really unsafe.

I was there to collect item that I have reserved since April and today is the last day to collect it hence the visit. I have left the mall as soon as I have done.

[Mask] New! NUViT Instant Restoring & Hydrating Bio-cellulose Mask

One of my favourite me time is to pamper my skin with mask. Even when I am staying at home most of the time now, I am still stick to my skincare routine and apply mask at least once a week.

I believe many of you are having the same problems like me, where my skin becomes dull easily. Hence, I need a really good mask to brighten my skin and hydrate it at the same time.
When I got to know that NUViT will be launching their new premium facial sheet mask - NUViT instant restoring & hydrating Bio-cellulose mask with quintuple hyaluronic acid, I know I have to give it a try.
NUViT instant restoring & hydrating Bio-cellulose mask is a 100% natural mask that has a high affinity, high absorbency and high penetration rate allowing nutrients to effectively penetrate into the skin.
Made in Taiwan, NUViT Bio-Cellulose Mask is a 2 step treatment mask that provides immediate hydration and soothes, restores and brightens tired and dry skin. It is ideal for all skin types, safe and effective.

Ready to Bake Pizza & Baguette Malaysia

I am not good in cooking, so the ready to cook/ready to bake food has helped me a lot especially during MCO. I have came across Pizza & Baguette Malaysia that sells ready to bake Pizza & Baguette for our convenience at home not long ago.

Pizza & Baguette Malaysia offers a wide selections of Pizza & Baguette with affordable price. I have tried their baguette and my girls love them.
It is really easy to prepare, just preheat oven at 220 degree celsius, then bake for 10 mins. No defrosting is required.
The results? Crunchy outside and cheesy fillings!
Most importantly, we can eat with a peace of mind because;
- Preservative/ MSG free.
- Natural Ingredients.
- GMO-free (non genetically modified).
- Premium quality toppings (Farm raised beef/chicken/turkey, authentic cheese).
- Made in Austria 🇦🇹known for the Europe’s “organic farming country no. 1”
- Pork free, Alcohol free, lard free lab tested.

The New Normal Way of Shopping @ Mid Valley Megamall

Hi my fellow readers in Malaysia, we have come to the midst of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in May 2020. Many of us are back to work but it is important for us to adapting the new normal life, i.e. Keep social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic together.
I have not been to a shopping mall since Malaysia government impose MCO back in March. It has been almost 2 months and all the places I went was the grocery and restaurant. Finally I brave myself to visit my favourite shopping mall in KL – Mid Valley Megamall last Thursday.
I reached there around 1pm, which is the lunch time for normal working people. Surprisingly, there was still empty spots at the P2 ladies car park at The Gardens Mall. I parked my car nicely and went inside the shopping mall without any waiting.

Before entering the upper level, customers were asked to wear a mask, measure the temperature, sanitise and scan the QR code to register ourselves. It was quite smooth as there were 2 counters.

Once went up to the LG level, I started to see people shopping around. The crowd was much more lesser than usual though.
When I go into the shops inside the shopping mall, I need to register, check temperature and sanitise again. I had enjoyed my shopping at Lovisa (they are having sales now!), Berhka, Zara, Watsons, Popular bookstore, Smiggle (they are having 25% off now!) that day. I wanted to go JD sports too but the crowd there was crazy.

Best Summer Ever with Kids' Favorite Cartoon Network Pals

The school holiday is here! All families will be looking for fun ways to spend the break together. With social distancing in full effect, why not spend it indoors with Cartoon Network? It will still be the Best Summer Ever when the kids are accompanied by their favorite Cartoon Network pals!

Watch-and-Win Contest

To win some awesome, giant-sized We Bare Bears plushies, Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls premiums, kids just need to tune in to Cartoon Nework (Astro Ch 615HD / 635) daily (9am to 12pm) from Monday, 11 May to 28 June, and keep a look out for secret codes that will appear on-screen. Then head over to to submit the codes and tell them why you love watching Cartoon Network.

Best Summer Ever Fan Art Contest

For some hands-on fun, kids can get creative in the Best Summer Ever Fan Art Contest! It's the perfect platform to ignite their imagination and show off their drawing skills. Held from 11 May to 28 June, the best pieces will win amazing goodie bags and be showcased on Cartoon Network for viewers around Asia to enjoy - talk about bragging right!

Don't miss the chance for the Best Summer Ever, all without leaving the comfort of home. For more information about the contests, visit!

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to amazing cartoons on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635) all summer long!

Weekdays at 9am in May and June
New Premieres on Weekends in May
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