Melano CC Brightening UV Essence Sunscreen – For Brighter and Even Skin Tone Glowing Skin

Melano CC, the renowned Japanese skincare brand celebrated for its groundbreaking vitamin C skincare innovations, proudly presents its latest triumph: the Melano CC Brightening UV Essence with SPF50+ PA++++. This revolutionary product is engineered to go beyond traditional sunscreens, offering a multifaceted approach to skincare that combines sun protection and brightening functions.
Lim Mei Yuen, General Manager of Rohto Mentholatum Malaysia, emphasizes, "Our relentless dedication to research and development has birthed this remarkable sunscreen—a fusion of Vitamin C and skincare ingredients meticulously crafted to achieve radiant, glowing skin while protecting against harmful UV rays."
What sets the Melano CC Brightening UV Essence apart is its powerhouse combination of two types of Vitamin C – ascorbic acid glucoside for sustained Vitamin C delivery and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate for enhanced efficacy. This dynamic duo brightens dull skin, lightens acne marks, and minimizes large pores, ensuring a complexion that exudes luminosity and vitality.

Key Benefits of Melano CC Brightening UV Essence include:

Comprehensive Protection: Formulated with SPF 50+ PA++++, it delivers a broad-spectrum defence against UVA/UVB rays and shields the skin from airborne pollutants, ensuring optimal skin health and vitality.

OCREVUS® - A New Treatment Option for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Roche (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. announced the availability of OCREVUS® in Malaysia, a twice-yearly convenient dosing option for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (RMS) and primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS).

Media Launch of OCREVUS® - (L:R)
Dr. Fariz Abdul Rani, Country Disease Area Lead for Neuroscience and Rare Disease, Roche (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.;
Dr. Chey Shin Yee, Consultant Neurologist;
Dr. Low Soon Chai, Consultant Neurologist;
En. Rizal Aminuddin, President of Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malaysia (MSSM).

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) which control all bodily functions. MS damages the coating that protects the nerves or known as myelin. This loss of myelin or demyelination disrupts the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain1.

As a result, people with MS can experience a varying range of symptoms. Rarely are two patients’ symptoms alike and symptoms can range from mild to debilitating. Symptoms can include blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, numbness and tingling, muscle spasm, stiffness and limb weakness, mobility issues, speech difficulties, vertigo, pain,bowel or bladder problems and difficulty in swallowing1.

As of 2020, MS affects 2.8 million people worldwide2. This equates to 1 in 3,000 people in the world living with MS1. A higher prevalence is recorded in North America, Europe, and parts of Australia with as many as 1 in every 300 people having MS1.

Although the prevalence of MS is lower in Asia1, symptoms suffered by patients are no less severe than those in the West. In Malaysia, it is listed as a rare disease3 with an estimated prevalence of 6 per 100,000 population4.

OCREVUS® - Slowing Progression and Suppressing Relapses

Administered by intravenous infusion every six months, OCREVUS® has shown sustained high-efficacy to slow disease progression, thus positively impacting the quality of life of MS patients.5

Data shows that 8 out of 10 RMS patients are progression-free of their condition after 10 years.6

Alamanda Shopping Centre Spreads Hari Raya Cheer with Shopping Spree for Children of Pertubuhan Warisan Suci

In the spirit of Hari Raya, Alamanda Shopping Centre undertook a heartwarming initiative to bring joy to the lives of orphans and underprivileged children from Pertubuhan Warisan Suci, Kajang. This compassionate endeavour was part of Alamanda's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Accompanied by the Manager of Pertubuhan Warisan Suci, Puan Siti Khadijah Nadzri, the children, aged six years and below, were warmly greeted by Alamanda Shopping Centre General Manager, Junaidy Jamaludin. Together with the Alamanda team, they enjoyed a delightful shopping spree to procure a pair of 'kasut raya' and a set of 'baju raya' for each child. Adding to the joyous occasion, Alamanda also generously contributed 'duit raya' to the children.
The day's festivities continued with an iftar session, during which the children gleefully indulged in a meal of their choosing from the menu.
Francis Tan, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, expressed, “As the premier mall in Putrajaya, we recognise the pivotal role we play in actively engaging and supporting the community, especially children in need. While Hari Raya is a time for celebration with loved ones, it is imperative to acknowledge those who may not have the same privileges. Thus, we are delighted to share the joy of Hari Raya with the children of Pertubuhan Warisan Suci.”

Kinohimitsu Collagen Day: A Celebration of Self-Love and Empowerment

Kinohimitsu, the leading brand of collagen drink in South East Asia which was awarded the No.1 Best Selling Collagen Drink in Singapore and Malaysia, accredited by Nielsen IQ 2022 report, is celebrating Kinohimitsu Collagen Day this April.
Kinohimitsu Collagen Day is a movement organized by Kinohimitsu since 2017 to raise awareness about the importance of collagen to help everyone feel happier, healthier & more confident in their own skin, to foster self-love and empowerment. Kinohimitsu Collagen Day is not merely a month to enjoy a special discount on purchasing collagen products, but a powerful initiative aimed at inspiring individuals to embrace their unique beauty and celebrate self-care.
“Since its inception in 2017, Kinohimitsu Collagen Day has been a beacon of empowerment, reminding us all to embrace self-love. As we indulge in self-care, we nourish not just our skin, but our souls, radiating confidence and happiness. With this year's theme, 'Beyond Beauty, Begin Within,' we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the movie YOLO.
In movie YOLO (You only live once), the actress Jia Ling transformed herself completely to a healthy person. In her song, she tells everyone, it is not too late to be yourself and love yourself.

Join us in this annual celebration, and let's ignite the flame of self-love together for the future you! " quotes Jennifer Chin, Chief Operating Officer of Kino Biotech Group.

New! Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Prepare to be wowed by Sunplay Skin Aqua's latest innovation: Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk Sunscreen. Crafted to meet the demands of today's dynamic lifestyles, this groundbreaking sunscreen offers unmatched protection against the sun's rays and digital blue light, all while catering to the preferences of young professionals and students.
"Our mission at Rohto Mentholatum is to revolutionise sun care with affordable, cutting-edge solutions. Skin Aqua Mild Milk Sunscreen embodies this commitment, delivering superior protection against blue light and harmful UV rays, without compromising on quality," said Lim Mei Yuen, General Manager of Rohto Mentholatum.
Key Features of Skin Aqua UV Perfect Mild Milk Sunscreen:

Advanced Defense: SPF50+ PA+++ shields against UVA/UVB rays, while Anti-Blue Light technology guards against digital screen damage.

Free from Additives: Designed without alcohol, fragrance, colorant, mineral oil, and MIT, it's perfect for sensitive skin.

Skin Care & Moisturizing Ingredients: MPC Water locking formula and contains Hyaluronic Acid to effectively hydrate skin and prevent moisture loss. Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamin B5 & E to protect against skin aging and unveil a healthy radiant complexion.

Affordable Luxury: Priced at RM29.90 for 40g, it's a must-have for those seeking premium protection without breaking the bank.

Revel in The Magnificence of Raya at The Exchange TRX

Hari Raya is just around the corner, all shoppers are invited to revel in the magnificence of Raya at The Exchange TRX.
The Exchange TRX pays homage to the beauty and splendour of this Raya season with the ‘Magnificence of Raya’ – a visual and experiential spectacle showcasing Malay culture, tradition, and art. Guests are invited to explore and be enthralled by the elegance and beauty of batik, seamlessly intermingled into the stunning displays and performances that will run from now until 21 April 2024.
“The richness and allure of Malay culture is undeniable, and it has embedded itself into many facets of Malaysian life, transcending different communities and ethnicities. As the social heart of the country’s International Financial Centre, the ‘Magnificence of Raya’ celebrates the splendour of traditional Malay culture and highlights its role in shaping the architecture, design, and art of contemporary Malaysia,” says Mitch Wilson, Project Director of The Exchange TRX and Head of Retail at Lendlease Malaysia.
“Our goal is to create opportunities for mutual cultural understanding and appreciation between local communities at The Exchange TRX. Beyond the elaborate displays that adorn Central Exchange, our entrances, and various public spaces including TRX City Park, we have also made it a point to incorporate cultural performances to create a more immersive cultural experience for all our guests,” adds Mr. Wilson.
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