Happy 30th Birthday to Melvita, The French pioneer in Organic Beauty Care

In year 1983, Melvita was created by biologist and beekeeper Bernard Chevilliat. “Mel” from latin meaning “honey”, and “vita” meaning “life”. Since then, Melvita has gone through many milestones, including entered Malaysia Market 2 years ago.
To celebrate Melvita’s 30th anniversary, Melvita Malaysia has invited a group of media friends to a fun cooking section at the Nathalie's Gourmet Studio, Solaris Dutamas not long ago.
Did you notice the new “faces” of Melvita in the poster? The background of it: Belle, a young Parisian girl filled with curiosity and enthusiasm is accompanied by the BEE all year long to explore and unlock the wisdom of nature. The BEE will show her the precious treasures it reveals to those who seek out and respects the nature, the purity of organic ingredients and the importance of beauty comes from within. Melvita believes strongly in these positive messages and now, more than ever, wants to invite its customers to share its values.
Melvita has revealed it Top 10 Best Sellers during the event;

Winners of Benefit “The Great Browzini” Party

Thank you so much for joining the Benefit “The Great Browzini” party giveaway, girls. I really wish to bring you all but there’s only 5 slots available.
Congratulations Ashley; LauraLeia; KellyJ; Shasha and Kay!

You girls have won yourselves a ticket to Benefit “The Great Browzini” party tomorrow 10am to 12pm at Benefit’s Boutique 1 Utama as well as a Bella She Sparkles Bag and a Bella x Scotch Magic tape dispenser.

See you girls tomorrow!

Luminox Ambassador and World Renowned Ocean Environmentalist, Scott Cassell Launches Luminox “Save the Seas” Programme in Malaysia

Luminox brand ambassador and world renowned ocean explorer, Mr Scott Cassell, launches the Luminox “Save The Seas” ocean conservation programme with a special exhibit of an electricity-powered two-man submersible (mini submarine), “The Great White”, at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, from 9 to 15 September 2013. “The Great White” submersible is utilized by Mr Scott Cassell for student education programmes under his USA-based non-profit organization, the Undersea Voyager Project (UVP).
The mission of Luminox 'Save The Seas' is to educate consumers about the importance of preserving the health of the ocean eco-systems in The Coral Triangle, a region off the coasts of Southeast Asia (including Malaysia) recognised as the global centre of marine biodiversity and a global priority for conservation.
The Luminox ‘Save The Seas’ programme kick-started in Singapore on 29 August 2013, where “The Great White” was exhibited at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Mr Scott Cassell subsequently visited Brunei where he undertook a dive expedition on 1 September 2013 with Brunei’s Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Yahya Bin Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar (His Honorary Pehin Yahya), to evaluate the health of Brunei’s coral reefs. Mr Scott Cassell subsequently had the honour to meet with the Sultan of Brunei at a Hari Raya military event.

After the dive expedition in Brunei, Mr Scott Cassell then moved on to Tioman Island, Malaysia where he embarked on a marine science survey of Tioman Island’s coral reefs from 4 to 8 September 2013 together with selected members of the media from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. This marked the very first time that a submersible has been piloted in the oceans of Southeast Asia.
“The Great White” – An Eco-Engineering Marvel.

S.M.E Sitcom is Back to Educate and Entertain

The locally produced English sitcom, Small Mission Enterprise has return with a new season this month. The original cast of the series will come into their roles to offer light-hearted takes on what it takes to succeed as entrepreneurs.
“We are presenting realism, in a comedy format, which showcases the characters and genuinely reflects the opportunities and the challenges that entrepreneurs face in the country.
“This show highlights the SME issues such as funding, which nobody knows exist, or there are misconceptions that it’s hard to get, or there are bureaucratic red tape,” said Wayne Lim, executive producer of the sitcom and the Malaysia SME chief executive officer at a media screening of the sitcom recently.

He added, “Our involvement in production was spurred by the fact that there are too many naysayers who think that a local sitcom addressing the entrepreneurship issues is not going to be well received. We have had positive feedback from viewers (both entrepreneurs and the public), the network and the actors on how the sitcom, in its first season, touched them in some way or other. If we can help a small percentage of the close to one million SMEs operating in Malaysia, we know that we have made a difference.”

S.M.E Sitcom Cast Host Meet and Greet Session - Sitcom Seeks to Present Entrepreneur Realism in Comedy

The locally produced 13 episodes English sitcom, “Small Mission Enterprise “(S.M.E) Season II hosted a meet and greet session for public to interact with producer, director, and cast members earlier on 1st Sep 2013 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama.

Present at the meet and greet session were Wayne Lim, the Executive Producer of the sitcom, Douglas Lim, the Director, together with cast members Baki Zainal, Ash Nair, Alvin Wong, and Chelsia Ng.

Returning with a new season with its first episode airing on September 5 on NTV7 at 9.00pm, the original cast of the series will come into their roles to offer light-hearted take on what it takes to succeed as entrepreneur.
“We are presenting realism, in a comedy format, which showcases the characters and genuinely reflects the opportunities and the challenges that entrepreneurs face in the country. This show highlights the SME issues such as funding which nobody knows they exist, or there are misconceptions that it’s hard to get, or there are bureaucratic red tape hurdles, “said Wayne Lim, Executive Producer of the sitcom, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of MALAYSIA SME®.

He added, “Our involvement in production was spurred on by the fact that there are too many naysayers who say that a local sitcom addressing the entrepreneurship issues is not going to be well received. We have had positive feedback from viewers (both entrepreneurs & public), the network and the actors on how the sitcom in its first season, has touched them in some way or other. If we can help a small percentage of the close to 1,000,000 SMEs operating in Malaysia, we know that we have made a difference.”

A New Fragrance for Her - DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein

From CK One to CK Eternity and Euphoria, Calvin Klein has been my favorite fragrance since I was a teenager. I shop for the beautiful CK fragrance ever since I was in high school; it is one of the Must Have fragrances back then.
In September 2013, Calvin Klein launches another fragrance for the original, real and modern women like us - The DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein.
It’s a mindset, urban and original. My own world, no rules. It’s just me.

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein balances feminine woods and a soft, floral scent to create a confident, modern fragrance with a unique signature and an unexpected edge.

AVON Brings Beauty to Your Doorsteps with the YOU MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL TOUR

For 127 years, AVON, the leading global beauty company has reached out to women across the globe in more than 100 markets, through approximately 7 million active sales representatives.

In Malaysia, AVON has touched many women nationwide for the past 36 years, with the mission to make Malaysian women’s lives more beautiful each day. Not just beautiful on outlook, but inner beauty; raising self-esteem, self-confidence, elevating financial status and much more.

In line with AVON’s global You Make It Beautiful campaign, AVON Malaysia kicked off its national campaign with its first ever beauty caravan at Plaza Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur on 7th September 2013.
You Make It Beautiful Truck

This beautifully designed five ton beauty truck equipped with customized makeup stations will be making its way to 8 locations throughout Penisular Malaysia. Aiming to empower women with tools that will enhance their self-confidence, the beauty caravan will provide professional makeup tips and makeover to the public.
Ladies and women from all walks of life were invited to experience AVON’s latest make up collection, and consultations with AVON beauty consultants.
The kick-off event saw a ribbon cutting ceremony by Aspalin Sirat, Head of Digital Strategy, Activation and Communication; accompanied by Safirah Harudin (breast cancer survivor & Avon representative), Azlina Abdullah (Avon Sales Leader) and Maggie Goh (Avon Boutique Owner) representing Malaysian women whose lives have improved with AVON.
L to R: Maggie Goh (Avon Boutique Owner), Aspalin Sirat (Head of Digital Strategy, Activation and Communication), Safirah Harudin (Breast Cancer Survivor) & Azlina Abdullah (Avon Sales Leader)

The ribbon cutting ceremony was followed by the release of colorful balloons into the air which signified a woman’s dedication to nurture her inner and outer beauty as well as her dedication to successfully conquer her pursuits in life. As the saying goes, “the sky’s the limit”, so are the opportunities with AVON.
The launch event also includes an exciting performance by renowned dance group; Soul Krazy; finalists of 8TV Showdown dance show.

Happy Birthday to Wai Yee aka Rane & Benefit’s Boutique 1 Utama

Remember I mentioned before that September is my favorite month of the year? It’s actually my Birthday month, ahem….

To commemorate my big day this year, I am going to celebrate with 5 of my readers at the Benefit “The Great Browzini” party!

Get ready to be mystified and amazes as brows magically appear right before your eyes.
Date: Saturday, 26th 28th Sep 2013
Time: 10am to 12pm
Venue: Benefit’s Boutique 1 Utama

That’s not all; I’ll be giving away a Bella She Sparkles Bag and a Bella x Scotch Magic tape dispenser to the lucky 5 readers.
Thanks to Bella NTV 7 for sponsoring this.

Summer Must Have – Episode 3 : The Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble

Thinking of how to zing your sweltering hot, boring afternoon? Or one of those mid-day cravings, when you just feel like munching on something crispy that is tantalising to your taste buds.
Think no further than the brand new Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble. This new treat gives you the visuals of enjoying your day with delightful crunchy cookies that simply melt inside your mouth. Bite into the creamy vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookie crumble bits in a crispy wafer cone, topped with generous portion of chocolate and chocolate chips. With all that toothsome delight bundled in a cone, the new Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble is going to rock your hot afternoon!
Undeniably, the Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble is the ice cream for you to seize the day with awesome fun that is filled with excitement. Grab your friends, turn on a great TV show and snuggle up on a couch, while relishing on every bite of the Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble.

The Great Invention of The Soviet Watchmakers - Sturmanskie

The first models of the watches "Sturmanskie" were released in 1949. The devices for the time calculation were intended for the Air Force of the Soviet Union and they were not available for the mass sale. The precise and reliable chronographs were issued to the crews of the flying units, the graduates of the military flight and navigational schools. The professional tools allowed the crew to synchronize the readout of the chronographs, and during the flight to perform a concerted joint action. Watch "Sturmanskie" overcame gravity and demonstrated the excellent work in the conditions of the weightlessness.
These are the first measures of the time, stood in the space test, because Yuri Gagarin took this watch with him to the orbit in 1961. The important part of the astronauts equipment is the wrist watches, because of their accuracy and the undisturbed operation depends the result of many research projects. The choice of the watches “Sturmanskie” was due to the quality of the movement, which was created during several decades. The caliber was complicated with the functions which were needed for the aviation watches. The models “Sturmanskie” were equipped with the second hand, the chronograph function, which allowed to synchronize the time. The great invention of the Soviet watchmakers gave impetus to the aerospace branch of the watch industry.
In 2000 the company “Volmax” resumed the production of the legendary watches under the brand name “Sturmanskie”. In the same year the brand was officially registered in Russia and in Europe. The watches “Sturmanskie” are launched as parts of limited editions and are set aside for the collectors. They are assembled by hand. After the assembling all time measures pass the strict quality control and are tested.

New Addition to The Timeless Classics Fragrance - Roses De Chloé

Chloé has recently invited the media friends to discover the new Chloé Fragrance - Roses De Chloé.
Maison Francaise was decorated into a beautiful Parisan Rose Garden, and the air was full with delicate, elegant and fresh aroma.
Five years of olfactory elegance

In 2008 a new floral expression was born. We thought it had no more secrets to reveal. Yet, with the Chloé house behind it, the rose spoke with poetry never known before. An expressive scent. Musky. Oxygenated. Refined. Today, this unique rose is celebrating five years of success and elegant variations. The chance for Chloé to offer this family of timeless classics a new fragrance.

BaByliss Miracurl Experiment at SHINS

BaByliss Miracurl made Professional Curl Machine Effortless & Fast Infinite. I first discovered this product in Queen’s back in July. I was delighted to find out that it is officially available in Malaysia.
The MiraCurl lets you control temperature, time and curl direction, providing the flexibility to form loose waves, soft swirls, defined curls, and more. It even signals when it's time to release the curl, so perfect results are foolproof. Instant heat up and recovery, up to 450 F, produces curl after curl with consistently flawless results.
BaByliss Miracurl Demo on Me

Bag of Love August 2013

It has been six months since Bag Of Love initially launched, to celebrate that momentous occasion, RM1 from every monthly bag subscribe will go into the Bag of Love fund and then Bag of Love and it’s subscribers could decide together where the fund will go.
Apart from that, Bag of Love will not be just about beauty anymore. They have spread the joy of reading and so, a book is included in the August 2013 bag in partnership with Book Xcess. I’ve got Sophie Kinsella’s “Confessions Of A Shopaholic”, I’m happy as I always wanted to read this book after I watched the movie.
Bag of Love August 2013 theme is Made Me Happy, let’s see what’s the stuff inside the cute bag OK.

1) Johnson’s Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion, Full-size, RM 7.10
With ocean minerals, coralline extracts and aqua moisture essences for an oxygenating fresh feeling.

The Fairest Tale Ever Told - Sunway Lagoon Officially Launches Ticket Sales for Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs, The Musical

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Sunway Lagoon, the multi-award winning attraction has officially launched ticket sales for its sixth musical production, Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs which will take the stage of the Amphitheatre at Sunway Lagoon from 7th December 2013 till 1st January 2014.
The evil Queen looks into her mirror to ask: “Who is the fairest of them all?”, only to be told it is her stepdaughter, Snow White. She sends her loyal Huntsman into the forest on a mission to kill Snow White and bring her heart back to the Queen.

The Huntsman couldn’t bring himself to kill Snow White, returns to the castle and tricks the Queen into thinking Snow White is dead. Snow White runs away and finds refuge in a small house with seven little beds and seven places at the table…

Summer Must Have – Episode 2: Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock SPF 75 PA+++

The second thing I’d like to share for the Summer must have series is the ‘coolest’ sunblock ever, the Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock SPF 75 PA+++.
It gives an icy cool sensation on your skin especially on a hot afternoon. Unlike any other sunblock products in the market, Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist Sunblock SPF 75 PA+++ has a unique ‘Icy Cool’ feature that instantly cools the skin and refreshes upon application. This spray-on sunblock is handy and convenient, especially on hard to reach areas such as the back of your body.
Sunplay Water Cool Body Mist SPF 75 PA+++, the latest addition to join in the Sunplay family, well-known for its Solarex-3 technology, a unique 3-in-1 UV Defence System that provides superior photo stable protection, high moisture retention and it anti-aging properties which aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Among the highlights and key ingredients in the formulation of this product are:

Summer Must Have – Episode 1: TT Mask Instantaneous Brightening & Cooling Masks

We are living in a tropical country, Malaysia. It’s hot and hot almost every day, hence we like everything that gives us cool sensation.
I will share about a few things that I have discovered and I think they are Must Have for us this week.

The first thing I’d like to share is the Timeless Truth Mask(TT Mask) Instantaneous brightening & Cooling masks.
TT Mask Instantaneous brightening & Cooling masks is meant for Cooling, Moisturizing, Smoothens Skin and Whitening effect. It contains STAY-C 50, m-Tranexamic Acid, Calendula, Menthol, Hyaluronic Acid, DI Water.

STAY-C®50 reduces dark spots and slows down formation of melanin to allow even toned finish for the skin and brings back clarity. It is one of the best active ingredients for skin whitening, and builds a blockage for UV rays.

m-Tranexamic Acid is medically used in prohibiting bleeding issues. It is proven to have highly effective result in reducing melanin growth and pigmentations. m-Tranexamic acid is capable in reversing and inhibiting dark spots to fight mild inflammation.

New! Discover Rich Honeymania Moisture by The Body Shop

Honey is Mother Nature’s gourmand secret. Prized for its deliciously sweet taste and aroma, honey is also a natural moisturiser, known for its ability to soften, smooth and nourish skin.
This 20 September 2013 onwards, discover Rich Honeymania Moisture by The Body Shop. The Body Shop’s rich, moisturising Community Fair Trade honey comes from the Ethiopian rainforest. It’s organically hand-harvested from only the ripest honeycombs, ensuring exceptional quality, good-enough-to-eat honey that’s rich in nourishment. This natural goodness is drizzled into the delectable Honeymania™ products so you can sink sumptuous moisture into your skin.
The Body Shop’s Honeymania™ Bath & Body collection oozes rich, sensorial indulgence.
Discover a range of pampering products with a natural array of golden honey colours and lavish textures that never feel sticky. Delight in the collection’s delicate, but the bliss of 24 hour luscious moisture from Body Butter that melts straight into skin.
Dip into nature’s exquisite honey moisture with Honeymania™ range. The Body Shop’s new collection of ultra-indulgent Bath & Body treats is enriched with wild honey goodness for skin that feels as nourished and fragrant as if it had been dipped in honey itself.
Lip Balm RM26

This sweet balm melts in straight away for kissable, moisturised lips. Apply then pucker up!

Soap RM13.90

The Body Shop’s scented soap gently cleanses to leave skin feeling refreshed. We love the cute honeycomb design embellished with an adorable bee.
Eau de Toilette RM49.90
Crazy about The Body Shop’s Honeymania™ beguiling fragrance? Spritz the Eau de Toilette onto pulse points for a burst of concentrated honey scent.

Bubble Bath Melt RM63
Relax! Sink into a honeypot of bath bubbles and enjoy an indulgent honey experience with this luxurious Bubble Bath Melt.

Body Butter RM59.90
The Body Shop’s luxurious, rich Body Butter delivers 24 hours of hydration. Massage in, to leave skin lightly scented and feeling sensationally soft and smooth all over. Each pot contains honey made from the nectar of thousands of flowers!
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