AUPRES Bloggers Pampering Workshop X Mivva Beauty

Thanks to Mivva Beauty, I attended my first AUPRES Pampering Workshop two months ago.
AUPRES, meaning "Next to you, close to you" in French, is an exclusive cosmetic brand specially created by Asians for Asians using one of the best Japanese skincare technologies. It’s the sister brand of Shiseido.

We had catches up with other bloggers in the workshop, as well as enjoying our pampering session together.

I like the Tarot Card reading session, and I was the first who reached to that because I had many doubts in my mind. It was my third Tarot Card reading experience, and I feel like addicted to it.
Then I had a skin consultation by the beautician.
Guess what, she only recommended me to try the AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask out of so many range of AUPRES skin care. Well, must be my skin was perfect then lol
AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask 80g is retail at RM95. Simply apply approximately 1.5g/about the size of an almond to your face as the last step of your normal skincare routine right before going to bed to replenish skin’s moisture overnight. You’ll wake up to bouncy, translucent and healthy-looking skin.
I enjoyed my flash makeover very much because I see a huge different with just a few products application.
AUPRES Dimensional Face Creator which came in a classy packaging with a dual-function brush and a palette for contouring and for the cheeks. It’s really a handy cosmetic for me because I could carry this wherever I go. After contouring, my face looks slimmer and sharper.
AUPRES Lip Glaze came in more than 6 shades. This lip glaze is good because we could apply without lipstick, the texture is quick thick and the most importantly is, it’s long lasting.
The makeup artist applied AUPRES Lively Finished Pressed Powder to my skin as the last step. AUPRES Lively Finished Pressed Powder incorporated different hues that create an instant glowing look on my skin. The colors are so nice, right?
AUPRES Dimensional Face Creator, Lip Glaze and Lively Finished Pressed Powder are already available at AUPRES counters now.
We enjoyed hand massage in the workshop as well.
We had also decorated our own AUPRES cupcake. They are so pretty aren’t they?
Last but not least, we went home with a pretty AUPRES Beauty Box, thanks AUPRES and Mivva! You guys are so sweet!
For more information about AUPRES, kindly go to

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