“A World Of Flavours” with U.S. Potatoes This World Nutrition Day

There are a lot of myths associated with potatoes that people often thought they are fattening. In fact, potatoes are ZERO Fat, and 1 medium size U.S. Potato provides about 110 calories of easy-to-digest calories, has zero cholesterol and zero sodium. In addition, U.S. Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C (30% daily value) which makes healthier meals and play a key role in supporting the body’s immune system.
From Left to Right: Eddie Saw, Potatoes USA Representative of Malaysia; Tania Lee; Indra Balaratnam; Timothy Harrison, Regional Agricultural Attache, Foreign Agricultural Service, US Embassy Kuala Lumpur

In conjunction with World Nutrition Day that falls on 28 May 2022, U.S. Potatoes has organised a cooking workshop themed “A World Of Flavours” to celebrate it. I’ve teamed up with @MalaysianParenting to prepared the dish named “Local meet Western - Kerabu US Potato” using U.S. potatoes as a key ingredient, at the TCH Foodworks Culinary Workspace in PJ recently.
U.S. Potatoes are so versatile to prepare, they can be mashed or whipped, and served with or without gravy, as a side dish and more! Not only that, according to Consultant Dietitian Indra Balaratnam, U.S. Potatoes are also a nutrient dense vegetable providing energy, key vitamins and minerals; making it a healthy food choice to maintain the family’s health.
1 medium size U.S. Potato contains 26 grams of carbohydrates (9% daily value) to fuel one’s muscles and brain, and protein to aid in building cells and muscles.

Unleash your Glowing Skin @ Garnier x Guardian @ IOI City Mall Roadshow

Anyone here long for a bright and clear skin? Look no further, Garnier Bright Complete Ampoule Serum is here for us! Formulated with 3% Vitamin C + Niacinamide, the ampoule can combat not just only dark circles, but skin issues such as pigmentation and discolored patches!
We like that the ampoule is light weight that absorbs really fast into the skin, leaving it soft and instant brightness.
In conjunction with the grand launch of Garnier Bright Complete Ampoule Serum, they are having a road show with Guardian Malaysia from 25 to 29 May 2022.

Garnier x Guardian @ IOI City Mall Roadshow

Venue: IOI City Mall, Purajaya – LG Centre Court
Date: 25 to 29 May 2022

Jungle House Café @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

Looking for a place to chill with refreshing and natural drink and food in this hot weather? Look no further, come to Jungle House Café @ Jalan Telawi 3, BangsarTouted the first honey specialty store in Malaysia, Jungle House stands unique with the tagline “All Things Honey” - advocating appreciation for honey and cultivating a honey culture for health-conscious Malaysians.
Jungle House’s 9th outlet is the first with a café concept at the busy street of Jalan Telawi 3. The quaint-looking Bangsar outlet is a quintessential lifestyle haven with an alfresco and in-door setting where customers can leisurely enjoy a wide repertoire of honey-inspired F&B items including Honey Breakfast Oats, Russian Honey cakes, varieties of Croffles (cross between croissant and waffle), honey coffee, tea and juices – all paired with specific types and flavours of honey.
The new café allows many busy Malaysians to stop by for a quick bite and sip of their favourite honey cakes and beverages in a cosy therapeutic environment. They can also shop afterwards from Jungle House’s retail which offers a repertoire of honey products, beverage, honeycombs to various thematic and beautifully-crafted gift sets and personal care items like honey soap series, face masks and other merchandises to boot.
At the KOL event recently, co-founders and owner Ms Ashley Lam took the opportunity to introduce its new food & beverage item “Honey-misu” - a healthier but just as delicious dessert, its signature honey – Royal Black & Royal White and Signature Honey Variety pack gift set.

Boss Baby is Back for a Brand New Series, Now Streaming on Netflix

Picking up where The Boss Baby: Family Business left off, adult Ted Templeton Jr. uses Tina’s magical formula to turn himself back into the Boss Baby. But returning to BabyCorp is anything but child’s play.
While you’re at it, dress your very own ‘boss babies’ at home with a suit and tie and don’t forget to share those precious moments with us by tagging at @NetflixMY and hashtag #MyBossBabies.

Ainz & Tulpe Welcomes Japanese Beauty Enthusiasts to its Brand-New Store

Ainz & Tulpe (A&T) rolls out the red carpet and welcomes beauty enthusiasts to its first ever Southeast Asian store in BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. Officially opening its doors on 20th May, A&T brings with it the best of Japan made beauty products, all meticulously lined up on the shelves in its 3,569 sqft store.
Ranging from skincare, make-up and fashion, A&T brings together 4,000 products from 250 unique Japanese brands that are set to make a debut here in the Malaysian market. Get lost in time while browsing the products and immerse in A Time to Discover as A&T strives to take customers on a journey of self-discovery to bring forth beauty from within with their quality products.
A thumbs up for the opening of Ainz & Tulpe at BUKIT JALIL TSUTAYA BOOKS. Front row: Ms. Ishikawa Kaori, Director of Ain Pharmaciez Inc.; His Excellency Mr Takahashi Katsuhiko, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia; Ms Kimei Rieko, Chief Executive Officer of AMC Retail Malaysia; and Mr Miyasaka Tomoyuki, First Secretary of Health, Labour & Welfare Attaché at Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. Back row: Mr Kato Seiji, Director of AMC Retail Malaysia; Mr Sato Okibumi, Managing Director of Marubeni Malaysia; Mr Ogata Shinya, General Manager - Wellness Business Department, Next Generation Business Development Division of Marubeni Corporation; and Mr. Takeuchi Kazuhiro, Senior Manager - Wellness Business Department, Next Generation Business Development Division of Marubeni Corporation.

“We are thrilled to showcase the best of Japan made beauty and cosmetic products here in Malaysia at our first ever Southeast Asian outlet. At A&T, we believe that we are on par, if not better than other skincare or beauty brands from other countries and our growing fan base is a testament to that. To all our loyal customers, thank you for making this expansion possible and to all our new customers, come explore the best of Japan made products that have been meticulously selected specially for you. Our one wish is to help bring out the inner beauty in all our customers and I hope everyone will be able to rediscover the best versions of themselves with our products when they shop at A&T,” said Kimei Rieko, Chief Executive Officer of AMC Retail Malaysia Sdn Bhd at the store’s launch.

Uncage your Inner Fire with Tiger Crystal Fire Starter

The only thing holding us back from trying something new and mastering it is the fear of failing. This is why the Tiger Crystal Fire Starter platform wants to empower Malaysians to become more than just their day jobs, giving them the confidence to discover their inner fire by picking up passions they didn’t know they would love.
The Fire Starter campaign uses cool AR facial recognition and a unique personality assessment to help fans discover what to try next, in the realms of bouldering, dancing, rollerblading, jump rope, and football. All fans have to do is check out the website https://firestarter.tigerbeer.com/ to get started, answer a series of questions, have the AR facial recognition do a scan, and by the end of it, it will reveal a passion point best suited for them.

Then, fans can share their results on social media platforms with the hashtags #TigerCrystalMY, #FireStarterMY, and #UncageYourInnerFire while tagging @TigerBeerMY to stand to win an exclusive class with mentors and even weekly prizes related to their passion point.

Mentors behind the Fire Starter platform, namely Wee Chong Hooi for rollerblading, Janine Cherrie for jump rope, Danny Lee for dancing, Rubes Charles Leong for bouldering, and Patrick Tee and Charles Saw of D Skills for football are ready to pass on some useful tips and tricks via exclusive physical and virtual classes. Those who participate are in for a rewarding experience as they get to be part of a growing community of like-minded fans and hone their skills with the help of the mentors.
An action-packed weekend awaits fans who join the Fire Starter District Festival from the 2nd to the 5th of June at Sentul Depot. It is the perfect place to try out their passions first-hand, guided by the mentors. To add on to the excitement, participants will get to redeem free bottles of Tiger Crystal at the end of their course and hang out with fellow fans who have unleashed their inner fire.

Top Must-try Menus in Phuket that You Should Not Miss!

Do you enjoy seasoning your food to balance the flavors? Thailand is home to one of the world's most famous cuisines. The flavor of Thai food is based on a combination of five tastes: sour, sweet, bitter, salty and hot.

Phuket, Thailand's second largest city, is a popular tourist destination and beach resort in Southern Thailand. Phuket's popularity comes not only from its stunning beaches, but also from its delicious cuisine. If you visit Phuket, you will notice that the city has plenty of excellent places to eat. The city also developed its own gastronomic heritage, which has been recognized by UNESCO. The cuisines of Phuket are heavily influenced by Chinese, Malaysian, and Indonesian influences. When combined with southern Thai cuisine, this results in unique and fascinating dishes. We've compiled a list of the top must-try menus in Phuket that you should try at least once if you visit.

1. Hokkien Noodles

Let us begin with the most well-known local Phuket food. Hokkien noodles, commonly known as Hokkien Mee, are yellow noodles stir-fried with pork, seafood, vegetables, and egg in a rich brown sauce, served with red onions and pork rind on the side. It is also a traditional Chinese New Year dish that you could try even if it is not Chinese New Year. Anyone who wants to get an authentic taste of Phuket should not miss out on trying Hokkien Noodles.

2. Phuket Style Pork Stew or Moo Hong

The second must-try menu in Phuket is Moo Hong. A stewed pork meal with Chinese roots, is a traditional Southern Thai style cuisine similar to Moo Palo but with less ingredients. If you enjoy Moo Palo, try Moo Hong, which has a rich sweet and black peppery flavor. This sweet, fatty dish, topped with fresh Cilantro, is ready to serve over rice and awaits your taste.

HAPIMOMS Lactation Cookies & HAPIHEROS Natural Baby Cereal

HAPIFAM is on a mission to make things right. Eating right is essential for a healthy life as this is the first line of defence against sickness and disease. If you require medical treatment, it means that your body has succumbed to the various threats that impact our daily life. HAPIFAM, a portmanteau of “Happy” and “Family”, is a home-grown Asian brand that understands how nutritious foods can act as preventive measures to various illnesses. Featuring special formulas, our range of healthy products target specific members of the family, such as growing kids and lactating moms.

Under the HAPIFAM brand umbrella, HAPIMOMS is a delicious and nutritious treat to help mothers-to-be and breastfeeding moms through one of the most exciting periods of their lives. HAPIMOMS Lactation Cookies are made from natural ingredients that have been carefully researched and selected by our in-house nutritionist and food technologist. These cookies are made with fenugreek, Brewer’s yeast, fennel seeds, organic coconut oil, blueberries, and many more nutritious ingredients to help mothers boost their milk supply, making breastfeeding a happy and stress-free adventure.

Hapimama (character) represents the strong, independent, and healthy Asian mom. Hapimama loves her family and her baby unconditionally and only want the healthiest op6on for her child. She instinctively knows that healthy life and food make for a happy life. Like the modern Asian mom, she is positive and fashionable; and always knows what’s best for her and her family. Offering a variety of flavours – the classic and all-6me favourite chocolate chip; our delectable tasting brownies; and a non-chocolate option - mixed berries. Our aim is to make not one, but two individuals (both mom and baby) happy!

from left Mr. Gwei TzeCo, Co-Founder of HapiFam and Mr Trenton Young, Co-Founder of HapiFam


HAPIHEROS is another brand under the HAPIFAM umbrella. Catering to the little ones aged 6 months and above, the HAPIHEROS cereal range comes with unique Asian flavours and is our way to ensure our most precious ones grow up strong and healthy. Our offerings of original rice, mixed fruits, purple sweet potato, and beetroot & goji berries ensure our children develop the same taste as mommy and daddy.

Catch iQiyi Global Exclusive Drama My Ofis this 26 May: a Light-hearted Sitcom Promising Laughs & Thought-provoking Conversations

Calling all Malaysians! We are in for a treat with the launch of a fresh comedic drama called My Ofis which will premiere on iQiyi starting 26 May 2022. A collaboration with local production company Longhouse Films, iQiyi's global exclusive title from Malaysia, My Ofis, centers around Jasper, a rockstar wannabe who chooses to let go of his rock and roll fame to support his grandmother by turning to the corporate world which offers some financial stability compared to the entertainment industry which can be hard to penetrate.
The light-hearted sitcom explores the chaos and crazy antics of ordinary work life, romance and the struggles of office politics which Malaysians can certainly resonate with. Featuring a multicultural cast line-up of industry veterans and up-and-coming talent, this series touches on the dilemma of choosing a career that not many have the privilege and opportunity to pursue, especially for those looking to break into the local entertainment industry.
With recognisable names in the entertainment industry such as heart-throbs Kahoe Hon, a talented actor who aspires to become a film director, and Aeril Zafrel, one of Malaysia most popular male influencer who holds lead roles in multiple romance and action movies, together with veteran actor Alvin Wong and all-rounder Nasz Sally, My Ofis invokes thought-provoking questions about the struggles and realities of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a passion versus a career.

Catered to urban multicultural viewers, My Ofis is a distinctive new genre with fresh content that hopes to influence audiences to think about what truly matters to them. The series follows closely the challenges each character has to go through to achieve their dreams and follow their own paths to success, synonymous with the challenges Malaysians currently face in the job market and at the workplace.
“My Ofis gives audiences a glimpse into the reality of today’s working world where pursuing a career in the entertainment industry or diving head first into the corporate world comes with its own unique sets of challenges. We appreciate the vision of Longhouse in producing a light-hearted series that not only entertains audiences, but also opens up discussions about what we truly want in life, especially from our careers, while navigating the challenges that come with the decisions we make,” said Dinesh Ratnam, Country Manager of iQiyi Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei at the My Ofis press conference held at EQ Kuala Lumpur, the official on-ground event partner.

Let's Rock Our Tongue with New Flavours from Miaow Miaow

My family are into snack. We enjoy snacks especially while watching TV every night. Great news for snack people like us, Miaow Miaow introduces four new mouth-watering packs of tantalising flavours under the Flame series that will give you a burst of fiery tang in your mouth and leave you wanting more!
The 4 new flavours of Miaow Miaow's Flame series including the Sambal Balado and Curry BBQ Flavoured Prawn Crackers, as well as the Korean Spicy Flavoured Prawn Crackers and Cuttlefish Crackers.
"Miaow Miaow is a family brand at heart that prides itself in delivering quality snacks that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. These new flavours were introduced to cater to the growing demand for spicy snacks in the market. Having operated in Malaysia for decades now and successfully spreading our wings to nearly 40 countries, we are determined to continue enriching our consumers’ lives by bringing happiness and that familiar taste with our snacks.” shared by the founders of Miaow Miaow, the brothers Mr Chink Poh Cheng and Mr Chuang Poh Lim.
Firstly, the Sambal Balado, one of the current top trending flavours in the market, will provide consumers with a chance to indulge in the unique taste of Indonesian cuisine. The hot and spicy bumbu that is famously found in Minang dishes will appeal to the snack lovers who are seeking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for a chilli sambal taste. It’s almost as good as having that morning Nasi Lemak breakfast!

TECNO #GoBoundless with Brand-New Flagship PHANTOM X & Signs New Malaysian Brand Ambassador Datuk Wira Dr Lee Chong Wei

TECNO, the leading global smartphone brand in emerging markets has introduced its brand-new flagship under its sub-brand PHANTOM to Malaysian shores - the PHANTOM X on a glorious Saturday of 8 May 2022. Featuring an elegant design of 3D Borderless Screen and the industry’s first silk glass back cover, the PHANTOM X empowers users to #GoBoundless through its Boundless Screen, Boundless Clarity and Boundless Performance.
Built to support every aspect of its user’s life and work, the TECNO PHANTOM X has all-round outstanding qualities and its boundless screen is ergonomically designed with a 36.5° golden angle for the ultimate grip and comfort. Its superior camera performance promises boundless clarity with the perfect combination of a 50MP Ultra-Night camera and industry leading 1/1.3 super large sensor, 48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie camera with 105°Ultra-Wide angle, as well as the AI-assisted Super Night Mode and 50mm Golden Portrait. Powered by a 4700mAh, 256GB ROM, memory fusion technology 8+5GM RAM and a newly-updated HiOS 7.6 system, the TECNO’s newest innovation offers users the freedom to go beyond and uncover a world of endless possibilities.
Built for users who prioritise style and elegance, the PHANTOM X’s high-end design concept was designed by Alexis Mabille, former Dior Design Director. Through his keen eye on design, he seamlessly incorporated bold luxurious design concepts to every miniscule detail, every curve and every radion. Donning its unique one-of-a-kind design outlook and material technology, the PHANTOM X was also awarded the Discipline Product of the 1.08 telecommunications product category at the iF Design Awards 2022.
Commemorating the launch of its new flagship smartphone and to celebrate a new milestone achieved, TECNO also appointed its new Malaysian brand ambassador at the event, Datuk Wira Dr Lee Chong Wei, the nation’s badminton hero.

NUTOX Renewing Treatment Gives you Instant, Lasting Glow

Pop culture trends come and go, but a trend that has taken the world by storm has got to be the Korean wave craze! With young Malaysians now returning to the office and universities in an effort to adapt to the endemic phase, NUTOX – Malaysia’s leading anti-aging skincare brand – is kicking off a K-pop-inspired thematic campaign to help Malaysians unlock hydrated, glowing skin with their NUTOX Renewing Treatment range.
From left to right: Ashley Sin, Marketing Manager, Tohtonku Malaysia, Patrick Ee, General Manager, Tohtonku Malaysia and Singapore, Jasper Lim, Executive Director, Tohtonku Malaysia and Singapore, and Kimberley Koh, Brand Manager, Tohtonku Malaysia at the NUTOX Get-Set Glow Pop-up at Mid Valley Megamall, KL.

NUTOX’s Get-Set, Glow campaign kickstarts with a bespoke K-pop-inspired music video with the same name, taking you on a journey to get that instant, lasting glow whilst highlighting the two stars of their Renewing Treatment range – the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule. The music video is now available for all to enjoy on NUTOX’s social media platforms and campaign microsite.

Jasper Lim, Executive Director at Tohtonku, shared that the Korean wave has influenced millennials and Gen Z, bringing over a new emphasis on healthy, hydrated and glowing skin. “Over the course of the pandemic, we noticed a shift in consumers’ skincare priorities with new habits emerging where they’re focusing on fuss-free skincare at home - having minimalist routines but instant results. The Korean influence has also driven a consumer desire for ‘glass skin’ - hydrated, glowing skin - which the NUTOX Renewing Treatment range offers. By combining the trends and needs of our consumers, this range has been formulated for a fuss-free, minimalistic skincare routine, which we see is perfect for the modern girl bosses, hustlers, on-the-go millennials and Gen Z. ​​Used in tandem with each other, it’s the perfect recipe for instant, glowing skin.”
Kimberley Koh, Brand Manager, Tohtonku Malaysia at the NUTOX Get-Set Glow Pop-up showcasing the NUTOX Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule, which provides instant, glowing skin and 72-hour hydration.

Achieve Instant Radiance, 72 Hours Hydration

The NUTOX Renewing Treatment has been intricately formulated to boost hydration and radiance, giving you that instant, lasting glow and confidence without the need for an extensive skincare routine. Its Renewing Treatment Moisturising Essence and Ampoule pack powerful vital ingredients such as Actistem Gold Nest (Bird’s Nest Collagen), Caviar Lime (AHA), Betaine, and Niacinamide, which have been proven to improve skin texture, and boost moisture and promote skin renewal. The range is also made with technology targeted to exfoliate gently, rescue deteriorated skin and brighten the complexion.

Gear Up for a Unique DECATHLON Sports Experience Like Never Before

Decathlon raises the bar and sets a whole new ball game for sports shopping as it launches the most disruptive sports experience ever in Decathlon’s history. Nestled in the heart of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Decathlon’s new flagship store at Shoppes @ Four Seasons is set to become the first ever Decathlon store in the world that gives its customers more than just retail as it officially opens on 14th May 2022. It promises customers a unique Sports Experience Centre that incorporates lifestyle elements such as physiotherapy services, fitness studios with workout classes, a healthy eating restaurant and the first ever hotpod yoga in Southeast Asia.
Yes, you read that right! Decathlon KL City Centre knocks the ball out of the park with its sports centre that offers over 12,000 exclusive quality sports products alongside one-of-its-kind services. All these and more spread out across the 4,000 sqft store that caters to over 60 different types of sports. With this new store concept, Decathlon strives to sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many. In a nutshell, Sport is Decathlon.

Decathlon KL City Centre will be the new disruptive business model; this concept is a first test for Decathlon Malaysia and also first in the world in Decathlon history. As Decathlon Malaysia, we adapt our business model to Malaysia and Malaysians. We launched our production “Made in Malaysia”, we do business with Malaysians, we complete our exclusive offer – yes, we design and conceptualize our own products with a R&D centre of 300 designers and 850 engineers - with our local partners which projects across our products and services. We achieve our mission, locally and we are different in this market. We adapt to the local sport market and we are here to make sport accessible to more sports lovers in Malaysia.” said Arnaud Sauret, Chief Executive Officer of Decathlon Malaysia.
First-of-its-kind experience

At this new flagship store, sports enthusiasts literally scored a touchdown as they can now discover, explore and grow their passion under one roof. For a holistic experience, customers can test and buy the best sports products in the market on the spot, while at the same time discover and practice it at their premises. Complete with extraordinary sports classes, customers can ultimately challenge and train themselves at the store and then recover and maintain their physique with the assistance of on-site physiotherapists and healthy food. Aside from this, the store also acts as a platform for sports lovers to come together to share their passion and grow their love for sports by playing, eating and chilling with other like-minded athletes.

Top 5 Ladies Watches That Makes Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Celebrate Mother's Day with a gift of eternity! Surprise mom with a gorgeous timepieces from 5 top picks by Red Army Watches Malaysia this Mother's Day.

What better gift than a well-made watch from brands that is just as dependable? From Electricianz, TACS, Laco, Poljot International to SevenFriday, mom will love these beautiful and stylish gift for sure.

1. S.NOW by Electricianz - MYR 1449

Strongly influenced by contemporary visual arts and Electricianz’s own unique steampunk aesthetic, the S.NOW ladies watch embodies the rawest expression of energy made real that powers our modern world as we know it- electricity! The S. NOW features a creamy white stainless steel case that features a multilayered white dial embellished with rose gold details and a 4 LED backlit hour ring complemented by a white calfskin NATO strap.

2. Icicle by TACS - MY540

The minimalist Icicle by TACS embodies the concept of a timepiece in its purest form. The domed glass creates a distinctive reflective effect across the Icicle’s frosty white dial that eschews numerals for the elegant simplicity of its hour, minute and second hand that are powered by a Miyota 2035 movement. The case itself is finished is crafted from 316L stainless steel complemented by a genuine leather strap, lending the Icicle an elegantly premium touch.

3. Dresden 38 by Laco - MYR2129

Built along classic lines, the Dresden 38 by Laco embraces the motto ‘form follows function’ in every aspect of its design. This beautiful timepiece is immaculately finished with a stainless steel case while its silver white Bauhaus style dial is designed for exceptional clarity and powered by a reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement. Add in a comfortable striped nylon strap and you have the makings of a timeless classic that will be truly appreciated as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Rebalances Skin with Prebiotics and Probiotics with Evolcare The Biotics Series

Just like a lot of people out there, I am suffering skin issues brought upon by irritation from environmental damage, external aggressions, and long-wearing face masks. Good news to all of us, Evolcare launches the Biotics Series of Toner, Serum and Cream, formulated with microbiome-restoring probiotics, prebiotics and bioactive properties to address the skin issues. Combined together, these factors compromise skin’s stability, resulting in unpredictable and sometimes chronic aggravations like irritation, inflammation and acne.
Packed in Evolcare’s signature unidose packaging, the Biotics comes in a key palette of white with muted colours, marking the elegant refinement centred around the collection.
Made in Switzerland, The Biotics Series supplements the basic skincare routine, starting with the “Harmony” Revitalising Toner. Guided by the promise to restore balance to the skin, the toner delivers protection and promotes wellbeing of the skin’s ecosystem, with Fig Extract and Alpine Rose Extracts, alongside prebiotics and probiotics. Acting as a layer of defence, the toner creates a matte, radiant and youthfully complexion, eradiating traces of redness.
A serum that stands out for instant rejuvenation, the “Rosé” Probiotic Serum gives skin youthful vitality, in a lightweight texture endowed with multiple benefits. The serum sorts out everyday concerns like acne and blemishes, keeping skin cleansed, repaired and soft. Enhanced with Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Hyaluronic Acid and a host of probiotics, it offsets environmental damage while treating inflammation, generating a polished and poised outcome.

Back To School with SWAN

My mom has been buying SWAN school bags for me when I was a teenager. My school mates were always jealous of my beautiful and functional SWAN school bags. Now that I am a parents of two girls, I want to give the same good quality SWAN products to my girls too.
Since the kids can finally go back to school physically in full force. To their surprise, I have ordered the SWAN Easy Pac Backpack with Personalization, Tuition Bagdrawing art bag and lunch bag for them to bring to their schools and tuition centre.
My girls love the SWAN Easy Pac Backpacks with Personalization because they are customized with their initial. The size is just nice, made it easy to carry around.
While the tuition bags are big enough to store their books, exercise books and stationery.

logitech MX Keys Mini - Minimalist Keyboard for Creators

As a full time content creator, I am using laptop everyday. From day to night, I depend on good quality gadgets a lot because they help me to work faster and smarter. In fact, I am a supporter of logitech ever since I studied IT in my college time. logitech has always been my first choice when it comes to IT gadgets. From mouse, keyboard, to headsets and more. There are many choices for creators, gamers and all PC/laptop users.
I am glad to discover the new logitech MX Keys Mini recently. Launched in year 2022, MX Keys Mini is a minimalist keyboard made for creators. We are all into minimalism lifestyle after the pandemic, hence MX Keys Mini is here to complementing our minimalist aesthetic space.
It is available in 3 pretty colors: Pale gray, graphite and rose. My pick goes to Pale gray because it matches my monitor perfectly.
logitech MX Keys Mini is the ultimate companion to any Bluetooth-enabled desktop or laptop. It is easy and fast to setup. It is mini in size but aligns your shoulders and allows you to place your mouse closer to your keyboard for less hand reaching – for better posture and improved ergonomics. Hence, it is nice to use even after long hours of typing.
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