[Review] Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink

My stomach was bloated post Chinese New Year due to all the excessive food intake during the festival. It was really uncomfortable to me. I am lucky that one of my friend introduced me Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink just in time. I gave it a try without hesitation because I know my body needed a detox programme.
Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink is made from 4 in 1 Enzyme, Fiber, Prebiotic Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae Extract(AFA). It has a kiwi drink recipe that helps our body rid itself of toxins, promote weight loss, boost energy, cleanse the liver, and so on. Mintox.kiwi also boosts our body’s ability to eliminate toxins from your system.
Proudly made in Malaysia, Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink is 100% natural, vegan, no added sugar ad is GMP certified. Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink is the key to detoxing your body with ease. If you constantly keep eating, drinking, and breathing these toxic substances without flushing them from your system, they build up over time and you risk health issues including cancer, reproductive, metabolic, and mental health effects.

In fact, Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink is designed to stimulate the body to purge itself, helping the liver do its thing as well as the kidneys and colon. Cleansing the colon is an important part of the detoxing process because those toxins need to exit the body. The biggest thing that 
Mintox helps with is allowing the body to get rid itself of any excess waste it’s been storing.
Mintox.kiwi Detox Fibre Drink is irreplaceable in promoting a healthy intestinal environment that is going to make a different in detox and your diet. It also plays an important role in your digestive tract helping you get smoother bowel movements. In addition, it serves as food for good bacteria in your intestines that help break down toxins helping your detox your body.

In Bloom This Season – Enjoy New STARBUCKS Cold Craft Spring Beverages

Embracing the changing seasons, Starbucks is sharing the spirit of innovation with new, bold flavors and a renewed focus on cold craft. Starbucks is inviting customers to explore the approachable world of Starbucks cold craft with a range of spring beverages including the Triple Citrus Cold Brew and the Cascara Macchiato. Available in stores from 26 February 2019 and onwards.

Leaning into creativity, Starbucks is introducing a citrus-forward coffee experience with the Triple Citrus Cold Brew for coffee enthusiasts who love a tangy hint to their coffee. Starbucks is also bringing back the delicious yet subtle notes of Cascara to its coffee with the introduction of the new Cascara Macchiato. Experience the embodiment of all things new and fresh with:
NEW! Cascara Macchiato - Using every element of the coffee cherry, from bean to husk, the new Cascara Macchiato is topped with Cascara drizzle, bringing subtle notes of dark brown sugar and luscious maple into our classic espresso beverage. The Cascara Macchiato is available hot, iced and as a Frappuccino blended beverage.

NEW! Triple Citrus Cold Brew - Starbucks is adding a splash of juicy citrus to its Cold Brew lineup - the Triple Citrus Cold Brew. This innovative beverage pairs classic Cold Brew with the tartness of citrus flavors (lemonade, lime and grapefruit), slow poured to create beautiful layers and artfully topped with a slice of dried lime, setting it up to be the most Instagrammable beverage of the season. The Triple Citrus Cold Brew is available iced only.
Starbucks Malaysia celebrates cherry blossom season with a fresh Spring Merchandise Collection featuring drinkware and collectables in varied shades of pink, purple and gold hues. The collection, which depicts two kinds of cherry blossoms, the oriental cherry blossom and the donarium cherry blossom, takes inspiration from traditional hand drawings and oil paintings of cherry blossoms to recreate the magical scene of Spring.

[Review] Eureka Miracles ® Crystal White Collagen

As a beauty lover, I have started consuming Collagen years ago. Collagen is a rich source of protein found in our connective tissue, cartilage, bone and tendons. Our bodies make collagen—but production slows down as we age. It is good to squeezing in an extra serving of Collagen to promote protein in your muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage, and ligaments. I have tried numerous brand of Collagen supplement, and the most recent one I have tried is Eureka Miracles ® Crystal White Collagen. Their formulation is an award winning product conferred by the Salon International Des Invention Geneva, and they have won the Gold award. They also won the Best Invention of the Year 2015, Gold Award from The Association of British Inventors and Innovators.
With so many awards winning record, consumers will feel confident with Eureka Miracles ® Crystal White Collagen.
I started consumed Eureka Miracles ® Crystal White Collagen every morning before Chinese New Year. It is easy to consume, just mix 1 to 2 scoop (8 gram) of the collagen with water then consume. Unlike the conventional fishy collagen, it comes in a good fruity taste.
It helps hair growth, skin improvements for eczema (dry flaking skins) patients, reduction of fine wrinkles, reduction of pigmentation's, dark spots and skin lightening with continue consumption.

[Hotel Review] Sunway Putra Hotel KL

I remember my parents like to bring us to Yaohan at The Mall when we were kids. Back then, it's the best shopping mall in town. We used to play at the playground on the top floor of the shopping mall, and we had a lot of good memories there.
Now, the place was taken over by Sunway Group and refurbished to Sunway Putra Shopping Mall and Sunway Putra Hotel KL. After the completion of RM 123 million refurbished programme in 2016, Sunway Putra Hotel KL has opened it's door to it's guests. Like all the Sunway properties, Sunway Putra Hotel KL is located at the prime KL Diamond Triangle location that provides easy reach to the heart of KL.
We were excited for our first time staying at the 650-room 5-stars hotel - Sunway Putra Hotel KL. The hotel's lobby is located at 9th floor, alongside with the hotel's sprawling main lobby featuring a dramatic atrium dome with natural light shining through the prism-like design. It is a popular place for taking pictures.
The check-in process was smooth and the staffs are really friendly there. We were given the superior room that comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, flat-screen LED Smart TV, a personal safe, and electric kettle. There is a sofa, coffee table and the working desk near to the window of the room too. We like the spacious, clean and quite room a lot.

Make Your Daily Life More Fun with HKTDC DG Studio (Hong Kong)

When is the last time you really had fun? Think about it—the last time you just let yourself go and had a good time? It is not hard to make our daily life more fun if you know how. Read on to discover how to get more fun in our daily life.

Besides being a bustling hub for shopping and the source country for highly addictive tv dramas, Hong Kong is the birthplace to many homegrown brands and innovative lifestyle products. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body dedicated to promoting products and services from Hong Kong in the international arena. The DG Studio initiative brings trendy gifts and premiums from Hong Kong to shoppers in Malaysia. Twelve outstanding brands will be featured in 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing LG Floor Highstreet) from 20th to 24th February and Da Men Mall (LGB1, LG Floor) from 20th to 26th February.
L-R: Venice Min 陈慧敏 (Social Media Influencer), Ms. Hoh Jee Eng – Director, Malaysia, HKTDC 何淦杏, 马来西亚代表,香港贸易发展局, Mr. Michael Li – Co-founder Hong Kong Asia Distribution Ltd. 李志峰, 香港亚洲品牌代理有限公司 联合创办人, Eyka Farhana (Actress), Dahlia Shazwan (TV Host) with her daughter Freda.

The twelve DG Studio’s brands are Artiart, Cardhoda, Eco Concepts, Hoobbe, Hyone, Kilovest, Konstar, MH Blocks, Paris Garden, SOAP Studio, Tea Lab and Team Green. These twelve brands specialize in specific lifestyle products, usually offered as personal or corporate gifts and premiums. What makes these products different is its creative, trendy and sometimes quirky edge it takes on daily consumer products. Check them out and the next thing you will buy these products to add fun to your daily life.
“We are proud to showcase Hong Kong’s lifestyle products to Malaysians because we believe this market is set to receive products that are not just functional but has the ability to trigger an emotional response as well. We are sure that some of the products you see here today will put a smile to your face.” said Hoh Jee Eng, Director, Malaysia, HKTDC.

Artiart is an innovative design household products brand that produces home wares, drink wares and business-related items with a creative, quirky fun and colourful take. Its AR Iceberg Suction Cup, with its grip bottom, and 100% leak proof Elegance Suction Bottle is heaven-sent for accident-prone individuals and are the company’s best sellers.
Konstar specialises in small household appliances. Its design innovation simplifies how time-consuming household chores are done. 4 of its products have since been awarded the RedDot Design awards. “I still can’t get over how fast it took for me to peel an apple with the Super Apple Peeler. It does in practically seconds what usually takes many minutes to do. The Super Apple Peeler received the reddot award 2014 honorable mention. The Salad Master which clinched the reddot award 2014 is equally genius. I will not go back to conventional methods!” said TV Host/Personality Dahlia Shazwan who demonstrated the products at the event.

What's New @ The Body Shop

Founded in 1976, The Body Shop has made a name for itself by offering a wide range of high-performing and budget-friendly skin care, body care, skin care perfume and cosmetics. I have been supporting The Body Shop ever since I discovered it while I studied in the UK more than 10 years ago. It was the first global beauty brand to take a stand against animal testing in cosmetics and takes measures to ensure products stay 100 percent cruelty-free and vegetarian.

This time, The Body Shop launches a few new products that excite me a lot. Read on to find out more.


Known for its ability to absorb excess oils, dirt and impurities, charcoal is one of the world’s hottest-trending beauty ingredients. It’s also the hero in The Body Shop’s bestselling Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask.

Enriched with bamboo  charcoal hand-harvested from the Himalayan foothills, green tea leaves from Japan and Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya, this skin-tingling mask has an invigorating, exfoliating texture that draws out impurities, refines the appearance of pores and  leaves a healthy-looking glow.


To accompany this global bestseller, The Body Shop are introducing the new Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Clay Wash to their vegan, powerfully purifying range.
Enriched with kaolin clay, bamboo charcoal and Community Trade tea tree oil, this gentle, creamy formula lathers up instantly to leave skin looking mattified and feeling cleansed, soft and refreshed, all without drying it out.

Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask, RM29
Sheet masks have taken the beauty industry by storm. Everyone from celebrities to beauty junkies to travellers are sharing their masking selfies across Instagram, thanks to their on-the-go use and instant, professional results. To help the planet bounce back, The Body Shop are releasing their first sheet mask that’s biodegradable in compost*. Offering fresher, bouncier and healthier looking skin in just 15 minutes, this sheet mask is perfect  
for busy lifestyles, so you can focus on feeling good and enjoying your age. The newest addition to the bestselling and iconic Drops of Youth™ skincare range, this mask is intensely hydrating and 100% vegan.

[Hotel Review] Sunway Velocity Hotel KL

Born and raised in KL, one thing I enjoy to do with my family is hotel staycations. It's a great time for me and my family to get away from the home, and relax in the nice hotel room over the weekend. Hotel staycations have become my family's favourite moment especially my daughters because they can enjoy the hotels' facilities during the stay.
We were happy for our staycation at Sunway Velocity Hotel KL during the first week of Chinese New Year. We checked in to the superior room at Sunway Velocity Hotel KL for a 2 day 1 night stay. In fact, it was not the first time our family staying there. We like the hotel so much and we always want to go back for more. This time, the check-in and check-out process was fast and smooth as usual.
Sunway Velocity Hotel KL is strategically located in the middle of KL town, it is conveniently linked to Sunway Velocity Mall, office towers and serviced residences. We do not drive out once we have checked in because we could get almost everything we need at the Sunway Velocity Mall.
The hotel has 16 levels, and we stayed at level 14 this time. The superior room is not too big but it's just nice for my small family. It is furnished with contemporary-style decor, air-conditioning, flat-screen LED Smart TV, a personal safe and electric kettle. The en suite bathroom includes shower facilities, a hairdryer and free toiletries. I like the bright and clean room a lot. The bed was very comfortable, we had a good night sleep that night.

[Review] Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30 from TNS Skin Lab

The weather is scorching hot recently, it hits almost 40 degree in the afternoon here in KL. As I go under the sun very often, I know I need more sun protection on this blazing weather to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. Hence, I have decided to give Suntegrity sunscreen a try.
Suntegrity brand is new to me and hence I did some study on it. Originated from the US, Suntegrity is the winner of 2013 Allure Best of Beauty Natural Wonders Award. Suntegrity is a new generation truly natural sunscreen. Rated No.1 in EWG safe sunscreen guide, it is made with 20% non-nano zinc oxide, and totally free of chemical UV absorbers and titanium dioxide. It is also formulated with powerful natural antioxidants such as astaxanthin, pomegranate and green tea, and anti-inflammatory aloe vera, red algae and cucumber to protect, hydrate, moisturize and calm the skin. Multi-functional as a light weight mineral sunscreen, anti-aging moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, primer and BB cream all at one go, Suntegrity is a versatile modern natural sun care / skincare range that tick all the boxes.
Since it is so highly rave around the World, I have got my Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30 from TNS Skin Lab before the Chinese New Year and wear it every day since then.

The newly launched Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30 is a beauty boosting skincare, sunscreen and makeup all in one! This medium coverage formula gives skin a flawless, smooth, more youthful appearance. Formulated without oils or silicones, this vitamin and peptide rich technology, visibly reduces the signs of aging while non-nano zinc oxide and melanin provide Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and blue light protection to help prevent any future damage.
I like that Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30 comes in pump tubes, which made it easy and hassle free to get the amount that I need each time. One thin application is enough to evens out my uneven skin tone. The light texture feels so comfortable on my skin througout the day. I have fairly oily skin, Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen works perfect for me, it last for more than 6 hours.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) DG Studio Promotion Event brings you the best of trendy lifestyle products from Hong Kong

Mark your calendar as Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) will showcase the best of Hong Kong’s ingenuity in a pop-up exhibit in 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Da Men Mall.
HKTDC DG Studio Promotion Event will feature trendy lifestyle products from twelve Hong Kong Local brands ranging from gifts and premiums, household appliances, fashion and accessories, home decors, 3D wooden puzzles, and a lot more surprises awaiting for you!

20 Feb to 24 Feb, 2019
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing LG Floor Highstreet, in front of Reebok boutique)

20 Feb to 26 Feb, 2019
Da Men Mall (LGB1, LG Floor)

New! Mentholatum Lip Care CC Lip Cream

Don’t let dry, flaky lips kill your mood! Mentholatum Lip Care, the leading and growing lip care brand, aims to change the way you care for your pout. Today’s lip care products are more of a necessity than merely a cosmetic item, as more and more young women are acknowledging the importance of lip care.

Your lips express a lot about how you feel, and they’re often accentuated with colours to make a statement about your personality. For instance, one of the needs consumers seek in lip care today is a single product that delivers both colour and care. To address this gap, Mentholatum Lip Care has created a revolutionary CC Lip Cream!
According to Christine Law, Marketing Manager of Rohto-Mentholatum (M) Sdn. Bhd., consumers want a good lip care product with a hint of colour. “As the leading lip care brand in Malaysia, we understand our users unlike anyone else. Our wide range of lip care products caters to different needs of our consumers. For our female consumers, we understand that they are looking for caring formulas that also give their lips a natural touch of colour to brighten up their look. This is why we are introducing CC Lip Cream, a unique lip care product that gives you the best of both worlds!” said Ms. Law.

The abbreviation “CC” in the product name, which stands for colour correction denotes the lip cream’s ability to revive dull lips, enhance and restore lips colour, as well as brighten up lips.
“Like its tagline, ‘Revolutionary CC Lip Cream’, this is indeed a revolutionary product. We are confident that women will love the multiple benefits of CC Lip Cream, which provides protection to their lips while correcting its colour to a brighter, healthier look!” added Law.

The LEGO Movie 2 Event by LEGO Malaysia

LEGO Malaysia is celebrating the release of one of the most anticipated animated films of the year, The LEGO Movie 2, The Second Part by hosting an awesome experiential consumer event, along with attractive and exclusive gift with purchase (GwP) promotion.

Taking place in Mid Valley Megamall from 13th to 24th February 2019, this fun-filled event features six different universes which represent different universes from The LEGO Movie 2. The event will present an immersive experience into the amazing LEGO Movie 2 multiverse, as well as provide an opportunity for siblings and parents and build something awesome together.
Among the different zones that participants will get to experience is the ‘Systar System’ where children can have an on-screen dance off with their favorite characters from the movie and more. There will also be the ‘Duplo Monster’ workshop, where participants are welcome to build their very own monster DUPLO invaders! There is also the ‘Apocalypseburg’ zone where you can film your own awesome movie with the LEGO® Movie Maker set! Each zone represents a mission to be completed and when all six missions have been completed, participants will receive a special achievement certificate from LEGO Malaysia.

Welcome to Apocalypseburg – where everything is awesome!

The ‘Welcome to Apocalypseburg!’ set is one of the most eagerly anticipated LEGO sets of the year. It features a section of the collapsed Statue of Liberty surrounded by a ruinous city of containers filled with a variety of interiors including a coffee shop, holding cell, armory, a barber cum tattoo parlor, gym, diner, spa and a few living quarters.

Priced at RM 1399.90, it is made up of over 3,000 pieces and measures over 20” (52cm) high, 19” (49cm) wide and 12” (33cm) deep. This advanced building set is a truly epic 360-degree play experience and will represent a challenge even for master builders. LEGO fanatics are also extremely excited about the 12 new minifigures that come with the set: Emmet, Lucy, Batman™, Scribble Cop, Harley Quinn™, Green Lantern™, ’Where are my pants?’ Guy, Larry the Barista, Chainsaw Dave, Mo-Hawk, Roxxi and Fuse, plus a rat figure.

[Review] Murad Age Reform Skincare

January was the busiest time for me to prepare the most important festival we celebrate. My skin was really tired and dry after the sleepless nights and never ending ceremonies. I can see my wrinkles clearly even after makeup! It was a nightmare to me and when I was thinking about how to face my friends and relative during CNY? My lucky star has strike me, I discovered the new skincare set from Murad.

Murad Age Reform Skincare set has replenishes my skin in no time. My skin look plump and nourished this CNY all thanks to Murad. Want to know more? Scroll down to read my review.
Firstly, I clean my skin with AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (200ml | RM 218)

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a highly active cleanser with a trio of exfoliating acids and jojoba skin-polishing beads to revitalize skin. It helps to softening Skin, cleaning pores of dead skin in a gentle way. AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser does not contain Phthalates hence it is environmental friendly.

I am using this cleanser a few times a week. The texture is quite watery, and I love the gentle exfoliation properties that exfoliate my dead skin gently. My skin seems to glow all day after using this.

Then, follow with apply Nutrient-Charged Water Gel (50ml | RM 320)

Be The Best You This Valentine's Day with Lactacyd

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers. It's the perfect time to enjoy and show your love to your loved ones today. However, to be able to love, we must love ourselves first. Knowing about this, Lactacyd, No.1 Feminine wash worldwide, takes a step to beat the norm, encouraging women from all walks of life to love themselves first by making better and healthier choices under the campaign themed ‘Be The Best You on V Day’.
I was honoured to be invited to a tea party held by Lactacyd at Greenhouse by Muir two days ago. I like how it was decorated into pinkish feminine theme with roses and other fresh flowers. There, I met my fellow influencers and media friends from all walks of life and we had a great afternoon together.
Not only we have discussed various aspects of self-care and beauty (grooming) and health. The event also emphasised that loving yourself first is actually the best love you would give to anyone.
Ms. Maynart Mesommonta welcomed all the guests

The gorgeous Ms. Maynart Mesommonta, Marketing Director of Lactacyd Malaysia said, “Lactacyd has been around for more than 30 years and is a preferred feminine wash products by doctors and women everywhere. This Valentine’s Day had us thinking out of the box and gave us an opportunity to reinforce our brand’s belief; to empower women and encourage them to give importance on self-love by starting from taking care of their feminine hygiene. We believe that true confidence comes from within because when you are confident, you can take over the world and Lactacyd is there for you to achieve this. Through this campaign, we want women to place more importance on vaginal care and enjoy Lactacyd products that offer cleanliness, freshness, and comfort for the confidence every woman needs to bring out her best.”

Love is in the Air this February at WIP and SOULed OUT Outlets with Special Valentine’s Day Celebrations Menu

As Cupid prepares to strike his arrow, WIP and SOULed OUT outlets across the country will be offering unique menus for two in celebration of the month of love. Come 14th February, treat your loved ones to any of these delectable dinners, served with a side of romance and intrigue.
Taking inspiration from the first Man and Woman, WIP’s Adam & Eve menu offers a sinful four-course meal that is set to tantalize your senses.
The set starts off with a deliciously rich Butternut Squash Apple soup.
Followed by a zesty Citrus Mixed Berry Salad.

New! CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar Brings Greater Bath Time Fun

Bath time is more than just a chore; it is the perfect time for precious bonding moments. It is a daily routine that children can benefit most from the extra loving care from parents and caregivers. Bathing helps children relax and the physical touch reassures children in the tender loving care of parents.
CARRIE JUNIOR, the trusted brand in children’s toiletries introduces new bath time fun with the CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar. The new CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar will give bath time a whole new dimension of fun in the bathroom. The transparent bathing bar imprinted with a 3D image of Carrie comes in 3 bright and attractive colours of pink, green and blue in accordance with the variants.
The new CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar is a Glycerine soap, making it gentler on skin than most soaps. Glycerine which is derived from natural plant oils makes the soap lower in pH compared to other soaps. It cleanses as it leaves a layer of moisturizing protection behind, helping the skin stay moist. Glycerine in the CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin keeping it hydrated all the time. The humectant property does not make skin greasy, but instead it keeps it supple. CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar is dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin types, very mild and gentle on the skin; when diluted with water, it has a soothing effect and is also softening to the skin.

A Celebration of Love This Valentine’s @ SUNWAY Resort Hotel & Spa

This Valentine’s Day, why not show your loved one how you feel and celebrate love together with a delicious menu promising culinary adventure and a romantic setting at The Resort CaféSUNWAY Resort Hotel & Spa.

The Resort Café celebrates the special occasion with the theme “Valentine’s Confidential” priced at RM148 nett per adult, inclusive of a red rose, 2 glasses of complimentary sparkling wine, an exclusive chocolate door gift for the ladies and a free couple luggage tag courtesy of Photobook Malaysia.
Diners can look forward to enjoying an unlimited array of dishes from cold and hot appetisers to an assortment of mouth-watering desserts. Diners will also be served a choice of a main Western dish specially prepared by our Chefs at The Resort Café. The Resort Café’s Valentine’s Confidential offering is served from 6.30pm till 10.30pm on 14 February 2019. Priced at RM148.00 nett per adult advanced reservations are encouraged. For dining reservations, please call The Resort Café directly at +60 3 7495 2009, +60 3 7492 8000 or email to srhs.bookfnb@sunwayhotels.com

[Review] Sarr’e by Sari Lipmatte – Best Matte Lipstick for 2019

Matte lipstick is a girl's must have for year 2019. Have you tried out any yet? Today I am going to share with you the best Matte lipstick of this year - Sarr’e by Sari Lipmatte.
Established in August 2018, Sarr’e by Sari Lipmatte has sold more than 1000 units in just 3 months. Founded by Sarihana Serigar who is passionate about beauty and believe the perfect lipstick is the best way to enhance your appearance. I felt so honored and proud to share with you this home brand.
Sarr’e by Sari Lipmatte is made from natural ingredients such as Beeswax, Vitamin E and coconut oil. Vitamin E is anti-oxidant and a natural conditioner. It act like a sunscreen, preventing your lips from further damage. Coconut oil is a powerful moisture agent which protect and repair your lips from dryness. These natural ingredients work so well to my lips, my lips felt moisture after applying the lipmatte.
Sarr’e by Sari Lipmatte comes with 6 rich and bold colours:
a) Jophiel Sari
b) Alter Ego
c) Suppresive
d) Impress Me
e) Royal Nude
f) Flirt John
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