EQ, Kuala Lumpur Kicks Off The Year-end Festive Season With its Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

When it comes to annual holiday traditions, the Christmas tree lighting signifies the beginning of the festivities and the advent of what is to be expected. This year, the award winning hotel EQ, Kuala Lumpur continues its annual tradition, signifying the start of their Yuletide celebrations.
Held on 15 November 2022, at the grand lobby of the hotel, the 30-foot evergreen tree was festooned with baubles and trimmings to match the understated elegance of the property, with bronze, rose gold and gilded ornaments reflecting the proverbial light of hope that suffuses the Christmas season. The celebratory occasion was further added to by carollers, canapes and all-round Christmas cheer, as members of the hotel management team, guests, and friends of the property gathered to officially declare the start of the year-end festivities.
Along with the lighting was another of EQ’s long-standing traditions: that of the Angel Tree Initiative. An annual custom since the hotel opened its doors in 2019, the Angel Tree was designed as an avenue with which guests could share festive cheer with the less fortunate. To this end, along with the decorations on the Christmas tree, there are also tags bearing the names of children from care homes specially chosen by the hotel. Guests are at liberty to remove as many tags as they wish, purchase gifts appropriate to the individual children, and hand the presents to EQ staff who will ensure the tokens are delivered to the respective recipients. This year, EQ has partnered with Home of Peace, a shelter for at risk, impoverished and abandoned girls, based in Old Klang Road; and Shelter Home, for the Angel Tree Initiative.
Gerard Walker, General Manager of EQ
Gerard Walker, General Manager of EQ said, “Even before Corporate Social Responsibility became a buzzword, EQ have always desired to remember the less privileged among us. The Angel Tree is a tradition that ensures we realise that while we are in celebration mode, there are others who may not have that opportunity. By our gift-giving, we include them, albeit in a small way, in our festivities.”


Catch The Legendary Cat Hero PUSS IN BOOTS at AEON MALLS in an Exclusive First Ever Event This Holiday Season

Woohoo, the The Legendary Cat Hero PUSS IN BOOTS is back on cinema again this 22nd December. I know many of us can't wait to catch the all time favorite leche-loving, swashbuckling, fearless sword fighting cat hero acting in animation movie PUSS IN BOOTS: THE LAST WISH. Hey, while waiting for it to be on cinema, we can catch PUSS BOOTS at AEON MALLS this festive season as it is taking over the AEON MALLS.
A cat with many names – The Stabby Tabby, El Macho Gato, the Leche Whisperer, PUSS IN BOOTS will be taking over the Ground Floor Main Concourse of 11 AEON MALLS with loads of fun and interactive activities for families and animation movie fans.
Immerse yourself into the magical journey of the legendary Fallen Wishing Star Experiential Room. There are also tons of cool movie-themed Props to take Insta-worthy shots. Not only that, AEON MALLS has prepared a line-up of fun activities and games for us to win some awesome prizes too!
Come decked-out in your best Hero look and snap away to stand a chance to win a pair of Movie Tickets*!

Here's how to participate:

Step 1 : Like & Follow AEON MALL, GSC & TGV page (FB & IG)
Step 2 : Snap a creative photo at the AEON MALL Puss in Boots décor
Step 3 : Tag your 3 buddies with #AEONMALLAHeroHoliday

A total of 100 winners will be chosen at the end of the campaign, so don't miss out!

Yippi x FIFA World Cup 2022 Viewing Party @ Koh Tiki, Jalan Klang Lama

With FIFA World Cup 2022 coming to Round 16, which team do you think will be winning away the trophy? 2022 is a year to remember as we are in end pandemic, and everything back to normal. Hence I decided to go out and view this historical game with my buddy at Yippi x FIFA World Cup 2022 Viewing Party @ Koh Tiki, Jalan Klang Lama last Saturday.
Taking place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022; FIFA World Cup 2022 is the first World Cup to be held in the Arab world and Muslim Country. From the start to now, the fans from around the World is watching the games held in the awesome football stadiums.
Despite all the drama and surprises, we are still eagerly watching the game through live broadcast. Even better, watch it with friends and family at Koh Tiki, Jalan Klang Lama. Thanks to Yippi for organised the happening and fun FIFA World Cup 2022 Viewing Party. In conjunction with the 2022 FIFA World Cup hype, Yippi is organising a viewing party for an entire month from 21 November to 18 December 2022. The viewing party will be held at Koh Tiki, Jalan Klang Lama exclusively.
While waiting for the game to starts, let's enjoy the variety choices of Thai food at Koh Tiki. We love the delicious food and cozy environment a lot. It is also a great place to shoot some instagrammable OOTD here at Koh Tiki.

Hada Labo to Plant 1,000 Trees with RM60,000 Raised

Hada Labo’s ‘We Care For Nature 2022’ fundraising campaign in partnership with Watsons Malaysia and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) was a success with RM60,000 raised from RM1 of the sales proceeds of every bottle of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion sold in the month of October at Watsons nationwide.
With the fund raised, Hada Labo will be contributing to the planting of 1,000 forest trees on a two-hectare land in Hutan Simpan Sungai Besi Tambahan. Apart from ensuring sustainable environment, planting of the forest trees will also offer refuge and food for the wildlife.

I.S Shanmugaraj, the Executive Director of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) said the country has moved forward with rapid development and construction which resulted in less green lungs in the city area. Hence, Hada Labo’s “We Care For Nature 2022” is important to rejuvenate the city by adding thousand more trees and helping generates latest green zone.
“As we are facing climate change issues, no doubt that tree planting is not only helping to provide a shelter and creating new home for the urban wildlife like bird, squirrel, and small mammal species but it is also the best remedy to fight climate change. Moreover, as the trees grow, the root system also will help to hold the ground and creates a stronghold to reduce the risk of erosion or landslide from happening in the vicinity. It is our hope that this two-pronged initiative not only helps to reduce climate change impact but prevents landslide in the future too.” added Shanmugaraj.

Medicated Oil & Balm for Every Household

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, we are swear by Chinese medicated oil & balm. Whenever I got hurt or stomach pain, my mom would pull out the medicated oil and apply for me. When I have my own family, I also use medicated oil and muscular balm for myself and my family members now.

Need no introduction, Eagle Brand is a Singapore brand that has been in existence for more than 100 years, and its goodness and value of quick, easy relief has been handed down from generation to generation. Trusted for generations, Eagle Brand Green Medicated Oil comes in handy for any handbag and is a must-have for every medicine cabinet. Being a household name that everyone is familiar with, one has come to recognize its distinguishable and refreshing green colour and unique fragrance that gently soothes and quickly brings welcome relief to headaches and colds.
I have been using the two products from Eagle Brand to help me and my family relieve pain and discomfort.


Premium in quality, Eagle Brand promises to provide only the very best natural ingredients in this special formulation with the therapeutic properties of Eucalyptus oil.

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil helps to relieve your muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, tension, sprain, headache or stomach ache. I even use it when my girls get mosquito bites to relieve the itchiness.

Who Will be the Raja Viral by AEON Retail Malaysia x TikTok

Syarikat peruncitan dan rangkaian pasar raya terkemuka Malaysia, AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON) berkolaborasi dengan selebriti kredibel, Datuk Aznil Nawawi berserta aplikasi media sosial tersohor, TikTok untuk menerbit siri kandungan digital interaktif yang berjudul Raja Viral.

Datuk Aznil seorang pengacara dan pelakon popular, selaku pencipta bersama siri Raja Viral
yang akan memulakan siarannya di saluran TikTok AEON Retail Malaysia dan YouTube AEON Malaysia bermula 2 Disember ini.
Raja Viral akan menyaksikan seramai 12 pempengaruh TikTok berusaha menyiapkan tugasan diberikan selama 8 minggu untuk berebut hadiah wang tunai RM80,000. Menariknya, sebahagian besar peserta mula berjinak dalam dunia TikTok sewaktu Perintah Kawalan
Pergerakan (PKP) dilaksana di seluruh negara dengan menghasilkan kandungan video kreatif
sehingga tular.

Sepanjang pertandingan, peserta dikehendaki mencipta kandungan video baru mengikut tema berbeza setiap minggu seperti mengedit, ulasan makanan, resepi inspirasi dan juga parodi.
Mereka akan dibimbing oleh Datuk Aznil yang juga mentor dan juri utama Raja Viral untuk menjadi duta jenama yang lebih baik. Selain itu, AEON akan menyediakan 3 sesi bengkel
yang dikendalikan TikTok Creative Lab untuk semua peserta.

‘Tis The Season to be Jolly! Close to RM1MIL Worth of Rewards & More Await Shoppers @ Suria KLCC, Alamanda Putrajaya and Mesra Mall

As the season of giving is upon us, Suria KLCC is transformed into the fabled “Santa’s Workshop” where Santa Claus and his elves are said to craft toys and presents to be given out during Christmas.
Throughout Suria KLCC’s Christmas campaign, the hub of Santa’s amazing toy workshop can be found at the mall’s Centre Court until 25 December 2022. Here, shoppers will be greeted with the sights and sounds befitting a season of joy and merriment. Watch as Santa is assisted by his hard-working elves and mechanical arms in packing presents at the toy-making carousel. A whimsical clock tower also bursts into life every hour, with festive music featuring adorable elves and nutcrackers in synchronised movements.
This is also where Santa goes through his naughty or nice list. Shoppers will be able to submit their names on an interactive screen and find out if they made it into Santa’s naughty or nice list to receive a surprise gift! This surprise gift is limited to the first 100 shoppers per day.
Shoppers are bound to have a wonder-filled Christmas shopping experience at Suria KLCC. A Christmas Card Corner invites shoppers to send the season’s greetings to loved ones with Suria KLCC’s Christmas Cards. Children, on the other hand, will be excited to experience the Santa’s Workshop Alive! feature. Here, they can colour their favourite Christmas characters, scan them and watch them come to life on-screen. During the weekends, shoppers can also meet Santa Claus and children will receive a lollipop from him!

Celebrating an Infinitely Innovative Christmas with InfinityLab

Christmas is a timeless occasion filled with joy and happiness. And with it comes the spirit of sharing, which lingers under the bauble-decorated pine tree in the form of presents, large or small. With such a merry celebration just around the corner, the thought of it does give us pause.

We could celebrate Christmas the same way we did last year and the year prior, or perhaps we could bless our loved ones with an unforgettable Christmas, rendered special by the infinite innovation of InfinityLab.

Gifts that keep you close to their hearts

Children, teenagers and adults alike have come to see the handphone as an indispensable device in their lives. Regardless of its usefulness, we can all attest that the advancement of technology has yet to solve the prime problem, which is battery consumption.

Imagine your loved ones unwrapping an InstantGo 10000 wireless charger under the Christmas tree. It fits right into the palm of their hands and comfortably too. Watch as their eyes light up with awe as the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger with its capacity of 10W of Qi quickly channels power into their energy-starved devices with the unique Power Delivery 3.0 feature.

For a better description, an iPhone12 may take up to a record 30 minutes to charge up to 50%, while it is 40 minutes for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Since your loved ones will be charging their phones often, just the sight of the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger puts you into their thoughts, every day.
InstantGo wireless 10000

Being a one-of-a-kind charger, the InstantGo 1000 wireless charger instantly sets itself apart from the generic chargers by eliminating those wires that oftentimes form a tangled mess. Built for style and functionality, its slim build allows it to nestle so snugly in your pocket.

All-new Grilled Butter Chicken Katsu Henshin @ The Chicken Rice Shop

Calling all The Chicken Rice Shop fans, the Grilled Butter Chicken is back on the menu with a new and improved katsu breading!
Introduced for more than 15 years to Malaysians all over, the latest bold flavours of the Grilled Butter Chicken will return to stores nationwide from 7 November 2022 until 8 January 2023.
Packed with rich and savoury flavour in every layer, the all-new Grilled Butter Chicken Katsu Henshin coated with katsu breading is crispy outside and juicy inside. Topped with their signature golden buttery sauce, garnished with curry leaves and red chillies to add a hint of spice that is truly delicious. Once you tried you will longing for more.
Available in three different sets of meals for everyone to enjoy, hurry head to the nearest store to try the latest bold flavours of the Grilled Butter Chicken before 9 January 2023.

New The Olive Tree Holiday 2022 Collection

The festive season is fast approaching. Let's celebrate it with The Olive Tree Holiday 2022 Collection. A ‘Secret Garden’ holds mysteries that keep us enthralled and excited. It brings us into a world of surprises - an intriguing hideaway, a fertile ground for rejuvenation and relaxation, a safe sanctuary that nourishes our souls. Such intriguing place has inspired The Olive Tree to create their new Holiday 2022 Collection.
With breakthrough ingredients rooted in nature, The Olive Tree invites you to reset and repair with a new collection infused with the youthful elixir found in the depth of the ‘Secret Garden’ - SEA BUCKTHORN EXTRACT. “A vegan formulation, this premium damage repair range is perfect for people with dry, flaky, irritated skin and hair. It is suitable to be used on all skin and hair types. A natural alternative to retinol, sea buckthorn extract is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, K, C, and E, with an array of beneficial bioactive compounds and minerals. Combined with our Australian Ultra Premium Olive Oil as the base, these amazing ingredients will work together to transform our body, mind and soul!” enthused Hong Mei, Founder of The Olive Tree.
Despite the name, sea buckthorn does not come from the sea. It is grown on flowery shrubs found in the mountainous regions of Asia and Europe. Commonly known as SEABERRY, this small but mighty berry is packed with nutrients that help to heal from inside out. It contains 10 times more Vitamin C than an orange, multiple protective antioxidants, moisturizing omegas and unrivalled anti-inflammatory properties.
For skin, not only does sea buckthorn moisturizes while regulating oil, it repairs skin cells, improves skin tone, decreases fine lines, and fights free radicals for younger, glowing skin. It is a dream come true for people experiencing acnes as it drastically reduces breakouts and heals blemishes without ever drying the skin. This powerful plant is just as beneficial for the hair as it is for the skin. Sea buckthorn extract helps strengthen and repair damaged hair. It can be used to cleanse scalps by regulating excess oil without drying the hair out. Its nurturing extract improves hair strand’s elasticity, adds shine and promotes healthy growth. Best of all, it is suitable to treat any hair problems, from dry and frizzy to oily scalp, hair loss and heavy odour!

The Olive Tree Holiday 2022 Collection

Subway Malaysia Refreshes its Iconic Italian B.M.T.™ with New Ingredients to Give Malaysian a ‘Lebih Padu’ Experience

Subway Malaysia is celebrating its legacy of serving delicious, better-for-you Subs by putting a spin on the iconic Italian B.M.T.™ to make it even Bigger, Meatier and Tastier. Bringing the year to a delicious close, Subway is introducing the Italian B.M.T.™ Double Cheese for the cheesy sub lovers, and the Italian B.M.T.™ Plus for those looking to get the most ‘Padu’ Sub.
Originally named after the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit system, the fan-favourite Italian B.M.T.™ now stands for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”. An old school staple of Italian-American cuisine, this Sub has been on Subway’s menu since 1975, and has since become an iconic signature menu item across the globe.
Launching from October 26, 2022 and available until 10 January 2023, the Italian B.M.T.™ includes two variations - the Italian B.M.T.™ Double Cheese, and Italian B.M.T.™ Plus which comes just in time for the upcoming festive season. Available at participating Subway restaurants, the new ‘padu’ subs are perfect for those looking to grab a quick bite to fuel their holiday preparations or even those wanting to give their families a fulfilling meal.

Review: Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap

I like to shower because it makes me feel nice and clean. Recently, I have discovered Parrot Botanicals, a famous and popular brand origins from Thailand. In fact, Parrot Botanicals is the Pride of Thais. They are premium products of Thailand, and their products have won a lot of Award in Beauty and Personal Care Category, given by the ministry of industry in Thailand!

When I check out further, I found out that Parrot Botanicals is the No.1 AUTHENTIC THAI BOTANICALS FRESHNESS, the products has Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herb Oil for Long Lasting Freshness.
It is really promising, hence I have decided to give Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap a try. I ordered it online from their Online Shop. The package arrived me promptly in proper packaging, and I can smell the unique scent and long lasing fragrance that cannot imitate even before opening up the product's packaging. So nice!
Once I open up the parcel, I felt in love with the beautiful packaging of Parrot Botanicals. Let's read our further review below.

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream (500ml pump bottle)

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream has Signature Natural Flower Scent that smell so good! It comes in a pump bottle made it easy to use. The shower cream provides Long lasting fragrance skin for up to 8 hrs.* 
*Testing result made by connoisseurs of perfume

K-Beauty Brand Glutanex Celebrates Malaysian Launch with Brand Ambassador Song Ji Hyo

Calling all K-Beauty lovers, we can now purchase Glutanex in Malaysia! Glutanex is a pioneer in the field of skin brightening and whitening from South Korea. Celebrating its entry to the Malaysian market, Glutanex brand ambassador and beloved Running Man cast Song Ji Hyo joined in the festivities at Centre Court, CC Floor, Tropicana Gardens Mall.
Song Ji Hyo was spotted passionately supporting the launch of Glutanex Malaysia as fans gathered to celebrate their favorite brand known to give healthy, bright, moisturized and glowing skin results! The launch also had various fun activities for fans and visitors including games like 5 Stones, Hand Wind Machine, Korean game – Ddakji and Spin the Wheel along with an informative aesthetic physician talk.
Previously only available on e-commerce platforms, K-Beauty junkies are now able to get their hands on Glutanex products from the shelves of Malaysian retail pharmacies, starting with participating stores of Watsons.

Set to be a gamechanger in the K-/beauty world, Glutanex’s core ingredient is glutathione, a relatively established but powerful ingredient in skincare products. It is the strongest available antioxidant that promotes skin brightening, anti-aging and overall wellbeing of the skin. By suppressing melanin formation on skin, glutathione provides a bright and glowing complexion.
“True beauty is when you feel confident about yourself. At Glutanex, our mission is to empower people to feel confident in their own skin. Our innovative products are meticulously formulated with medical-grade glutathione to ensure the effectiveness of its skin brightening and whitening properties, and is gentle even on sensitive skin,” said Hyun Yoo-Jin, Director of Global Business and CEO of Nexus Pharma Co., Ltd.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia Fills This Holiday Season with Togetherness & a “LATTE” Love

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia welcomes the Holiday season with an exciting series of festive flavours that are both new and familiar. After all, there is no better way to spend time with your loved ones than over a spread of mouthwatering (and eye-catching!) Holiday-themed food, with a comforting mug of festive beverage from us in hand.
“Many of us spend the better part of the year out and about, busy with the bustle of our everyday lives,” said Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Marketing & Innovation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia. “As we approach the year-end holidays, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® wants to invite everyone to find comfort and respite in celebrating togetherness with those dear to them. Be it through familiar Holiday favourites or our newly-brewed festive flavours, we hope all who walked through our café will come out excited for the year to come!”

The festive beverages from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia this season centre around the comforting flavours of chocolate and peppermint to serve the warmth of “Togetherness in every cup”. In fact, there is a little something for everyone!

Targeted Action for 10 Signs of Ageing with FILORGA Global-Repair Baume

FILORGA is more than a laboratory, since 1978, it has been a French house that draws its inspiration for its formulas from its expertise in designing injectables for the greatest specialists in aesthetic medicine.
The innovative complexes and active ingredients, either derived from biotechnology or at natural origin, are meticulously selected, measured out and combined thanks to the expertise of a master of formulation and the support of an expert scientific committee. Each and every FILORGA cosmetic creation therefore pushes the boundaries of excellence in terms of performance, texture and sensory appeal while always respecting the skin as much as possible. A unique vision of beauty that offers all women the best active ingredients inspired by aesthetic medicine through now cult formulas.
Laboratoires FILORGA are now presenting a new formulatory masterpiece. An exceptional skincare product that combines the right amount of precious botanical active ingredients with the exclusive anti-ageing complex [intensive repairing factors] for a unique revitalising and comforting experience.
Welcome to the world of High-Performance Skincare.

Global-Repair Baume: a blend of advanced anti-ageing active ingredients and precious oils

Exceptional skincare with a targeted action on the 10 signs of ageing: 
• Density +8% 
• Firmness +35% 
• Elasticity +35% 
• Radiance +30% 
• Wrinkles -5% 
• Face Contour +5% 
• Volume +21% 
• Tone +26% 
• Evenness 84% 
• Nutrition +23% 

A true formulatory marvel with comprehensive nutri-youth actions. This complex combines the best cosmetic nutrients with ultra-specialised ingredients with aesthetic medicine-like effects for a targeted action on all the signs of ageing.

Guinness Malaysia’s First Flagship Outlet, Arthur’s Storehouse, is now open in KL

Guinness Malaysia has officially launched its first-ever flagship outlet, Arthur’s Storehouse, in Malaysia at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Arthur’s Storehouse is not just any bar - fans can enjoy the true Guinness experience alongside an impressive Guinness-infused food and cocktail menu, as well as exclusive merchandise imported from the Dublin Storehouse.
At the launch, members of the media were treated to an array of curated experiences by the world’s no. 1 stout to tantalise the senses and were some of the firsts to experience the magic of the flagship outlet. They sampled a unique menu curated and enjoyed live performances by local bands. The flagship outlet with its elevated decor is decked out to give lovers of the brand the experience of the Dublin Storehouse with a history wall, photography corner, a Guinness bar and dining area, as well as a lounge all designed in the distinct colours and feel of the brand.
There, fans can check out the Guinness history wall and learn about the precision of the roasting process that gives Guinness its distinctive taste and ruby-red hue at 232 degrees Celsius. As true Guinness lovers know, perfectly pouring Guinness is important to enjoy its smooth and creamy taste. Special rates are available for fans who want to learn pouring the perfect glass themselves with the guidance of the Guinness Academy, and take home a customised Guinness glass with their name engraved on it. But that’s not all, what makes the flagship outlet so singular is its menu being the first in Malaysia to showcase a variety of exclusive Guinness-infused dishes as the showrunner.

House of Guinness – It’s A Matter of Taste

Guinness Malaysia revolutionised consumer experience with the launch of House of Guinness in July, an avenue for fans to discover the innovation of Guinness Draught in a Can. In conjunction with the International Stout Day celebration this year, the brand is bringing the House of Guinness back, and this time with the concept of #ItIsAMatterOfTaste, highlighting Guinness products and the magic behind them.
Fans who sign up for the experience at www.houseofguinness.my are in for a treat as they get to redeem complimentary Guinness and exclusive merchandise at the festival happening at Piazza, Pavilion Bukit Jalil on the weekends of 5th and 6th November as well as 12th and 13th November.

The fun begins as they step foot at the festival and begin exploring the different zones, uniquely created to depict the features of Guinness that make it the most loved stout brand among drinkers. The sensorial zones – roasted barley, hops, nitrogen, and widget zones - are equipped with various Instagram-worthy experiences highlighting the essence of Guinness in style. Upon finding the QR codes hidden in these zones, fans will get to redeem exclusive Guinness merchandise.
As their journey continues, festival-goers will get to discover the different Guinness products that are available in the Malaysian market – Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Guinness Draught and the latest entrant, Guinness Draught in a Can. Activities at each station will entitle fans to receive tokens, and all they have to do is complete the experience and collect four tokens to redeem two cans or two glasses of complimentary Guinness at the bar.

UNIQLO Presents Ayam Brand UTme! T-shirts & Tote Bags

Visualize your childhood favourite sandwich or go-to rice dish and Ayam Brand canned sardines would be one of the images that pops into your mind. Celebrating their shared values of rich history and focus on quality, UNIQLO is joining hands with the prepared food brand to bring Malaysians the Taste of Home series of UTme! t-shirts and tote bags featuring Ayam Brand products.
UNIQLO x Ayam Brand collaboration features covetable and rare UTme! sticker designs in vintage nostalgic and modern inspired style. A total of 30 creative designs are available for placement on t-shirts and tote bags.
Ayam Brand Taste of Home series of UTme! stickers are available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88 and UNIQLO DA Square starting November 1, 2022. For every purchase of this series, customers will receive a special Ayam Brand Recipe Book containing 30 recipes by Malaysians while supplies last.
UTme! t-shirts are priced at RM79.90 for adults and RM59.90 for kids. Available in several sizes from XS to XL for adults and 110-150 cm for kids. Meanwhile, the tote bag that comes only in one size is priced at RM79.90. Measurement of the tote bag is 41.5cm in width and 39cm in height.

Guardian Malaysia's ‘Beauty Around The World’ (BATW) 2022 Extravaganza Promo Code 'GDNMK670'

RM30 for a hair and face makeover! Not only that, you can receive a valuable goodie bag worth RM80 + A complimentary 360 degree video after that!
Join me at Guardian Malaysia's ‘Beauty Around The World’ (BATW) 2022 extravaganza from 9 November until 13 November 2022 at the Blue Atrium, LG2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre in Subang Jaya.
Use my code GDNMK670 to purchase ticket and enjoy 20% if you buy 2 tickets, buy 3 tickets save 30% - AND get additional RM5 off using the code!

Not only that, enjoy spectacular offers from hundreds of brands and new arrivals that features the latest health and beauty trends from across the world including Japan, South Korea, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many more with Guardian’s ‘Beauty Around The World’ (BATW) 2022 extravaganza from now until 28 November 2022.
Enjoy up to 50% off products and many, many other bargains from popular brands from all around the world including exciting contests, free gifts with purchase, free skincare coupons and a free 2023 calendar with coupons worth more than RM140.

King Cole Jazz and Whiskey Lounge at Avante Hotel Bandar Utama

Looking for a laid back, stress-free night out with your mates and also a romantic date night? You shall check out the New King Cole Jazz and Whiskey Lounge at Avante Hotel Bandar Utama then!
Deemed as the largest jazz and whiskey bar in Malaysia, King Cole Jazz & Whiskey Lounge has finally opened its doors. Located on the mezzanine floor of the luxurious Avante Hotel in Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya, King Cole had its soft opening on Oct 22.
Measuring 11,000 sq ft, the premise oozes a cosy and inviting vibe. It boasts of artistic interior in contemporary design, with a stylish bar, plush sofas and a space dedicated to intimate performances.
Here, you can enjoy a cup or two from their wide range of fine whiskeys and wines. To name a few, they are Arran Barrel Reserve, Jura, Mac-Talla Terra, Kavalan and Tamnavulin.
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