Altuz Academy – The Academy for Dyslexic Children with Orton-Gillingham Approach

As a parents, we always put our children at the first priority. Over the years, I have been knowing friends whom children are diagnosed with Dyslexic. Dyslexic Children have trouble matching the letters they see on the page with the sounds those letters and combinations of letters make. And when they have trouble with that step, all the other steps are harder. Dyslexia can’t be “cured” – it is lifelong. But with the right supports, dyslexic individuals can become highly successful students and adults.
It is known that the lack of expert instruction and proper intervention to rectify the reading problems of dyslexic children before they fall behind in traditional schooling can lead to irreparable harm, low self-esteem and a widening gap that becomes increasingly difficult to close.

This has negative societal implications and it is a crucial responsibility of parents to ensure that their dyslexic children are able to read proficiently to ensure their quality of life.
The Orton-Gillingham Approach – the highly structured evidence-based approach to teaching reading and recognized by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), is now available in Malaysia with the opening of Altuz Academy, a premier education centre for dyslexia intervention.

All Academic Language Therapists at the academy receive the vigorous training and supervised practicum accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE) and IDA.
The lady in black jacket - the founder of Altuz Academy, Dr Choy Su-Ling

“It is critically important that remedial specialists, educators and teachers working with dyslexic students be vetted, highly trained in an evidence-based approach with oversight and accountability. Literacy training should be comprehensive, accredited by an international organization and include a supervised practicum period. There should also be ongoing professional development for the sake of the children whom they work with,” said founder of Altuz Academy, Dr Choy Su-Ling.

U.S Potatoes Culinary Festival 2018 Menu at Pietro Ristorante Italiano

Calling all foodies, let's discover how the quality, diversity and versatility of US Potatoes at the US Potato Culinary Festival 2018! This year, collaborating with 14 restaurants in Klang Valley to serve an exclusive limited-time menu featuring U.S. fresh and frozen potatoes in the month of July 2018. Diners will be thrilled by the exciting limited edition menu creations created by the talented chefs of participating outlets featured in the festival.

You will be amazed that there are so many different ways US fresh and frozen potatoes can be enjoyed.

Now, let's sit back and enjoy the nutritious US potatoes as one medium size skin-on US potato merely contains 110 calories per serving. It boosts more potassium than a banana, and provides almost half the value of Vitamin C whilst they are fat free, no sodium and no cholesterol.

Today we are going to review the U.S Potatoes Culinary Festival 2018 Menu at Pietro Ristorante Italiano. Situated at Ground floor, ECM Libra Damansara Height, Pietro Ristorante Italiano offers a friendly and casual atmosphere where diners can experience a taste of truly authentic Italian dishes with friends and family. We had a great time tasted the delectable spread of Italian dishes prepared by the talented chef in a contemporary setting surrounded by artworks and greenery at Pietro not long ago.
It's no wonder that Pietro has gained a reputation for loyalty among its customers, who often visit the restaurant again and again. As the reputable Italian restaurant in town, Pietro has never compromised on the quality of ingredients used to prepare all the dishes. Especially on the potatoes, Pietro uses only the premium U.S. Potatoes. The chef has prepared the two special dishes below for U.S Potatoes Culinary Festival 2018.

U.S. Potato Gnocchi with salted egg Yolk Butter and Coriander Cured Duck Breast

A small dumplings made from nutriotious U.S. Potato and flour served with fragrant and tasty salted egg yolk butter and coriander cured duck breast. We simply love the amazing combination of this dish. The taste is light and great to have for day and night.

Savoury U.S. Potato and Spring Onion Churros With Mamak Curry Dipping

ViQ Apparel Flagship @ Paradigm Mall PJ

As a gym enthusiast, we are always on the look on fitness attires that are comfortable and affordable. Last Saturday, we discovered one brand that suits our requirements, and the best part is it is proudly made in Malaysia.
Presenting to you ViQ Apparel Flagship store launch at Paradigm Mall, PJ. According to the brand, ViQ Apparel was founded is Malaysia that aims to provide customers with dressing solutions. They believe colours can enhance an individual’s charisma and fashion style and that each individual’s fashion style is unique. Hence you can find the colorful outfits in their store. From sports bra, tee, singlets, loose tank, to leggings, shorts, skorts and top and bottom for the men, they have plenty of designs and colors to choose from.
Plus, all the products are properly examined and controlled for quality assurance. At ViQ, they believe in comfort, creativity and value for money. Both women and men can find their comfortable and trendy apparels in ViQ. Not only that, the products are good in quality with a friendly price tags, mostly below RM 100.
Sounds too good to be true? Do check them out at ViQ Apparel Flagship @ Paradigm Mall PJ. Or you can shop online too at website -

The 1st Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem Launched in Malaysia

Hi my fellow Malaysians, we all are having undying love for food, right? From the traditional Malaysian food to International food, we are known for the high demand on good food. Championing the longevity of cultural and local food, Galeeveurs Group has officially launched Malaysia’s first Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem. It offers specialised services for the Malaysian F&B industry, set to safeguard the soul of local food culture for future generations.

Malaysia's renowned F&B brands such as Kim Lian Kee, Ten Years, and Sunny Cha that are under Galeeveurs' group, Galeeveurs comprised of a team from varied expertise offering six services which include brand strategy and marketing, management services, a centralised production factory, F&B education, IT development and financial assistance.

During the launch at New World Hotel, PH, Dato’ Henry Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Galeeveurs Group said that through these services, Galeeveurs aims to provide the right pathway in building the next generation of F&B using the concept of an Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem.
By positioning ourselves as the first Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem, we hope that F&B legacies will be sustained using this ecosystem,” said Dato’ Henry.

As the fourth-generation successor of a heritage brand, I believe local Malaysian food holds a special way of uniting people, bringing fond childhood memories and has good potential to be introduced on a global level. Thus, it would be devastating if one day it is not accessible by the public.”

[Review] HydroGel Gold Red Ginseng & Ginger Mask and Rice Sheet Mask Pack

Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and My Product Company, we have received boxes of My Beauty's facial masks recently. We have shared some of them with our dear friends, we have also tried them out ourselves to see the effect.
We like that the facial masks are pack in premium packaging, and are made in Korea. Talk about K beauty nowadays. :)

Below are the masks that we have tried;

HydroGel Gold Red Ginseng Mask (5pcs | RM100)
HydroGel Gold Red Ginseng Mask contains real red ginseng essence and gold flakes to help rejuvenate the skin. Once we opened up the pack, we can smell the nice ginseng scent already. We like to use HydroGel mask because it adheres to skin nicely and it's cooling effect is really soothing.

HydroGel Gold Ginger Mask (5pcs | RM100)
Similar with prior mask, HydroGel Gold Ginger mask contains real ginger essence and gold flakes to help rejuvenate the skin. Ginger contains many antioxidant properties hence this mask helps in anti-aging and also improves skin elasticity.

Rice Sheet Mask Pack (3pcs | RM28)

Pairing Teeth Whitening with Spa Treatment – Now That’s a First!

A confident smile is a sign of a confident person. But sometime I am hesitate to smile due to my yellowish tooth from excessive coffee intake. But hey, I have recently discovered a really cool teeth whitening with spa treatment in the town for all of us. Everyone could enjoy the teeth whitening with spa treatment and walk out confidently! Introducing Philips Zoom! Whitening teeth whitening treatment together with an end-to-end relaxing spa experience at Smile Express Dental Spa.
Philips Malaysia is partnering with Malaysia’s first and only dental spa, Smile Express Dental Spa, to offer the Philips Zoom! Whitening teeth whitening treatmentPhilips Zoom! Whitening is the number one patient-requested professional teeth whitening brand1, delivers up to eight shades whiter teeth in just 45 minutes.
Pic 1: Philips Malaysia partners with Smile Express Dental Spa, Malaysia's first and only dental spa, (L-R) Ms Wendy Ho, Head of Marketing for Personal Health Division, Philips Malaysia; and Dr Bala Saravanan, Founder and Clinical Director, Smile Express Dental Spa

Mr Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager of Philips Malaysia, said, “We are delighted to be partnering Smile Express Dental Spa in their new venture that brings extraordinary services to Malaysian residents and visitors. This is an exciting partnership for us as we’re able to offer more consumers the Philips Zoom! Whitening solution with a fancy twist to their dental appointment. Philips is all about enhancing consumer experiences with innovative technology, with the aim of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. In the course of innovation, we also look to provide novel, refreshing experiences to suit consumer lifestyles.”

“Through Philips’ professional teeth whitening offering, we have reached 320 dental professionals around Malaysia and this new partnership with Smile Express Dental Spa is of added significance, with a more niche consumer base. We are pleased to support both the dental professional and the consumer with our Philips Zoom! Whitening range and together, enable more special experiences for the consumer,” he said.
Commenting on the partnership, Dr Bala Saravanan, Founder and Director of Smile Express Dental Spa, said, “We are excited to offer a full-fledged luxurious spa package with the Philips Zoom! Whitening teeth whitening treatment. Through our service, our patients will enjoy Philips’ market-leading teeth whitening solution and holistically enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind dental spa experience, something that has never been done before in Malaysia.”

Aim High for Smartness with Dutch Lady Formulated Milk Powder

Hi parents, have you noticed the new Dutch Lady Formulated Milk Powder on the market lately? We simply love the new Dutch Lady Formulated Milk Powder that comes with more DHA. Dutch Lady, the No. 1 Formulated Milk Powder for children brand in Malaysia now offers its highest level of DHA(docosahexaenoic acid) formulation to support children's development in a new pack.
We were honoured to be invited to their media launch event last week. Speaking to the media at the launch, Mr. Tarang Gupta, Managing director of Dutch Lady Malaysia said the company has continuously improved its products over the years and is responsible for shaping Malaysia's formulated milk powder for children category.
Mr. Tarang Gupta, Managing director of Dutch Lady Malaysia

“Since our inception in Malaysia more than 55 years ago, the company has been committed to nourishing the nation with trusted diary nutrition. In line with this, we have been responsible for introducing key developments in the category for children to Malaysian mothers in 1988. We were also one of the first to introduce '0% sucrose or less sucrose' formulation in our products in 2012 to help address the rising concerns of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Malaysia,” highlighted Mr. Gupta.

He continued: “Today, we are pleased to achieve another milestone in the product category of formulated milk powder for children – providing the highest(2) level of DHA in every serving of Dutch Lady 123. We realize that the toddler years are the most important period for cognitive, emotional and social development; and many parents understand DHA as a key nutrient to support the higher nutrient values for protein, vitamin D3, Vitamin C and more which are essential for a growing child.”
Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia further explained the significance of having high DHA in children's milk:”60% of our brain is made up of fats and one of the most important fats is DHA that helps a child's brain to develop. DHA is like building blocks for the brain and its importance is even more evident for young children, because their brains are growing rapidly,” said Ng.

U.S Potatoes Culinary Festival 2018 Menu at Coffee Club

Calling all foodies, let's discover how the quality, diversity and versatility of US Potatoes at the US Potato Culinary Festival 2018! This year, collaborating with 14 restaurants in Klang Valley to serve an exclusive limited-time menu featuring U.S. fresh and frozen potatoes in the month of June and July 2018. Diners will be thrilled by the exciting limited edition menu creations created by the talented chefs of participating outlets featured in the festival.

You will be amazed that there are so many different ways US fresh and frozen potatoes can be enjoyed.
Now, let's sit back and enjoy the nutritious US potatoes as one medium size skin-on US potato merely contains 110 calories per serving. It boosts more potassium than a banana, and provides almost half the value of Vitamin C whilst they are fat free, no sodium and no cholesterol.
For people who enjoy a cup of coffee and tea with their meal, do visit Coffee Club for their special U.S Potatoes Culinary Festival 2018 Menu.

U.S. Potato curry spice rice with chicken masala and U.S. Potato Croquettes (RM 24+)
We love the superb combination of U.S. Potatoes, rice, and spices in this dish. The U.S. Potato Croquettes are simply out of the world. They look gorgeous and taste even better. Coating with flour thrice gives this croquettes a nice layer and the breadcrumbs bring an amazing crunch to these croquettes on the outside and the soft fluffy mash inside U.S. Potatoes. The deep frying croquettes simply oozes out to delight you with joy. Served with Pickled Fruit Achar that complimented well with the main, we will definitely go back for more U.S. Potato curry spice rice with chicken masala and U.S. Potato Croquettes.

Lemon chili chicken linguini hern with sautéed U.S. Potatoes (RM 24+)

Dr Buds Organics Launches Treatment-focused Remedies for Troubled Skin

What do acne, eczema, hair-loss, and dandruff have in common? Aside from being some of the most prevalent skin issues faced today, they are all aggravated by the conventional, chemical solutions available on shelves - even those that are advertised to help. But what can you do? You don’t have a choice but to manage with the hand you're dealt. That answer wasn’t good enough for KK Soo, co-founder of Buds Organics. He decided to put his training as a chemist and experience with creating safe personal care products to the test.
Buds Organics was built out of KK’s love for his children who suffered from eczema during their baby years. The products use only the safest, purest, and most effective natural ingredients. His personal experiences with teenage acne challenged him to explore new avenues to develop safe and effective treatment-focused solutions for some of the most common yet poorly treated skin conditions, especially as his own children approached teenage years. This is the story of Dr Buds Organics.
Fuelled by the fusion of science and nature’s healing power, Dr Buds Organics uses the best certified organic ingredients in its four ranges to treat specific skin conditions: Easy-Clear for eczema, Acne Rescue for acne, Hair Loss Rescue for hair loss, and Dandruff Rescue for dandruff. The ranges go back to basics, using natural ingredients that have long been hailed for their effective healing properties. As science has evolved, these ingredients were clinically proven to be effective to solve these skin and scalp conditions. The range promises some ‘oldies but goodies’ and some unusual plant ingredients. Within the range, you will find amongst others, anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, anti-inflammatory Liquorice Extract, soothing and hydrating Aloe Vera and Fructan, and prebiotics to promote growth of good bacteria.
“Parents can empathise with the feeling of trying to bubble-wrap our children from negative experiences even when we know that it’s important that they experience them part of growing up,” KK shared. “As a teenager, my suffering with acne was further frustrated by the lack of visible improvement no matter what I tried. The vicious comments about my skin from my schoolmates, caused me to feel depressed and withdraw socially. The fatherly protective instinct within me wants to make sure that if I can do something about it, I must. Dr Buds Organics’ formulations are my efforts towards that.”

The Celebrity Facial @ Ceramiracle’s The Aesthetics Salon

Good news to all of the beauty junkie! Ceramiracle, the award-winning beauty and nutricosmetics brand founded in 2016, recently made an exciting entrance into Malaysia. We felt honoured and excited to visit Ceramiracle flagship beauty salon in TTDI not long ago. Ceramiracle is a renowned California–based company specializes in innovative ageless skincare solutions, comprising oral and topical skincare products as well as an exclusive facial treatment experience.
Just sharing with you some background about Ceramiracle. In 1991, the founder, Eugene He found himself surrounded by babies when his mother became a nanny. While the shenanigans of the little ones created a chaotic wave of din, Eugene was constantly fascinated by the amazing sight and feel of a newborn’s soft and smooth flawless skin. This was the beginning of his passion-driven journey in unraveling mother nature’s gift of perfect skin to babies. This drive of his stems from one focus in mind – to help men and women achieve younger, healthier and more radiant skin.
It's quite interesting to know that the brand is founded by a young guy, right. ;) It proves that beauty is not limited to gender. So we paid a visit to Ceramiracle in TTDI on a sunny afternoon. As usual, the TTDI business district is fulled of cars hence we had drove a round to find a car park. Then, we walked towards the salon accordingly.
We were greeted by the friendly staffs and offered a seat at The Ageless Café which is at a corner of the salon. We love the sun-filled, airy spaced Ageless Café , they serve over 20 all-organic brews boasting herbs, fruits, tea leaves and coffee beans sourced from all over the world to deliver the double benefits of beauty and wellness. The relaxing ambience cool us down after the walk under the warm weather.

Esquire Kitchen @ Subang Parade - Newly Relocated and Good Value Set

It's all began from 1974. During those years, a group of intellectuals from China got together every weekend for intellectual discourse on top of a bookshop at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At these gatherings, this small group of scholars were served with home-cooked food by their wives while enjoying their tea and intellectual conversations. As time went by, these gatherings started to draw in bigger crowd. It became apparent that its popularity was due to the delicious “home-cooked” food that was served! This prompted the group of scholars to start a restaurant that served their home-style Shanghai and Sze Chuan food. The 1st Esquire Kitchen Restaurant was conceptualized in 1974. From its humble beginning in a single shop, Esquire Kitchen has grown to more than 10 restaurants at reputable shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
This July, Esquire Kitchen has opened it's newly relocated outlet at Subang Parade, offers the same great standard. In conjunction with this, Esquire Kitchen outlet at Subang Parade is having lunch and dinner sets buy 3 free 1 promotion in the month of July 2018.
The happy lunch sets start from RM12.20 to RM15.60, diners can choose from the selected main course and it comes with a free hot tea. Not only that, diners get to enjoy 30% off for double boil soup or Shanghai fried dumplings with any order of the set lunch.

The happy lunch sets promotion is valid from Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm, it is not applicable on public holidays.
Happy dinner sets start from RM 17.60, where the meal comes with a free iced lemon tea or herbal tea. Diners can also choose to add on RM 3 for a tau foo fah or kwai lin gou.

The Happy dinner sets promotion is valid from Monday to Friday, 5pm to 9.30pm, it is not applicable on public holidays.

It's such an great deal, no wonder it was a full house during our visit recently. We love the fusion of Heritage Chinese Cuisine with a Malaysian Touch at Esquire Kitchen. It has always been a taste of home-style cooking, boasting recipes of home-styled Shanghai and Sze Chuan specialties that have been handed down from generation to generation.

‘Beat the Heat’ @ COWAY Run 2018

It's very warm lately, let's ‘Beat the Heat’ @ COWAY Run 2018. Held for the second year, COWAY Run 2018 comeback to be held on 7 October 2018 at MAEPS, Serdang; where once again the race towards a healthy and pure lifestyle is placed on the pedestal with a ‘cool’ theme and a charity element!

For the first time, COWAY Run 2018 adopts a theme “Beat the Heat” - where a “cooling” run course is designed to allow sprinters to run comfortably and as coolly as possible.
Elaborating on the inspiration behind this year’s theme was Mr. Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Coway (M) Sdn. Bhd. who said, “Living in a tropical country has its perks, but perhaps the heat and humidity from running can be a deterrent for many as it accelerates fatigue and dehydration. Thus with COWAY Run 2018, we aim to create a cool and comfortable experience for our runners to ‘Beat the Heat’ through an exciting route.”
(L-R) Mr Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia; Mr James Park, Guest of Honour & Director of Global Business Division, Coway Korea HQ; and Mr Ryan Jung Tae Seung Marketing Director of Coway Malaysia.

Designed to keep runners cooling throughout the race, the route is set up with water sprinklers, mist tunnels and wind tunnels that would add an element of surprise for the runners.

Furthermore, COWAY Run 2018 will also be channelling proceeds from the run to support its annual CSR initiative, the Happy Water Project – where indigenous communities are supplied with clean and pure water.

Since the very beginning, the nation’s leading water specialist is dedicated to promote good health for consumers by providing clean and safer water, reminding them of the importance of staying hydrated.


Hair care is the new skin care, it's time to take care of our hair just like our skin. The skincare expert from Swiss: SISLEY PARIS has launched their brand new haircare - HAIR RITUEL by SISLEY PARIS. We were excited to be invited to explore the new haircare range that consist of six essential treatment products creating a complete, sensorial beauty ritual intended for both women and men, and for all types of hair, including colored and highlighted hair.
Formulated with high concentrations of powerful plant-based active ingredients as we know them from the brand’s facial and body care, HAIR RITUEL by SISLEY PARIS hair care products work on both the scalp and the hair fibre to provide global action. The new brand offers an effective, sensorial, complete hair care routine to clean, regenerate, fortify, and beautify hair every day.
We were treated a hair pampering session using the HAIR RITUEL by SISLEY PARIS range. We are loving these amazing products which is easy to use and great for the hair.

Scroll down to read more about the products below;

Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo (200ml | RM290)

Formulated with Camellia oil, the Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo gently clean and revitalize the scalp and hair, giving a more body and thicker feelings to the hair.

Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo (200ml | RM290)

Formulated with Macadamia oil to sheathed the hair, hair is visibly smoother after using Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo.

Restructuring Conditioner (200ml | RM270)

Formulated with Cotton Proteins, Restructuring Conditioner restructures hair and increases its resistance in just 3 minutes. Hair is more silky and easier to style after using it.

Mattel Presents First-ever Double Storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse in Southeast Asia

With over 155 careers and counting, there is not a plastic ceiling Barbie has not broken. From Mermaid to Movie Director, Game Coder to Scientist, Fashionista to Musician, these countless choices have always offered girls the opportunity to play out whatever they can imagine. There’s no such thing as too wild a dream, too big a hope or too fantastic a wish. This Summer, Mattel continues Barbie’s journey to inspire girls to pursue their imagination and dreams with the first-ever double storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse in Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.
Happening from now to 29th July 2018 at Sunway Pyramid, LG2, Blue Concourse from 10am to 10pm, the Barbie Career Dreamhouse brings imaginative play with Barbie to a real-life experience inviting girls to experience and play out everything she can become. The Dreamhouse features several fun and interactive play rooms with different career related activities brought to reality via partnerships.
(from third L-R) Ms. Loo Hoey Theen, Marketing Director of Sunway Pyramid, celebrity mom and cook Danielle Peita Graham and daughter Sophia, Mr. Ivan Franco, Country Manager of Mattel SEA, Chee Kee Poey, Director of Sales A+E Networks, Anthony Chan, Marketing Director of Crayola Malaysia, Zoey Chew Mui Foong, Assistant Vice President of Astro Malaysia, Ms. Pang Kit Cheng, Senior Manager of Aeon. 
The fun and interactive playrooms include:
“You can be a Top Chef” play room, brought to you by Lifetime
“You can be an Artist” play room brought to you by Crayola
“You can be a Movie Director” play room brought to you by Astro on Demand (VOD)
“You can be a Musician” playroom brought to you by Yamaha
“You can be Anything” play room brought to you by Kiddomo

New! Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Series @ Watsons

What makes Asian hair different? Asian hair is often thicker but less dense than Caucasian hair and can also be prone to frizz. This can sometimes make it hard to manage. The good news is that the right washing and care can bring even the dullest and most tangled of Asian hair types into tip top shape. So how should you take care of your hair in a hot and humid environment all year round. Moist Diane, Japan’s leading silicone-free haircare brand, has combined the wonders of nature and the powers of science to launch its new Perfect Beauty series, a renewal of their signature Argan Oil series. Since the launch of the range in September last year in Japan , a million bottles were sold in just ten days! A renewal of their signature Argan Oil series, the new mega launch comprises six shampoos and six treatment products that are enriched with Organic Moroccan Argan Oil and Customised Beauty Keratin to address different hair concerns of Asian women.
“We are pleased to have one of Japan’s most sellable brand in hair care available at Watsons. At Watsons, we constantly pay attention to the needs of our customers and one of the top concerns of our customers are getting the right hair care treatment. With a vast number of brands available to address hair care needs, it is important that our customers can differentiate which hair care brand would meet their specific needs. Moist Diane’s new Perfect Beauty range addresses the needs and requirements of Asian hair, where our environment tends to cause the build-up of sebum on our scalp, causing oily, dull, limp or less-than-beautiful hair. With the innovative formulation from Moist Diane which is not chemically harmful to the hair, our customers will be able to choose from a vast range six shampoos and six treatment products that suits their hair care needs. It is no doubt that when your hair looks good, it personifies inner confidence and we standby with Watsons motto of “Look Good, Feel Great”, said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.
The new Perfect Beauty series by Moist Diane consists of six shampoos and six treatment products that target different hair types and concerns of Asian women. Other than being siliconefree, the newly formulated series is colour-safe and sulphate-free (except Extra Fresh variant). In addition, all the products are enriched with the goodness of ECOCERT certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil and customised with Beauty Keratin in an elegant and pretty pump packaging designed with the brand’s trademark diamond shaped pattern that resembles a luxurious fragrance bottle.

“We are grateful to be able to launch Moist Diane in Watsons. As we all know, Watsons is rated as Asia’s No. 1 Health and Beauty retailer, we have trusted and valued Watsons support for the brand. When we first launched Moist Diane Argan Oil Shampoo series back in 2015, our distribution in Watsons started at just 180 stores. As of today, we have expanded to more than 450 Watsons stores nationwide. I am excited to announce the new series of Moist Diane - the Perfect Beauty range, the renewal of the signature Moroccan Argan Oil series”, said Dexter Lee, President of Mandom Malaysia.
During the Moist Diane Perfect Beauty media launch event at the Forum, KL, the winner of “She Is Diane” was selected among social media influencers who had participated in the “search” where each influencer had to upload at least two Instagram postings of them participating in a positive passionate cause, for instance, volunteering in charitable, environmental and educational causes after they have used the new Perfect Beauty range by Moist Diane, within a time period of ten days. They were then required to share with their fans on what it meant to have ‘Perfect Beauty’ – beauty that is inside and out.

International Mojito Day at WIP

I felt in love with Mojito when I first tried it out many years ago. Mojito is a delightful drink that I enjoy a lot. From its timeworn origins as a panacea for shipboard ailments, the humble Mojito, popularized by Ernest Hemingway, has gained immense popularity in recent years, but nowhere more so than at WIP in Bangsar Shopping Centre, where you can find the largest selection of Mojitos in KL.
Thanks to their unstinting attention to the Cuban cocktail, WIP has long been considered the best place around to get a refreshing, perfectly made Mojito. This year, guests were greeted with an explosion of colours and serenaded by Latin percussionists as WIP celebrated World Mojito Day in true Havana style on 11th July 2018.
For those new to the Mojito, WIP conducted a Mojito masterclass, displaying the dedication and effort that goes into every cocktail. The stars of the night were of course, the rainbow of Mojitos exclusive to WIP including the Mango Lychee, Strawberry Coconut, Tumeric Tango, Bora Bora, Dragon Eye and Ananas.
When commenting on the house speciality, Brian Choo, Executive Director of the SOUL Society Group said, “A fruity Mojito is always refreshing in hot tropical weather. Furthermore, the flexible nature of the cocktail allows us to experiment and come up with delicious new recipes using local ingredients and the wide of selection syrups, purees and juices available at the home of the Mojito. WIP will continue to take pride in offering the Klang Valley a Mojito experience like no other.”

Score Electrifying Discounts at Shopee’s Electronics Expo This July

Shopee, the e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan will launch the Shopee’s Electronics Expo - Lowest Price Guaranteed (LPG), offering a series of electrifying promotions from 23 to 26 July 2018. More than 20 best-selling electronic brands will be participating including Armaggeddon, Alcatroz, honor, Mono Digital, Philips, Russell Taylors, Tefal, Vivo, Xiaomi and more. A variety of smartphones, gadgets, home appliances, computers and accessories will be up for grabs, with up to 90% off on over 1,000 electronic products. Through continuous strong collaborations with these brands, users can enjoy the lowest prices on all items with ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’ tag and should they find the same item at another platform sold at a cheaper price, Shopee is committed to refund the 120% of the price difference in Shopee coins.
"Shopee has grown tremendously in 2018 and we have partnered several top brands to expand our electronics-related categories such as Mobile & Gadgets, Computers & Laptops, and Home Appliances to bring quality products to over 10 million users. For one, our exclusive Honor 9 Lite sale sold out 1,000 units in under five minutes, proving Malaysian users' love for premium electronic products. With the Electronics Expo, Shopee aims to take another step in becoming a one-stop online shopping platform that caters to the needs and preferences of all Malaysians," said Ian Ho, Shopee's Regional Managing Director.
On 23 July, Shopee will treat users to a 24-hour electronics-only Shocking Sale offering huge discounts on tons of branded electronic products. On this day, Malaysian users can expect exciting sales to suit their electronic needs for both work and play. Those looking to refresh their computer accessories can look forward to wireless keyboards and gaming mice from Logitech, while music lovers should look out for Marshall’s noise-cancelling headphones, all of which will see attractive discounts. Dozens of other quality products will also be on sale including external drives from Seagate and various smartwatches for fitness junkies.

Isaac Toast & Coffee @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Good news to people in Klang Valley, Isaac Toast & Coffee is now available at 1 Utama Shopping Centre! We don't need to travel to KLIA2 or Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru to taste the delicious toast anymore.
With over 800 stores across South Korea that features melt-in-your-mouth toast with affordable price, Isaac Toast Malaysia has officially opened their third outlet at 1 Utama Shopping Centre on 7 July 2018, a hearty congratulations from us!
Known as the best sandwich toast chain in South Korea, Isaac Toast is specializes in toasted sandwich with a variety of fillings such as Bacon Cheese, Hot Chicken and Potato Double Cheese. They even have kimchi flavour toasted sandwich, so unique and so yummy. With all the tasty sauce and ingredients wrapped in crispy toast that has been pan fried with special sauce and butter, this is definitely a place for a very satisfying breakfast.
The sandwich toast is pretty rich and keep me full for a long time. Isaac Toast & Coffee @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre has a table top with several high chairs, which can be crowded later in the day. Make sure you try their coffee which is pretty good too.
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