Day dreaming

It's Friday! I guess 90% of workers are feeling extremely good today, so do I. Have been sitting on my work place for 3 hours now. Honestly, I spent 80% of the past 3 hours for day dreaming...
I was thinking why would a MNC company changed their style so sudden, and it's like a Chinaman company which restrict it's employees in this and that...

Last few days ago someone told me that my previous company issued the best bonus for year 2008, and he asked If I regret. It was a funny question, to me, I am very happy to escape from the heck place and heck people. Although I am curious why would some people who have escaped from it would like to jump into it again, lol. Good things countinuosly happen after I left the place. Both Johnson and I have more expectation by year 2009. For now, the most important thing in our life is to take care of my health. Afterall, we would be stepping into the next level in life by next year.

I have been hearing some sad news from my good friend's blog last week. I know it would be a hard time for her but I wish her all the best and good thing will happen to her soon.

Ah, talking so many rubbish... Now is the time for lunch, till here.... ~ Rane


终于看完了家好月圆,很开心是大好结局。但是还是 TVB 一贯的草草结局。想不透,为什么所有坏人最终都会变回好人的?怎么坏的人,最后都一定会痛改前非的?现实生活中,有多少个真实的故事也是那样的呢?我想应该是没有什么可能吧,黑狗怎么可能会成为人呢? :-P


自上个周末就知道自己伤风了,还以为我的抵抗力将会打倒病菌,但是没想到今天却宣告打败仗了!除了伤风,还加上咳嗽喉咙痛等。看来明天得好好休息养生才行了。我要快快好起来,以便庆祝星期五的生日和下个星期的 Hong Kong family trip. :D







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