City Staycation @ Mercure Hotel Kuala Lumpur Trion

We had a pleasant and enjoyable city stayation at Mercure Kuala Lumpur Trion!
Standing as the tallest Mercure hotel in South East Asia, Mercure Kuala Lumpur Trion is strategically located in the middle of the city. It has easy accessibility to LRT and MRT Chan Sow Lin station and within 5km drive to TRX, KLCC, Bukit Bintang City Centre and Mid Valley Megamall.
We were greeted by the smiling, friendly hotel staffs once we walked into Mercure Kuala Lumpur Trion. The hotel contemporary interiors proudly showcase Malaysia's rich cultural heritage, make us feeling welcome and warm.
The check-in procedure was simple and fast. We received the room key to our King Suite room promptly. The King Suite room is spacious and clean, plus very well-equipped. The bed is comfortable and we love the bath tub the most!

Feast of Fortune @ M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Let’s usher into the Prosperous Wood Dragon Year with exquisite CNY set menu at M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur! Drawing inspiration from traditional flavours and festive symbolism, their culinary team has curated a distinct menu that promised an unforgettable dining experience.
The Feast of Fortune menu features premium Yee Sang and specially curated CNY cuisine.
Yee Sang with Salmon & Abalone

Braised Superior Pumpkin Soup with Fresh Scallop, Dried Seafood & Crab Meat

Suria KLCC's Vintage Affair Sparks CNY Magic

Suria KLCC, Malaysia's Iconic Experiential Shopping Destination, is set to enchant visitors with an immersive Chinese New Year celebration by transporting visitors to the vibrant heydays of old Shanghai. Running from January 12 to February 18, 2024, the 38-day extravaganza unfolds the rich cultural tapestry of the 1920s and 1930s, often referred to as the "Paris of the Orient."
Suria KLCC's Centre Court presents shoppers with a lively old Shanghai street, complete with traditional double-storey shop lots. Among the engaging experiences, visitors can explore a beautifully adorned tailor shop showcasing the art of tailoring and the iconic cheongsam, and a restaurant featuring traditional reunion dinner dishes. The setting will also include rickshaws, a retro vintage car for photo opportunities, and old movie projectors playing classic clips, capturing the oriental charm of yesteryears.
The Esplanade KLCC takes centre stage with a colossal 60-ft tall 3D dragon replica. Symbolising the Year of the Dragon, this awe-inspiring installation, aptly named Dragon of Prosperity, promises to be a visual spectacle to all.

Guardian Brings Us Glowing Beauty, a Healthy Journey for The Coming Lunar Chinese New Year

Guardian will be ushering in the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon with exciting offers and promotions of new and trending products at exceptional value for all their customers.
Anna Ng, Marketing Director of Guardian Malaysia said; “The Lunar Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivities of the year so everyone will be busy trying to look their best with new looks and new outfits as it is a time to usher in new beginnings.
“Our ‘Glowing Beauty, Healthy Journey’ theme reinforces our Chinese New Year (CNY) wish for all our customers to usher in this new year with special focus on the keeping well, being healthy and to practice a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

“For that we have lined up an exciting range of CNY special offers and gifts for our customers to choose as presents for their loved ones, near and far and for themselves. These special value offers are applicable to most of our latest health, beauty and personal care products available in store and online to help you and your loved ones look your healthy best this CNY.
“To add to this year’s excitement, we have also introduced a fun and joyous Chinese New Year music video featuring Jestinna Kuan, singer and popular Digital Content Creator and a host of characters including Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty winners,” Anna added.

Auspicious Celebrations in The Year of The Dragon at Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur ushers in the Year of the Wood Dragon with a sumptuous selection of offerings at its non-halal Chinese restaurant Lai Ching Yuen, featuring exciting selections of Chinese New Year set menus and Yee Sang, as well as exclusive a la carte and Dim Sum specials from 2 January to 25 February 2024.
Exquisite Prosperity Set Menus

Weaving in Chinese New Year traditions while honouring classic Cantonese cuisine, Executive Chinese Chef, Chef Thye Yoon Kong and his team have curated a selection of 3 different 9-course Prosperity Set Menus available from 2 January to 25 February 2024*. Whether it is for a corporate gathering or family reunion, diners are well-catered a sumptuous feast steeped in auspiciousness to ring in a prosperous year ahead.
The Bejewelled Prosperity Set (珠光宝气宴) priced at RM2,288++ for a table of 10 persons comprises a Yee Sang with Jelly Fish and Crispy Fish Skin (大展鸿图其捞生 - 海蜇脆鱼皮捞生) to kickstart the meal, followed by a nourishing Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Dry Scallop, Sea Cucumber and Cordyceps Flower (喜气洋洋 - 虫草花干贝海参炖鸡汤) and Steamed Green Eye Grouper in Hot Oil (如意吉祥 - 油泡青眼斑). The star dish of the menu championed by Barbecue and Roast Chef, Chef Lam is his signature Roasted Crispy Duck in Hong Kong Style (心想事成 - 港式烧鸭), continued by Salt and Pepper Slipper Lobster with Crispy Enoki Mushroom (嘻哈大笑 - 椒盐金菇虾婆), Stir-fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Garlic (福贵荣华 - 蒜蓉炒芥兰) and a Chinese New Year must-have rice dish, the Chinese Wax Meat Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf (一帆风顺 - 腊味芋粒荷叶饭). The meal ends with a classic treat, Crispy Yam Nian Gao (步步高升 - 香芋炸年糕) and Chilled Sweetened Longan and Sea Coconut (团团圆圆 - 冻龙眼雪耳海底椰).
Welcome a year filled with peace and joy with the Seasons of Harmony Set (四季平安宴) priced at RM2,888++ which promises a lavish feast, including Yee Sang with Sliced Norwegian Salmon and Crispy Fish Skin (鸿运当 头齐捞生 - 三文鱼脆鱼皮捞生). After wholesome servings of Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Dry Scallop, Sea Cucumber and Agaricus Blazei (大战鸿运 - 松茸干贝海参炖鸡汤) and the Steamed Red Star Grouper in Hot Oil (年年有余 - 油泡红星斑), indulge in Lai Ching Yuen’s signature Baked Iberico Pork Ribs(龙精虎猛 - 西班牙排骨) that is crispy yet juicy. The highlight of thisset is the Wok-fried King Prawn in “Bei Fong Tong” Style (荣华富贵 - 避风塘大生虾), followed by Chinese Wax Meat Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (一团和气 - 腊味荷叶饭). Desserts for this set also includes Crispy Yam Nian Gao (步步高升 - 香芋炸年糕) accompanied by the satisfying Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Glutinous Rice Ball (金枝玉叶 - 红豆沙汤圆).

Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence – Not Your Ordinary Sunscreen

Sunplay is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation in sun protection, the Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence. This breakthrough sunscreen is set to revolutionise your skincare routine with its unique blend of eight beauty serums, offering comprehensive protection and nourishment for your skin.

Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence comes with various benefits, such as:

• Broad Spectrum UV Protection

Offering comprehensive protection against both UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation that can lead to sunburn and premature aging. Additionally, it combats the formation of dark spots in ensuring that your skin stays flawless.

• 8 Nourishing Serum Ingredients

Ideal for anyone, the beloved Japanese sunscreen brand has formulated its latest product with 8 moisturising ingredients sourced from nature. These ingredients include Geranium Robertianum extract, Tocopherol, Oenothera Biennis extract, Vitamin C derivatives, pear extract, orange peel extract, hyaluronic acid, and the star ingredient, artichoke extract.

Artichoke extract is known for its effectiveness in combating dark spots caused by the ageing of melanocytes and promoting the production of glutathione, a key player in controlling melanin production, thereby preventing dark spots.
• Enhance Skin Radiance

Skin Aqua Nexta Shield Serum UV Essence nourishes your skin by providing intense and lasting hydration. It enhances your skin's radiance by diffusing light, correcting skin dullness, and revealing a brighter complexion.

• Anti-Pollutant

In an environment filled with harmful pollutants, this sunscreen serves as your shield. It effectively protects your skin against environmental pollutants, including PM2.5 particles, helping you maintain a healthier and clearer complexion, even in urban settings.

• Reef-Friendly formula

The benefits of this exceptional sunscreen are not limited to the skin. Formulated without Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Cyclomethicone, the sunscreen is a reef-friendly formula that cares for your skin and the environment.
It's not just sunscreen; it's skincare and sunscreen compacted in a bottle for your convenience and effortless wear.

2024 ‘Cheers to a Bolder Tomorrow’ Campaign by Tiger Beer

In Chinese culture, the dragon is deemed to be a strong and desirable zodiac symbol - when coupled with the spirit of the tiger, they represent a formidable force. This is why Tiger Beer is encouraging consumers to recognise their courageous achievements and set even bolder ambitions for the Year of the Dragon. With a series of exciting promotions and activities filled with unstoppable ‘huat’, the ‘Cheers to a Bolder Tomorrow’ campaign was officially launched at Sunway Velocity Mall to much fanfare.
Last week, a video of a larger-than-life tiger and dragon coming together in KL city was spread across social media, sparking curiosity among netizens. It was revealed today that Tiger Beer was behind the viral stunt and wanted to inspire Malaysians to uncage their inner courage to embrace their boldest ambitions this year.
Tiger Beer will be taking over the concourse area at Sunway Velocity Mall (Kuala Lumpur) until 28th January, Gurney Plaza (Penang) from 24th January until 12th February, and Ipoh Parade (Ipoh) from 23rd January until 9th February 2024. Here, shoppers can win exclusive merchandise when they take part in a variety of on-ground games, each requiring a unique set of skills to win. From putting speed and precision to the test to using coordination, there are many ways to score exclusive Tiger Beer merchandise. At the official media launch, members of the media got an exclusive first look and tried their hand at the activities.
Kicking off the official launch, Roland Bala, Managing Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad, and Willemijn Sneep, Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia, set the tone for the evening with the crowd as they excitedly chanted the campaign tagline, ‘Gan Gan Chong’ before the launch animation video was played.

Celebrating a Legendary Lunar New Year at EQ Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix returns to EQ with classics, new twists and innovative takes on Chinese New Year fare.
Celebrating a Legendary Lunar New Year at EQ Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Phoenix

The dragon is considered one of the luckiest signs of the Chinese zodiac. Long associated with power, authority and largesse, the Year of the Wood Dragon is said to be a time of evolution, improvement and abundance. The annual pop-up of EQ’s legendary Chinese restaurant, Golden Phoenix will deliver all these elements, along with the creation of wonderful memories and joyous celebrations.
Known historically as one of Kuala Lumpur’s finest, most popular Chinese restaurants, Golden Phoenix makes a reappearance each Lunar New Year as a pop-up at the award-winning EQ. This year the pop-up restaurant will operate on Level 1 from 29 January to 24 February 2024, serving both lunch and dinner. Items from the set and ala carte menus will draw from a treasury of recipes going back 50 years, and will also feature exciting new dishes designed for the modern gourmet.
Celebratory set menus

A total of seven menus have been designed for the celebrations. These range from RM198+
to RM888+ per person, with the special vegetarian ‘Yan Yat’ set, designed for the seventh
day of the Lunar New Year priced at RM188+ per person. A minimum of four persons is required for all set menus.

Rich Fortune Set, RM198+ per person

Platinum smoked salmon yee sang
Braised crab meat soup with dried scallops, snow swallow
Braised sun-dried oyster, abalone, sea moss, flower mushroom, broccoli
Steamed golden snapper fillet with royal premium scallop sauce, enoki mushroom
Poached chicken, home-made spring onion oil
Glutinous rice with chestnuts, chicken, mushrooms wrapped in lotus leaf
Rice cake and baked peony lotus seed paste

Soar into the Year of the Dragon with Carlsberg’s Exclusive Chinese New Year Cans and Bottles

Carlsberg’s CNY campaign ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ is back with another exciting array of artist-edition festive packaging, captivating events, and exclusive promotions that promise to bring people together in the spirit of celebration. The essence of ‘Brewing Prosperity Together’ or 合家团圆,喜乐龙龙 is aimed at elevating much-anticipated reunions with loved and dear ones whilst ushering in prosperity and smoothness for the year ahead.
The brewer's highly sought-after annual artist-edition packaging, designed by award-winning artist Ofen Hu, reflects the vibrant energy of the Year of the Dragon. There is also an added surprise to Hu's contemporary twist on traditional art, where a special ink transforms the dragon pearl on chilled cans from yellow to auspicious orange at the perfect drinking temperature of 6°C. The number 6, considered lucky in Feng Shui, also adds cultural significance, symbolising happiness and blessings. As family and friends gather to herald the arrival of good fortune and wealth in the year ahead, Carlsberg makes each sip a celebration of both artistry and auspicious beginnings.

The charming design adorning the bottles and cans of Carlsberg Danish Pilsner which signifies prosperity and Carlsberg Smooth Draught representing greetings of smoothness, depicts a captivating narrative of the Wood Dragon, rousing from its slumber in the tender embrace of Spring. The dragon is portrayed moving with grace and fluidity through the serene clouds, swaying its tail playfully as it chases its dragon pearl, a mystical symbol of cosmic harmony while its scales transform into beautiful flowers bringing everyone an abundance of luck. The dynamic colours in the artwork also exude the limitless vitality of the season, encapsulating the essence of revitalisation, wealth, and happiness.

Gastronomical Delights Awaits @ The Courtyard by Marriott Setia Alam

The Courtyard by Marriott Setia Alam is heralding the Year of the Wood Dragon with delighfully curated menus and enticing takeaway bundles.
Celebrate your CNY celebration with their Festive Buffets, 8-Course Set Menu, Chinese New Year Takeaway Set Box, Takeaway Yee Sang Platter, Beer Packages & Themed Cocktails!
If you have a hectic schedule and won’t be able to prepare a personally home-cooked extravagant meal for your family and relatives, bring your loved ones over to Courtyard’s bountiful Chinese New Year buffets at 5 Wells Restaurant, located at Level 2.
Chinese New Year Festive Buffet Dinner prices start from RM 98 To RM 168 nett per adult
Half-Price For Senior Citizens above 60 & Children 6-12 years old.

Atria Shopping Gallery Presents The Grandeur of Shanghai This Lunar New Year of Wood Dragon

Atria Shopping Gallery has transformed into “The Grandeur of Shanghai’ this Lunar New Year of Wood Dragon! It was a breathtakingly abundant celebration of record-setting proportions in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. Atria Shopping Gallery welcomes shoppers to revel and immersive in Shanghai inspired charming festive décor, abundant shopping and dining options, fabulous rewards.
Check out the Shanghai inspired charming festive décor at the charming 1960's Shanghai Town located at Centre Court. Complete with instagrammable pop-ups, surrounded by magnificent old Shanghai night club, Shanghai Tea House, a tailor house, Shanghai 1960’s taxi, opulent cherry blossoms and a sky filled with lucky red lanterns. It's the best place to take instagrammable pictures with your friends and family.
Shoppers can find retail booths selling traditional, hampers, tea leaves, snacks, accessories, clothing on concourse level at the festive market.

Visitors can immerse in a sensory journey and experience of grand blooms and splendors this Lunar New Year. Take a stroll through the ‘Dream Garden of Prosperity’ garden of the North Entrance for a prosperous welcome. Step into the dreamy garden and you will be greeted by a cascading revelry of lively blooms that will bestow happiness to all.
Launching ‘The Grandeur of Shanghai Celebration’ was Samantha Lew, General Manager of Group Leasing, OSK Property Investment. Guests comprising industry partners, media and friends of Atria Shopping Gallery were treated to a magnificent morning of lion dance performances and plenty of festive fun provided a thundering welcome to the guests, signifying an auspicious start to the festival. The launch then concluded with a Traditional Lou Sang Tossing on the stage by guests and media bringing a sense of Unity.

Elevate Your Tech Lifestyle with HUAWEI Latest Productivity Power House & Audio Marvel

Get ready for a fusion of tech and style as Huawei launches the much-anticipated HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2”, and the powerhouse HUAWEI MateBook D 16, alongside HUAWEI FreeClip and HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 41mm Light Gold. Leading the way in this technological revolution is the featherlight and ultra-sleek HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2” that is as stylish as it is functional, making it an essential addition to the consumers’ lifestyle.
Creation is a universal pursuit; where Huawei gives users tools to unleash their creativity with remarkable ease in line with the event’s ‘Creation of Beauty’ theme. Known as one of the thinnest and lightest 13-inch large-sized tablets in the industry, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2” integrates with industry-leading features that make it a productivity-boosting device capable of performing a wide range of office tasks and creative work – which will certainly take on-the-go creation to a whole new level.

HUAWEI Matepad Pro 13.2” Introduced As The Thinnest and Lightest Large Screen Tablet In the Industry

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2" introduces a captivating design with two colour options – the Golden Black and Green. The tablet’s vast flexible OLED screen comes on a wafer-thin 5.5 mm thick and 580 g body, and is surrounded by 3.4 mm bezels to produce a staggering 94% screen-to-body ratio. It is the thinnest tablet that’s ever been made with the narrowest bezels and highest screen-to-body ratio. The tablet’s HUAWEI X-True™ Display and HUAWEI SOUND™ system interact with a wealth of enriching apps and technologies to bring wholly immersive audio-visual entertainment.

The tablet works seamlessly with world’s first consumer device powered by NearLink technology1, HUAWEI M-Pencil (3rd generation) that will ensure a seamless and responsive writing experience, while promising low latency, precise lines and adaptive pressure. The tablet's expansive 13.2" screen is further optimised for multi-tasking with its multi-window capabilities, providing a dynamic and efficient user interface.

Enhancing productivity, the tablet supports the PC-Level WPS Office, enabling users to efficiently edit documents and presentations. HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2” is equipped with 10100 mAh battery capacity, 88W wired HUAWEI SuperCharge technology ensuring swift charging by reaching 85% in just 40 minutes.

Auspicious Lunar New Year Celebration at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant Dorsett Grand Subang

The Emperor Chinese Restaurant at Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel is all set to usher in the Lunar New Year of The Dragon. Even though the Lunar New Year officially kicks in on 10th February 2024, the spirit of *Gong Xi Fa Cai* is already making its mark.
From 15 th December 2023 till the 15th day of the new Lunar New Year, the culinary maestros at The Emperor led by Executive Chinese Chef Lee have curated three specialty menus, each one featuring time-honoured dishes that promise to tantalise tastebuds and elevate one’s dining experience.
Blossom of Good Fortune set menu priced at RM1688 nett per table of 10 persons offer an abundance of joyous indulgence; from double boiled chicken soup with red dates, chestnut, mushrooms and bamboo piths to promote one’s good health, succulent wokfried prawns with premium soy sauce symbolic of laughter all year through to bountiful wealth represented by the traditional dish of braised dried oyster, black moss, mushroom and taukan with kailan; to many more wonderful palate pleasers.
Priced at RM1988 nett per table of 10 persons, the Spring Time Celebration Menu is a 9-course grand feast in itself. The entire menu offers nothing sort of pure indulgence with course-after-course of lavish dishes ….braised seafood soup with generous amount of dried scallops and crabmeat, home-style steamed organic chicken, steamed red snapper, luscious wokfried riger prawns and supreme braised dried oyster with irresistible endings to mark the beginning of a sweet year in the form of deepfried crispy nian gao with peanut mochi complemented with double boiled red dates, longan and lotus seed with snow fungus.

Japanese Manga Series SPYxFAMILY Limited Edition Collectible Set Series now Available at at all Guardian Stores and Online

A limited series Collectible collection of one of Japan’s best-selling manga series and anime television series adaptation, SPYxFAMILY, is now available at all Guardian stores and online.
SPY×FAMILY is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The story follows a spy on an undercover mission who gets married as part of his cover and adopts a child, not realizing that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath, and the woman he agrees to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin. All three must strive to keep together.
As an animated web series, SPYxFAMILY was voted Number 1 Most Popular Web Comic in 2019 and the series reached 480 million views in August 2022. By December 2023, SPY×FAMILY had over 34 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series.

Anna Ng, Marketing Director, Guardian Malaysia said: “We are extremely excited to offer these FOUR collectibles sets from the massively popular SPYxFAMILY manga and anime series. The FOUR collectibles sets are based on the characters from the manga series and all four collectibles can be obtained for RM99 each, every time our customers spend RM20 on participating brands such as Aiken, Bio Essence, Lóreal Dermo-Expertise, Eucerin, Garnier, Lóreal, Maybelline, Nivea Skin and Sunsilk or RM50 on non-participating brands in a single receipt.”
Collectible Item 1 is called LOID FORGER, after the father character in the anime series. The Loid collectible which is worth RM199, has been available from 27 December 2023 and comes in the form of a special Loid Design Box which contains a Loid 14 inch laptop sleeve, a Loid acrylic phone holder and Loid lenticular waterproof stickers.

Sun & Sand Sports (SSS) Marks a Grand Debut in Malaysia with its Inaugural Launch Event

GMG, one of the Middle East's leading family-owned conglomerates that entered the Southeast Asia market at the end of 2020, is excited to announce the grand opening of Sun & Sand Sports (SSS) in Malaysia, solidifying its foothold in Southeast Asia. The highly anticipated grand launch, aptly themed ‘SSS Active Arcade’, took place at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, and provided an extraordinary experience to fitness enthusiasts and lifestyle seekers alike.
With the opening of its stores in Mid Valley Megamall, Pavilion Bukit Jalil, and the soon-to-be-opened outlet at TRX, this strategic expansion marks a significant leap towards its vision of establishing 11 stores across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, within the next 36 months.

SSS stores will introduce Malaysians to a world of fitness and lifestyle products, featuring over 21 global brands across various sports and intensity levels. This launch stands as a testament to SSS’s commitment to inspiring Malaysians to redefine their approach to performance and well-being while infusing an element of fun into the world of sports. The store is designed with experiential zones and educational spaces, creating an immersive retail experience for the local community.
At the grand launch, Jaclyn Tan Shu Ping, Vice President of Marketing & Brand for GMG Asia, expressed “We are thrilled to bring Sun & Sand Sports to Malaysia, enriching the nation’s sporting landscape. As SSS ventures into Malaysia, marking a significant milestone in its international expansion, the brand is set to redefine the sporting landscape in the region. Our entry into the Malaysian market is driven by a commitment to impart not just products but experiences that resonate with the ethos of a sporting community. At GMG, we believe in enhancing active lifestyles and are proud to share our unique concept that combines cutting-edge technology with exciting in-person touchpoints.”
Since its inception in 1979 in Dubai, UAE, SSS has been at the forefront of promoting an energetic and vibrant lifestyle, becoming synonymous with a commitment to sports excellence. With a robust portfolio encompassing the world's most renowned sports and lifestyle brands, SSS has evolved into a sporting haven, particularly for its dedicated Middle Eastern clientele.

SSS, with a vision firmly rooted in the profound connection between sports and joy, has become a beacon for enthusiasts seeking more than just sporting goods. Affirming that sports transcend mere activities, the brand goes beyond the conventional, inviting Malaysians to redefine their sport with joy, fun, and unique expression that sports bring to life. With its debut to Malaysian shores, the brand celebrates the spirit of sports, empowering individuals to reshape their athletic narrative uniquely - with a clear call to ‘redefine your sport with SSS’.

Everyone’s A Winner with SSS

SSS stormed Malaysian shores in style last November, offering consumers the chance to win up to RM50 in vouchers with Opening Weekend Specials for each store. Be sure to catch the brand’s next stop – the opening of SSS TRX, for your chance to snap up these vouchers!

The brand also unveiled “SSS Active Arcade” online, a vibrant microsite that introduced Sarah, Sam, and Siti – Characters that embody different aspects of the modern Malaysian fitness enthusiast. The site featured interactive minigames, an arcade style leaderboard and sure-win vouchers for everybody, as well as special prizes for the top three of each game.

SSS Grand Launch Brings Active Arcade to Life

In celebration of its Grand Launch, SSS brings Active Arcade to life, transforming Centre Court Mid Valley Megamall into a vibrant hub of gamified fitness activities offering a generous total prize pool of RM50,000, as well as exclusive merch, from 4th to 7th January 2024. The store also invites shoppers to immerse themselves in experiential zones, including custom-designed locker displays and a public Sports Poll.
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