Lashes Take Off in Dramatic and Explosive Volume with Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket

Mascara is to makeup like the little black dress is to fashion – a woman who wears it is instantly chic and glamorous. No two are the same, so there’s always room in her makeup kit for another.
When it comes to lash looks, we are spoilt for choices – length, definition, colour, curl and volume. And like the little black dress, trends change season after season as well for mascara. The must-have lash look these days? High-on drama lashes that feature clump-free volume!

For clump-free voluminous lashes, you’d have to go through several cumbersome steps. Not only do you have to load your lashes with multiple coats of mascara (while waiting between coats to ensure lashes don’t clump up), you’ll have to carefully comb through lashes to get the clean pumped-up volume. Miss a step and lashes won’t end up like how you desire them to be!
Too much work? Not anymore. You’d be glad to know that you can now get the same dramatic effect from root to tip in just seconds and in one easy step! No messy clumps, just smooth volume – thanks to Maybelline New York’s latest mascara, the Volum’ Express The Rocket.

Volum’ Express The Rocket delivers eight times more root-to-tip volume – fast! This super volume explosive power comes from its special brush as well as unique formula.

Shiseido Launches IBUKI Skincare Line

Japanese brand Shiseido is proving to be ahead of the beauty curve yet again with their latest skincare line out in September of 2013 - IBUKI.
UV rays, dryness, pollution, stress – these everyday elements trigger recurring skin problems, like roughness, breakouts, dryness and flaking. Build skin's resistance to UV rays, dryness and daily stress by infusing it with long-lasting moisture. IBUKI skincare puts skin in a super-hydrated state, so it can be maintain full, healthy, moisture-rich form.
Key ingredients like yuzu seed extract, Shiseido’s PhytoResist Complex, and TMG all work to keep skin cells hydrated, prevent cell contraction, amp up skin’s opposition to harsh elements, and help cell production keep on keepin’ on. I like it’s refreshing and fruity scent.

The IBUKI collection, which consists of seven products—a Gentle Cleanser, 125ml RM115, Purifying Cleanser, 125ml RM115, Softening Concentrate, 75ml RM160, Refining Moisturizer,75ml RM175, Refining Moisturizer Enriched, 50ml RM175, Protective Moisturizer SPF 15, 75ml RM170, Eye Correcting Cream, 15ml RM170 will all be available at all Shiseido Malaysia counter September 1st onwards.

Magazines freebies at Kinokuniya Bookstore KLCC

Buy the August/September issue of Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty magazine at RM 20, and receive a dr. dream Advanced Anti-Aging Starter & Travel Kit worth RM 550.
Buy the August/September issue of NEWICON FOR HIM at RM10 and free a Nestle Multi Grain Cheerios worth RM13.80

Winner of Avène Skin Care Giveaway

Hi my dear readers, sorry for not updating the blog for a few days, was really tight up with works and family. Well I hope you guys had enjoyed the weekends.

It’s time to announce the winner of Avène skin care giveaway. Thank you to those who have participated my blog’s giveaway, I really hope everyone is winner but there’s only one prize.
The winner was chosen randomly by And the lucky one is Caroline Ng! Congrats Caroline! You are not only winning the Avène skin care, you’ll also receive an elegant Scotch® Magic™ Tape Dispenser packed in the Bella Awards She Sparkles bag. Thanks NTV7 Bella for sponsoring the prizes.
For the rest who didn’t win this time, I’ll try to organize more giveaways.
Thanks again for supporting my blog and I really appreciate it. Cheers.

Skinfood KLCC Concept Store Gives You Provincial European Grocery Feel

Yay, Skinfood KLCC has evolved and moved to a store finally! I used to visit their kiosk outside Kinokuniya KLCC but I prefer store than kiosk. It’s more privacy and home feel so that I could play and test around the products without feeling strange.
This Skinfood new store introduces a fresh look based on provincial European grocery concept shop after being in the beauty and skincare market for 8 years. The beautifully designed concept store has a huge range of skincare and cosmetics that are delicious for our skin.
During the launch, I managed to check out the latest Eva Armisen Season 2- Family Love Limited Edition Range. It is a limited edtion bodycare and makeup line that leaves skin fresh and clean, with citrusy tangy scent of Grapefruit and soothing Aloe Vera.

Miss Hana Eyeliner Gel Pen Review

When I choose eyeliner, I always wanted something which is smudge proof, waterproof formula and long lasting. I have oily eye lid and I had an embarrassing experience before where my eyes became panda eyes due to the smudge of the eyeliner in a party.
While there are many choices of good eyeliner, I have found another good one recently, the Miss Hana Eyeliner Gel Pen. Miss Hana Eyeliner Gel Pen is a proud product from Taiwan, it’s affordable and gives good result just like those expensive cosmetic brand.
What I like most is the colors are really intense, and it’s very easy to glide on smoothly. Even though it’s really water resistant, don’t worry about the cleansing part as it’s easy to remove with eye makeup remover.

Magnolia Sherbet Cool Moments Photo Contest

So you broke your favorite stiletto, chipped your newly done nails, the cab refused to send you to the exact destination, and the worst? - your date didn’t turn up after spending almost half your life waiting for nothing.

Now, before you lose your cool, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and focus on your exhalation. Yoga is known for increasing feelings of well-being and strengthening positive mental attitude, which allows you to face the overwhelming anxiety, frustrations and challenges of everyday life.

Daily practice of meditation is essential; even a few minutes of meditation during your work day can make a difference.

Feeling a lot better? Go ahead and splurge on a great meal, or try something new! But wait, before you savor your food, take an artistic shot of it and share with your peeps. Taking photos is another whimsical way of relaxing, - at the same time it can be exhilarating and fun.

Why not create your own moments? With one camera in hand, and a Magnolia Sherbet on the other, capture the coolest moments on camera. Not only that, indulging in frozen dessert, the Magnolia Sherbet could also give you a sense of composure and calmness. What a combo!

Now, F&N Creameries (M) Sdn. Bhd. is giving you the chance to have fun, to let go and most importantly, to be in the moment, by participating in the contest – Coolest Moments Photo Contest! Not only you get to de-stress, but to share your creativity and cool moments with your peeps.

All you need to do is, snap your cool moments according to the themes. There are four (4) rounds of themes; Cool Pets (15/8/13 to 28/8/13), Cool Places (29/8 to 11/9), Cool Food (12/9 to 25/9) and Cool Friends (26/9 to 9/10).

For instance, place a Magnolia Sherbet on top of your pet turtle’s shell; get its striking pose, and BAM, picture perfect. Or bring along your girl friends to the beach whilst enjoying this irresistible Sherbet on a sunny day. Show off your proudest moment of home cooked meal, or go for a great vacation.

After you’ve chosen your photo, upload it on, and the winners get to win cool prizes such as Nikon camera, Sony headphones, Ice Watch and Nokia handphone. Contest starts from 15 of August 2013, and ends on 9 October 2013.

F&N Magnolia Sherbet is retailed at RM2.50 (WM) and RM2.80 (EM) for a 85ml single serve RM9.50 (WM) and RM14.00 (EM) for a variety pack of four 85ml cups. It is available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, selected petrol marts and grocery outlets nearest to you. Read my review on F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit if you haven't.

Embracing Beauty Naturally with EBN Bird’s Nest Skin Care and RBN Aesthetic Wellness

For centuries, edible Bird’s Nest has been highly prized for its nutritional value and medicinal benefits. Edible bird's nest is usually double boiled with rock sugar to make a delicacy known as "bird's nest soup".
It is believed to help boost the immune and respiratory system for speedy recovery, preventing “internal dryness”, increasing metabolism rate and cell reproductive capacity for cell repair within our bodies and other health enhancing effects such as anti-ageing and growth promoting properties. I had known about it from my mother while I was a teenager. I really like Bird’s Nest as they are so precious and tasty.
Today, the latest technology has brought the benefits of Bird’s Nest to skin care. Thanks to Choulyin(, I had the chance and discover a New Level of Radiance and Vitality with EBN Bird’s Nest Skin Care.
The bloggers had try the EBN Bird’s Nest Skin Care in the workshop, and we are amazed that our complexion has become ultimate radiance and vitality with this powerful anti-aging and whitening care in just one usage!
First we cleaned our face with EBN Active Stem Cell Cleanser, an effective make up removal that cleanses deep within to remove excess oil and dead skin cells. It effectively removes dead skin and keratin to increase skin clarity and skin tone balance. Maintain the pH balance of the skin.

Anytime Anywhere Anyone - Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

The earth is getting hotter and hotter! I have increased concerns along with increased skin temperature due to exposure to UV light. Even sunscreen is annoying for Red blushing skin! My skin has become dull, uneven skin due to 24/7 UV light! It’s even more difficult to put on makeup than skin care.

What about thin and light Sunblock that perfectly blocks sunlight? Yes, it is now available in Etude House Wannabe Makeup!
Easy, Fast, and Perfect Anytime Anywhere Makeup is possible now with Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion.
Just pat pat pat anytime, anywhere, it’s fast and speedy. Easy makeup with the easiest step even a makeup beginner could have gorgeous & beautiful makeup fits perfectly.
And the best part is, it has natural moist with satin finish keeping moist inside. It stays on my dry skin for a whole day without smudge or feeling sticky.
Wear Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion for all day long-lasting soft & gorgeous makeup with perfect fitness on skin anytime, anywhere. Be confident anytime anywhere, even under strong sunlight, even against cold air!

ETUDE Any Cushion revolutionary new-concept cushion typed, all in one formula let one achieve bright and clean skin just like pearl, making skin cleaner and brighter with pearl mineral powder. It also contains niacin amide that has whitening effect. Its outstanding Hold up technique prevents darkening and sticking, my skin feels fresh even wearing it for a whole day.
ETUDE Any Cushion is 6 IN 1 Multitasking product. It works as Sunblock+ Sebum powder + Moisture essence + Whitening essence + foundation + cooling functions. One just need 10 secs to finish make up with this product, it’s really suitable for us who always rushing on time.

The Fancy Duo's First Experience with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Before sharing the video review to show that the pieces have turned into a wall tracks finally. I wanna share some experience of assembly it. It took some time for us to assemble all the parts. And once they are ready, we first tape the instruction poster onto the wall, then press bracket firmly for 30 seconds to fix the bracket. We then remove the template before begin assembly and set-up accordingly.

Tadah, our Hot Wheels Wall Tracks is ready.
Click the Play button below to view our video.

The car went through the track quickly without hanging. This toy was really a lot of fun to us. Not only had my elder daughter played with it all day, my younger daughter enjoyed watching her sister playing too.
Lastly, we wanna thanks Mattel for sponsoring this to The Fancy Duo team.

The Fancy Duo Having So Much Fun with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

Who said girl can only play Barbie and everything girly? Indeed, my 4 year old daughter and I are having so much fun playing the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set together.

Vroom vroom, the Hot Wheels car is moving itself at the speedway.
Stay tuned my blog for the video review of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set. And we’ll be creating our very own Wall Tracks in the coming weeks too. And do support it by like and sharing the related posts yeah.

theSkintopic Introduced Latest Kiosk at The Curve As Well As New NZ Botanical Skincare Brand Evolu

Local beauty and lifestyle distributor theSkintopic has introduces the latest botanical skincare brand Evolu to their existing range of New Zealand skincare and bodycare products last month. In addition, they have also opened the fourth kiosk at The Curve as part of its rapid expansion plans in West Malaysia. The new 200 sf kiosk is set to cater residents within Bandar Utama and Mutiara Damansara cathment area.
Mr. Frederick Loh, Executive Director of theSkintopic said, “We are delighted to have Evolu on board as its brand philosophy is a perfect fit for the existing range of natural skincare and bodycare products at theSkintopic. We are constantly on the lookout for new and natural beauty brands to introduce to the Malaysian market. Based on the growing demands of our existing customer base, we are confident that Evolu will fit the needs of discerning women who prefer natural products for their skin.”
The founder and managing director of Evolu, Kati Kasza has flew from New Zealand to meet the media friends at the event. An explorer by nature, Kati Kasza travelled widely as an adult. Over time, she observed that her skin had a remarkable capacity to remember. It remembered air-conditioned interiors, time-zone changes and nights of abbreviated sleep. Products that promised to suppress the visible effects of stress left her skin unchanged. So, drawing on her family background, Kati resolved to look for her own solution. Her belief in the power of plants to promote lasting beauty inspired her creation of Evolu, a simple yet potent skincare system, custom-designed to nourish and restore balance to the skin’s natural mechanisms.
Kati & I ^ ^

O’right Showcases The Latest Green Hair Care Trends

We want to be involved in helping to protect and improve the nation's land, water, and air. One way we could help is to Go Green.

Greenxagon Marketing Sdn. Bhd invited Mr. Steven Ko (CEO of Hair O’right International Corp.) to unveil the Summer series of O’right green hair care in Malaysia. These new products contain more organic ingredients and are even more moisturizing and beneficial for the hair and scalp. They are also in line with O’right’s brand principle of providing only the most natural and greenest products for customers as well as the environment.
“I am delighted to attend this launch today in Malaysia. As an earthling, every of our decision and action affects the environment. Hence we cannot ignore the fact that we are vulnerable to the threat of global warming and its unimaginable butterfly effect”, said Mr. Ko.

Challenge Yourself to a Slimmer, Healthier Silhoutte With London Weight Management

London Weight Management is the no.1 weight loss program breakthrough that has been widely received in Europe. The birth of London Weight Management has brought new hope to women who have been battling weight problems such as post-natal weight gain, cellulite problems, flabby tummy & thighs and many more. Being overweight predisposes one to health risks and psychological effects from social discriminations.
To date, more than thousands of modern women have already experienced the results of this breakthrough weight management success. Guaranteeing a loss of up to 3kg or 8-22 cm in the first session, London Weight Management is the fast, easy and safe solution you need to achieve the outer beauty you have always desired to compliment your inner beauty.
London Weight Management has been accorded numerous awards* for its effective weight loss problem in Malaysia, including 2011 Most Recommended Brand by Consumers 2011, No. 1 Most Trusted Brand by Consumers 2011, No.1 Most Established Brand 2011 and No.1 Leading Brand in Slimming 2011.

*From Metrix Research Sdn. Bhd. On Brand Saliency Survey Report 2011

The Number 1 Skincare in Germany - BABOR

BABOR from Germany is the professional beauty skincare that unlock the secrets of the finest natural active ingredients and translate them into luxury skincare products that deliver maximum effectiveness and skin compatibility.
Founded in 1955, from the vision foresight of one man: Dr. Michael Babor. With the invention of HY-Ql, a hydrophilic oil-based cleanser that remains unmatched to the present day. Let’s discover it more with the Lilac Box X BABOR workshop.
BABOR Malaysia team
The products that we used for the Workshop

First step: Cleansing
Put 2 drops of cleansing oil to the front and back of the cotton pad, and apply to eye and mouth. Then, put four drops of cleansing oil on hand, emulsify with water a little bit and apply onto the face, chin, cheek and follow with circulation massage. Lastly, put 2 drops of phytoactive on palm to massage the face in circular motion. Then add water to it until it becomes milky.
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