Fall in Love With LA COLLECTION DE GRASSE By L’OCCITANE - A Quartet of Precious Scents Brought Together in Harmony

Scents have the amazing ability to evoke beautiful memories and emotions. Simple yet delightful scents like magnolia, bergamot, green tea and vanilla bring us back to the times when perfumes were less confusing. When combined together in perfect harmony, these natural scents become fragrances that speak volumes despite their straightforward nature. In short, what you smell is what you get – a concoction of natural extracts that boast of their clarity and transparency.
This August, my favorite brand, L’OCCITANE has launched a new collection celebrating the fragrant destiny if the French Provencal town of Grasse, by bringing together ingredients from near and far - La Collection de Grasse, an enchanting quartet of fragrances inspired by nature.
Just a little True Story of La Collection de Grasse

Quite by chance, the creation of a pair of scented gloves became the reason Grasse is now known as the world capital of perfumery. In 1614, a guild of glove makers and perfumers emerged, prompting a development in the cultivation of fragrant plants and flowers. Local growers learned to cultivate sweet-smelling flowers like jasmine, rose, orange blossom and violet. Meanwhile, the perfumers began to experiment with new extraction methods. The most adventurous of these perfumers headed to the Far East in search of the mysterious magnolia flower, or to Madagascar in search of vanilla. They ventured off the beaten track, crosssing seas and braving elements of the weather to obtain what they set out to find. By the end of the 18th century, Grasse had already established itself as a place that united precious ingredients from near and distant lands. To this day, Grasse remains well-known as a region that is filled with an abundance of fragrant creativity.
The Perfumer: Karine Dubreuil

“I was born with this garden in my head.” - Karine Dubreuil said.
Karine trained at the Roure school of perfumery in Grasse, and has worked with various major perfume houses. La Collection de Grasse is inspired by her childhood hometown, Grasse, where the greatest perfumers were trained. It is also where L’OCCITANE’s founder, Olivier Baussan, met his first perfumer, and where the very first L’OCCITANE fragrances were composed. “L’OCCITANE’s style is clear, pure and authentic. This is captured in its fragrances, which express the beauty of nature in its simplicity. Creating these fragrances with L’OCCITANE feels like second nature,” says Karine.

Precious Extracts Paired Together in Perfection

La Collection de Grasse takes you on a wonderful olfactory journey, with exquisite ingredients sourced from all around the world: Magnolia from the Far East, Blackberry from the South of France, Green Tea from Japan, Bitter Orange from Tunisia, Jasmine from Grasse and Egypt, Bergamot from Italy, Vanilla from Madagascar and Narcissus from France…
L’OCCITANE follows in the tradition of the perfumers who have built up the international reputation of Grasse as the capital of perfumery. Two by two, these precious ingredients come together in harmony under the supreme skill of Karine Dubreuil. Only the best natural extracts are used in these fragrances to translate their true transparency and bring out each ingredient’s clarity.
Jasmin & Bergamote…. Day & Night
Eau de Toilette, for Women, 75 ml at RM225

A light, graceful, sensual dance that embodies the variations of a delicately-scented flower at dawn. Bergamot lights up the scent and retains its lingering presence throughout.

Family: Jasmine Floral
Key scents: Jasmine from Grasse and Egypt, Bergamot Essential Oil from Italy.
Head notes: Mandarin Orange, BERGAMOT
Heart notes: JASMINE, Lemon Leaves
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar
To compliments Jasmin & Bergamote, there’s also the Jasmin & Bergamote Body Milk 175ml at RM92; Shower Gel 175ml at RM62; Hair Mist 30ml at RM74 and Perfumed Soap 125g at RM37.
Magnolia & Mûre…. A Mysterious Coincidence
Eau de Toilette, for Women, 75 ml at RM225

Shimmering, crimson and velvety, the deep chypre accord reveals itself slowly as magnolia and blackberry give tenderness to the woody structure.

Family: Fruity Chypre
Key scents: Magnolia Essential Oil from the Far East, Blackberry Infusion from the South of France.
Head notes: Bergamot, BLACKBERRY
Heart notes: MAGNOLIA, Rose
Base notes: Patchouli, Moss

To compliments Magnolia & Mûre, there’s also Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk 175ml at RM92; Shower Gel 175ml at RM62 and Perfumed Soap 125g at RM37.
Magnolia & Mûre is my personal favourite, the scent is really special. It suits the mysterious and charming personality.

Vanille & Narcisse…. Brazen Happiness
Eau de Toilette, for Women, 75 ml at RM225

An exuberant burst of laughter and the mellow warmth that follows after, which evoke tender memories brought forward by notes of white flowers and rich vanilla. This scent is so voluptuous and is suitable for any radiant women.

Family: Vanilla Oriental
Key scents: Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar, Narcissus Absolute from France.
Head notes: Blackcurrant, Bergamot
Heart notes: NARCISSUS, Gardenia
Base notes: VANILLA, Tonka Bean

To compliments Vanille & Narcisse, there’s also Vanille & Narcisse Body Milk 175ml at RM92; Shower Gel 175ml at RM62 and Perfumed Soap 125g at RM37.
Thé Vert & Bigarade…. Shared Memories
Eau de Toilette, for Men &Women, 75 ml at RM225

The freshness of water on a hot summer’s day, a well-needed thirst quenching effect achieved with the combination of sparkling citrus notes and green tea. The comfortable scent is suitable for both men and women.

Family: Aromatic Citrus
Key scents: Green Tea Extract from Japan, Bitter Orange Essential Oil from Tunisia.
Head notes: Orange, BITTER ORANGE
Heart notes: GREEN TEA, Yerba Mate
Base notes: Cedar, Thyme, Musk
To compliments Thé Vert & Bigarade, there’s also Thé Vert & Bigarade Body Milk 175ml at RM92; Shower Gel 175ml at RM62 and Perfumed Soap 125g at RM37.
A Marriage of Complementary Elements

To hold the fragrances in La Collection de Grasse, L’OCCITANE founder Olivier Baussan designed an almost-perfect square bottle. Made with thick, clear glass, these bottles are inspired by traditional perfume bottles of Grasse. The black cap is decorated with the ampersand (&) symbol, which is also featured on the bottle as part of the perfume’s name, thus sealing the union of two raw materials that come together in perfect harmony.
Jasmin & Bergamote, Magnolia & Mûre, Vanille & Narcisse, Thé Vert & Bigarade… By using the ampersand* (*In Occitan etymology, the “&” (ampersand) sign was read like other letters and considered the 27th letter of the alphabet until the 19th century. The ampersand is a ligature of the letters in “et” – the Latin word for “and”) symbol to link the raw materials, decorate the box and give a name to each of the four Eaux de Toilette in La Collection de Grasse, L’OCCITANE opens up a world of possibilities.

This unifying symbol declares a marriage of contrasting or complementary elements. It also tells the epic tale of explorer perfumers who travelled across the world, venturing off the beaten track to find rare essences, ingredients they had dreamed of and precious absolutes.
With La Collection de Grasse, L’OCCITANE further establishes its position as a perfumer in Provence that calls on the purest, most precious ingredients gathered from close and distant lands.
Concocted from only the best natural extracts, sourced from all around the world, L’OCCITANE brings you these pure, translucent scents, captured in these exquisite fragrances. Lose yourself in the beauty of nature with either one of the Eau de Toilettes & its complementary goodies from La Collection de Grasse. Even better – indulge in all four!
L’OCCITANE Malaysia is having exclusive road shows at KLCC from 1st to 7th August 2013 and Mid Valley from 19th to 25th August 2013. You’ll be getting the miniature of these four EDT as special gift too(whilst stock last, T&C apply).
L’OCCITANE Malaysia Website: Loccitane.com.my
L’OCCITANE Malaysia Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/loccitane.my

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