Lashes Take Off in Dramatic and Explosive Volume with Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket

Mascara is to makeup like the little black dress is to fashion – a woman who wears it is instantly chic and glamorous. No two are the same, so there’s always room in her makeup kit for another.
When it comes to lash looks, we are spoilt for choices – length, definition, colour, curl and volume. And like the little black dress, trends change season after season as well for mascara. The must-have lash look these days? High-on drama lashes that feature clump-free volume!

For clump-free voluminous lashes, you’d have to go through several cumbersome steps. Not only do you have to load your lashes with multiple coats of mascara (while waiting between coats to ensure lashes don’t clump up), you’ll have to carefully comb through lashes to get the clean pumped-up volume. Miss a step and lashes won’t end up like how you desire them to be!
Too much work? Not anymore. You’d be glad to know that you can now get the same dramatic effect from root to tip in just seconds and in one easy step! No messy clumps, just smooth volume – thanks to Maybelline New York’s latest mascara, the Volum’ Express The Rocket.

Volum’ Express The Rocket delivers eight times more root-to-tip volume – fast! This super volume explosive power comes from its special brush as well as unique formula.

What makes Volum’ Express The Rocket different from other mascaras that also add volume to lashes? The innovative design of its brush.
This patented brush combines a rigid core and soft elastomer bristles. The core is significantly greater in circumference than traditional mascara brushes. It is easier to apply pressure to lashes during application and deposit a big dose of mascara to coat each lash from root to tip immediately. Meanwhile, the soft elastomer bristles on Volum’ Express The Rocket’s brush eliminate the potential of clumps on lashes so you get clean lashes that are full of volume.


Volum’ Express The Rocket contains gellant, an ingredient that enhances the creamy texture of its gel-based formula. It also gives more body to lashes to pump it up with volume. The formula is also sheer sensitive, whereby with every stroke, it flows smoothly, evenly and easily through lashes from root to tip. It also contains film formers that enhance the wear of the mascara, resulting in longer lasting, smudge-proof and flake-resistant wear.
I could see more root-to-tip volume on my lashes and even on falsie.
L: Without Mascara R: With a coat of Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket
L: Without Mascara R: With a coat of Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket
L: Without Mascara R: With a coat of Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket

No wonder it’s strongly recommended by Elfira Loy, Hanie Hidayah and Claudia Low. It’s easy to remove with eye makeup remover compared with Maybelline Volum’ Express the Magnum Cat Eyes.

Get explosive lashes now with Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Rocket. The mascara comes in a rich Black for dark and dramatic volume, and is available in August 2013 for a recommended retail price of RM39.90.

In fact, Maybelline is so confident that Volum’ Express The Rocket will give you desirable full-volume lashes minus the clumps that they’re giving it a Money Back Guarantee stamp! For the month of August 2013, customers who purchase a Volum’ Express The Rocket mascara will enjoy a full money back guarantee* if they are not satisfied with the results the mascara claims. Take up their No-Clump Challenge with Volum’ Express The Rocket and experience it for yourself. If you’re not happy with the results, you’re entitled to a refund*. For more details, check out the Maybelline New York Malaysia Facebook Fan Page at
* Terms and conditions apply
Explosive lash volume that’s smooth yet dramatic in just seconds. No visible clumps at all. It’s the lash look for the season, brought to you by the No. 1* makeup brand in Malaysia!
* No 1 in ScanTrack Health & Beauty in value sales within the Cosmetics Category. Calculation based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Scantrack Healt & Beauty for the Cosmetics category for the 12 months ending February 2013 for Peninsular Malaysia.
Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline!


choulyin.tan said...

yea, can really see the difference! But I have too many mascara already, cannot buy any more >.<

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Choulyin, Guardian is having 56% discounts for this and some other Maybelline products these few days as Merdeka Sales. It's a chance to buy and try it at below RM 18! ^ *

Unknown said...

Wow,is there any more discount right now? I will get this mascara then enter the competition.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Aiya Miss Nia the promotion has ended after Merdeka

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