IsMe Professional Beauty and Skincare

You’ve read my previous blog post of IsMe Beauty Café, now let me tell you more about this café. It is not just another normal café but a Beauty café where we can also find professional beauty and skincare here.
IsMe Professional Beauty and Skincare range aims to help women from all over the world to enjoy the benefits of a professional and proven skincare system. Together with IsMe Beauty & Café, their mission is to give today’s modern women a holistic beauty and skincare regime from the inside out.
IsMe Professional Beauty and Skincare is committed to helping today’s modern woman with diverse beauty and skin problems. The brand has been well-researched and developed in the USA and prescribed by dermatologists, doctors and other professional beauty and skincare specialists.
IsMe Professional Beauty and Skincare range combines both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, or simply Cosmeceuticals with biologically active ingredients.  IsMe Professional Beauty and Skincare are personally tested and selected by their team of beauty professionals and skincare experts to treat skin conditions, prevent premature aging and protect skin health and beauty.
They have a few series to cater different skin’s needs;
1)      Treatment series which include Gentle Foam Milk, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Calming Gel Lotion, Recovery Eye Essence.
2)      Skin Brightening series which contains Anti-spot Concentration, Skin Brightening Exfoliator, Anti-blemish Sun Care.
3)      Dryness Series which has Anti-stress Skin Solution, O2 Hydra Complex, Caviar Treatment Gel Mask.
4)      Anti-acne & Blemish Series that has Purifying Treatment Essence, Purifying Treatment Complex.
5)      Youthful Complexion Series that include Intense Care Snail Essence, Intense Care Snail Complex.
6)      Body Reshaping Series with Breast Firming Essential Oil, Body Contour Gel. 

As you can see, there are many IsMe skincare and body care products available for your needs. Prices start from RM 168 onwards. Feel free to visit IsMe Beauty Café to know more and experience the products yourselves.

Healthy Food @ IsMe Beauty Cafe

I always believe you are what you eat. In order to have great skin and great silhouette, we have to watch our food, always eat healthy when possible. 

IsMe Beauty Café is a place where we can have a sip on a fresh brewed coffee and have healthy food in a calm, but luxurious atmosphere space! Their food is low in calories, fat and sugar. Free of processed food and preservatives which is prepared daily on the premises itself. They use natural ingredients imported from Australia and New Zealand, which is an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
I love the food they prepared for us on a lovely Saturday noon; 
1.       Chicken Lover Bamboo Charcoal Burger (RM25.90)
We love IsMe Beauty Café’s Chicken Lover Bamboo Charcoal Burger. Quite different from other Bamboo charcoal bun burger, the Chicken Lover Bamboo Charcoal Burger is not oily at all and it contains crispy fish fillet, mayo, wasabi mayo, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers red onions. The portion is good and enough for lady like myself. 

2.       Heart Booster (RM18.90)
A catchy name isn’t it? Heart Booster is a spagetthi made with Australia imported cold-cuts smoked turkey roll, spaghetti, cube-shaped avocados, cherry tomatoes, parsley, topped with parmesan cheese and parsley crumbs. Yummy!

3.       Rose Lychee Mille Crepe Cake (RM15.90)

Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm - CiUM

When was your last time kissing your loves one? As a couple who has marriage for many years, sometime we just forgot to kiss each other every day. Therefore, Kissing Lip Balm is created and used solely for kissing.
The Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm - CiUM is launched last month by 2 airline pilots. On their website they mentioned that they have a purpose. It is to enjoy life. Life is meant to be shared, cherished and be enriched with our loved ones around us. That is why our company thrives to bring people HAPPINESS. Check out CiUM, Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm and KosySuits, Great Cinema Experience in a Bag.
CiUM Kissing Lip Balm is packed in a red and black box, like a poker card box.
I brought the CiUM Kissing Lip Balm to my Honeymoon trip to Boracay not long ago. It has been a fun experience, and it has enhanced our love and drew us closer because we love kissing more with CiUM Kissing Lip Balm! Easy to use, let the lady choose her favourite flavor, apply CiUM liberally, kiss and enjoy! Not only it moisturise our lips (From its Shea Butter ingredient), the nice and natural scent plus sweet taste and cooling effect is great!
I heard that they will be a brand new classy packaging coming up and can be used as gift for Valentine's Day. Most people wait until the last minute to buy a Valentines gift. Their website offers PRE-order CiUM Kissing Lip Balm in flavours below;
 a) CiUM Sambal/Ais
 b) CiUM Meeko/S'berry
 c) CiUM Jumbo/Ying
 d) CiUM Zac/Kimmy
I’ve already pre-ordered my CiUM which I’m sure we will get "fresh from the oven" when Valentines draws near. It is also cheaper as compared to last minute order so don’t wait until they are gone! Visit for further details now.
CiUM Kissing Lip Balm is available in 5g each, 2 pcs per box.

Freshly Baked & Quality Assured Snack - Signature Snack

Having a full time job as Business Analyst, I sit in the office for whole day, 5 days week. Quite often I will feel tired and sleepy hence I survive the long day with snacks. I used to buy snacks at grocery shop nearby not until I found out Signature Snack last month. My friend has introduced me the Signature Snack after he’s tried it out. Since I was running out of snack, I gave it a try.

From Signature Snack’s website, they assured their customers on the Quality, freshness and great taste of their snacks. They use 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives because they are good for us and the environment. 
Plus, nuts and seeds can satisfy our hunger between meals, and improves our diet; while dried fruits, nuts and seeds are also rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Sounds pretty good to me, and hence I proceeded to place my order.
The process was simple and straight forward;
1.       Select Subscription Package
Choose from several packages that they offer to cater for your monthly snack needs. There are over 50 wholesome snacks to choose from, and they introduce 3 to 5 new snacks each month.

2.       Select You Snack
Choose 5 of your preferred snacks. Or you could choose the ‘Surprise Me’ if you can’t make decision on which snack you want.

3.       Wait for the delivery to your doorstep
Snacks is delivered to your door every month. What’s more, its FREE Delivery!
Email will be sent to notify your subscription status
I received this big box from the delivery man one week after my order. Can you guess what my selections for the first Signature Snacks box are? Tada, I have chosen the snacks below;
1)      Seventh Heaven Trail Mix – This is one of the best snacks I’ve ever tasted! The combination is just too great, Bravo Signature Snack team! My whole family loves this a lot and we finished it in less than an hour.

11street Sets to Celebrate ‘LOVE 11’ Day in Malaysia

Online marketplace 11street announced that it will be organising its first annual celebration event, ‘LOVE 11’ for the public on November 11th. The celebration will offer significant giveaways worth RM1.1 million in total, along with celebrity stage performance by Korean entertainer HaHa, and a series of exciting programmes starting from 12noon at LOT 10 shopping complex, Kuala Lumpur.
Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street says, “We are thrilled to select November 11th as a day to celebrate and to give back to Malaysian shoppers. In fact, November 11th does not only refer nicely to our brand name, it is a day that 11ST Korea celebrates annually by rewarding their customers with great benefits because in Korea, November 11th is popularly known as a day where people show affection to their loved ones through the gesture of exchanging Pepero.” 

“As such, we see today as the perfect day to host our very first ‘LOVE 11’ celebration, where we will be announcing major and future benefits for our customers. On this special day, we will give away prizes, gifts and shopping credits. Additionally, the celebration will see distributing 11,000 boxes of Pepero as its shape resembles number ‘1’ and is symbolic to 11street,” Kim adds.
LOVE 11’ Celebration with Celebrity Performances & RM1.1 million worth of Giveaways

With the growing popularity of Korean culture in Malaysia, what better way is there for 11street to thank its customers than with a special appearance by Korean entertainer, HaHa. Best known as the co-host of Running Man, HaHa will not only be performing, 11street will also be offering fans a chance to meet and have a photo session with him.

Venezuela Gastronomic Festival @ Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre

I have heard of Venezuela since young because they produced many Worlds’ most beautiful pageants queens. I was always wonder how come they are so slim like a model and yet pretty, and I guess it must be related to their food somehow. When Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre launched the Venezuela Gastronomic Festival last week, I can’t wait to check it out myself.
In celebration of 10th Venezuelan Week in Malaysia, the Embassy of the Bolivaran Republic of Venezuela and Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre has launched the 10-day Venezuela Gastronomic Festival. The Ambassador, H.E. Manuel Guzman has officially inaugurated the festival on October 22 2015.
The aim of the festival is to enhance the public image of Venezuela and to introduce its arts, culture and food into the Malaysia market. It is also to promote Venezuela as an exciting travel destination.
They have invited 2 handsome guest chefs from Venezuela, Enrique Linardo (left) and Federico Tischler (right) to cook at Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre during the Venezuela Gastronomic Festival. Having deep passion for cooking since young, both chefs have been cooking up a storm in the culinary scene of Venezuela and the United States, and have also worked extensively in Europe and South America. Follow them on Instagram @enriquelimardo and @fetischler or visit their website at
Now, during the Venezuela Gastronomic Festival, lavish and delicious Venezuelan buffet dinner will be served at Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre’s Eccucino. The restaurant is decorated with a Venezuelan inspired décor to truly set the scene and to create an authentic Venezuelan experience.
The chefs have specially created the menu which includes emblematic Venezuelan flavours such as;
Arepa (Cornmeal cake)

Empanada (Deep fried stuffed corn flour patties)
Cassava bread
A traditional Venezuela Plate of food - Coconut rice, black beans, shredded beef and fried bananas. 

Arroz Con Coco (Coconut rice)
Hervido de Costilla (Rib and oxtail soup)

Main Course
Carne mechada (Shredded beef Venezuelan style) – We highly recommended this dish because it taste superb! The shredded beef is juicy and yummy!
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