New! Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Skincare Range

YvesRocher has launched their new Serum Vegetal skincare range that promises for younger looking skin. The Serum Vegetal skincare range contains the Ice Plant, which is also known as the Life Plant, the anti-wrinkle active ingredient naturally assimilated by our skin (in vitro test).

In Yves Rocher, they are astounded and inspired by the power of plants. They Experts in Botanical Beauty Research have time and again proven this close relationship, this ancient and unique affinity. Yves Rocher is Botanist, harvester, producer and retailer as they controls all areas of production, allowing for the reduction of environmental impact at each stage of the life cycle of their products.
According to the lovely lady who flown from Yves Rocher, France; there are many brands that claims to be using natural active botanicals but we should know is the key factor – The Assimilation. In fact, Assimilation is the ability of skin to allow an active ingredients to penetrate, then use it to reap its benefits. 
It is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon, a true obstacle course for the active ingredient. The plant must be refined, chiseled, shaped in order to be completely capable of fulfilling this mission. This Yves Rocher Research know-how is called N.A.T(Natural Assimilation Technology).

Yves Rocher has implemented the N.A.T in their latest anti-wrinkle skin care range – Serum Vegetal. From deciphering everything stems from the incredible plant: The Ice Plant, as well as to grow and extract active botanical ingredients to optimize Assimilation by Enzymatic cryoextraction, an exclusive Yves Rocher procedure.

Serum Vegetal is suitable for all skin types and meet the needs of every women: radiance, firmness, and a lifting effect. The Serum Vegetal care consists of 3 range: Wrinkles and Radiance, Wrinkles and Firmness, Wrinkles and Lifting with affordable price range from RM 99 onwards.
Yves Rocher committed to packaging that is 100% eco-designed. The entire range is packaged in sober, elegant, and refined glass containers. The brand has reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by this. In addition, glass can always be recycled.

Why choose other brands when we could benefited from the natural botanical brand - Yves Rocher, right?
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