[Food] The Crazy Bites Subang Jaya

I always jealous my friends who stay in Subang because it is such a happening place. It is one of the hubs for latest cafes, restaurants and many more. I seldom visit Subang area because it’s far from my house but I visited it last month to the newly opened ‘The Crazy Bites’ on a lovely Saturday noon last month.
It’s not hard to find The Crazy Bites at Subang Jaya as it is located in one of the corner shop, and with attracting striking pink color signboard. The Crazy Bites aims to offers the most delicious burger, pasta and pizza in town. They are not fast food nor processed food but Healthy food. Most of the food are homemade including the pastries according to the men behind The Crazy Bites restaurant. 
Let’s look into some of the dishes from the menu;

Crazy Seafood Pizza (RM14.80)
Seafood pizza served with Salad and Sweet Potato and a Special sauce made of sesame. A must have for seafood lovers.

Crazy Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (RM14.80)
Crazy Hawaiian Chicken pizza is one of the most popular Pizza at The Crazy Bites. I love that its sweet and sour taste.

Crazy Mushroom Pizza (RM12.80)
Mushroom lovers will love the Crazy Mushroom pizza.

Johan's Nasi Lemak  (RM13.80)
Yes, they serve Nasi Lemak too. This is one of the signature dish for us Malaysian so if you are into Malaysian cuisine, order this.

Honolulu Ox Bites (RM16.80)
Honolulu Ox Bites is a beef burger serves with vegetables, cheese and sweet potato fries.

Teriyaki Chicken Bites (RM16.80)
Teriyaki lovers sure love their Teriyaki Chicken bites.

Goat Bites (RM16.80)
The Lamb Burger is juicy, just incredible!

Apple Mushroom Bites (RM13.80)
Apple Mushroom Bites is a Vegetarian dish for those who don’t feel like having meat that day.

Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta (RM12.80)
They offer wide range of pasta here. The flamed grilled chicken pasta is great for adults and even kids. 

Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta (RM15.80)
I’m not a big fan of Aglio Olio pasta but I’m addicted to the Seafood in this dish!

Clam Vongole Pasta (RM12.80)
Something we don’t always see in local Italian restaurant is the clam vongole pasta. This pasta with clam taste great when consume hot.

Chicken Honey (RM14.80)
Chicken honey is a light dish suitable for the whole family.

Crispy Onion Rings (RM 5.80)
I love onion rings. The Crazy Bites’ crispy onion rings is deep fried to crunchy and not oily.

Calamari Rings (RM13.80)
The crispy yet juicy calamari rings is a must have for seafood lover like me.

Jacket Potato (RM13.80)
The baked potato serves with the skin on is one of the signature dish at The Crazy Bites. The jacket potato has fluffy interior and a crisp skin, yummy!
The Crazy Bites does not use Pork nor Lard in their food. All their meats are from Halal Supplier hence it is Muslim friendly restaurant.

Overall, I like the spacious and fun restaurant with yummy food! Not only that, they also have their own cute pinky monster available for sale in store. I’ll definitely love to bring my family over for a healthy meal one day. Last but not least, I’d like to thanks Kak Ella for the amazing pictures, visit her blog at http://misz-ella.blogspot.com/

The Crazy Bites address:
A13,Jalan SS15/4D
Subang Jaya
Tel No: +60 3-5879 8102


Miriam said...

Yummy yummy!

Misz-ella said...

Thanks Rane!

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