Malaysia IT Fair Aug 2015 & Kaspersky Lab KIS & KAV 2016 Launch

Hi guys, how have your weekends been to you? Despite having a very tight schedule this long weekend holiday, I had still made time to visit the not to be missed Malaysia IT Fair Aug 2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC).
Organised by Unified Distribution Technology Sdn Bhd (UDT), Malaysia IT Fair not only has the great deals for IT gadgets, they also had the TECHBIZ, a new business platform as well as seminars this time round. Meanwhile, TECHBIZ at Malaysia IT Fair is the first Business-to-Business addition to Malaysia IT Fair. This is co cool, right. Make sure you visit Malaysia IT Fair which is happening from 28th Aug 2015 to 31st Aug 2015.
In conjunction to Malaysia IT Fair, Kaspersky Lab has also launched the new version of anti-virus software - Kaspersky Internet Security(KIS) & Kaspersky Anti Virus(KAV) 2016. As we know, cyberthreat landscape is a constantly evolving subjects, it is strongly recommended users to regularly update ehri security products to the latest versions in order to ensure the latest protection advancements are in place. All Kaspersky Lab’s flagship home products include free automatic updates and upgrades and can be managed remotely via personal My Kaspersky account. Retails at RM 100 per user license and is available nationwide. During the Malaysia IT Fair, consumers will be able to get two KIS 2016 3-users 1-year licenses for the price of one KIS KIS 2016 3-users 1-year licenses, working out to RM 29.80 per user license.
YB Dato’ Jailani Bin Johari, Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia

Sharing some pictures and video that I took during the Malaysia IT Fair Aug 2015 & Kaspersky Lab KIS & KAV 2016 Launch event on 29 Aug 15.
Click the video above to watch the launch dance
Mr. Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director of Kaspersky Lab SEA
Mr. Jimmy Low, Presales Manager of Kaspersky Lab SEA
Ms. June Lee, General Manager of TechLane Resources

Madame Waffle @ 1 Utama New Wing

I am a dessert person, given a choice; I would rather skip main and have dessert. Madame Waffle has always been on my wish list since it opened but I had not had a chance to visit it until they have opened a new branch at 1 Utama new wing last 2 months ago. I brought my elder daughter to have our hi-tea there at our favourite shopping mall last month.
Form there website - Madame Waffle is a Japanese style quick-service cafe serving artisan premium Liège Waffle, specialty coffee and tea. Madame Waffle prepares only hand-made and freshly baked waffles using the finest ingredients from Japan and baked daily on site. To further complement our artisan waffles, it is best enjoyed together with our speciality house blend coffee which is roasted by a multiple international award winning Master Barista. We also offer a selection of premium green tea latte series and other delectable treats to please the taste buds, which are also suitable to be given as gifts.
Madame Waffle’s waffles are crisp on the outside and light as a feather inside. They are so scrumptious and we can’t stop eating! What we have tried on that day as listed below;

1) Durian Crème Brulee Waffle (RM 19)
     As shared on my Instagram and Facebook previously, Durian Crème Brulee Waffle is the limited edition waffle. Many of you have been asking me how it tastes, well as a huge fans of durian, I can tell you that it taste superb. I can smell the musang king durian from far when the waiter was serving it. Paired with Vanilla ice cream, some blueberries and strawberries, this is really the best indulgence for me.
2)      Made My Own Signature Waffle (RM 18)

Health and Comfortable Shoes: MediFeet Shoes

What are your criteria when choosing a pair of shoes? For me, I would prioritize by its comfortless, quality of the shoes and fashionable. Reason being? I had painful experience with fancy fashion shoes before, my legs were so pain and I could barely stand or walk after wearing those fashionable but not health. Hence, nowadays I would put comfortable and quality of the shoes as priority.
I was introduced to MediFeet shoes recently. From what I learnt at their website, MediFeet is all about Health, Comfort and Style. MediFeet seek out the freshest trend to meet customer needs and involved in the Research & Development of Health Footwear which are led by a technical team with more than 30 years of experience.
MediFeet has a showroom in Shah Alam, along the Federal Highway after Batu 3 toll. It is quite far from my place but thanks to NKVE, it took me just 45 minutes to reach there. I visited on Saturday morning, there was ample of free open car park just in front of the shop.
Once I stepped into MediFeet showroom, I was amazed by their wide selection of shoes. From the Health and Wellness footwear that require special care, including diabetic, arthritic and other types of medical conditions, to beautiful design working/walking shoes. You could surely find one pair that suits you.
Seamless Diabetic shoes
 They are providing good service with knowledgeable and supportive staffs.
During my visit, I find out one of their shoes’ design is interesting. Where the front of the shoes can be expandable, and the back can be flip in and slip on it. This is especially useful for heavy pregnant lady because it provides good support and comfortable enough for their swollen legs.

Then they also have this Heel Guard that protects our foot when walking on high heel, and silver ions seamless socks for people who needs.
As for myself, I had chosen a pair of shoes in silver color with 1.5 inch sole. This pair of shoes is perfect for me to wear to work daily, as well as go happy hour after work. 
I like that MediFeet shoes are fully padded, in good quality, as well as fashionable to match with my outfits. Most importantly, it gives me good support including whole body support and arch support too. I feel comfortable wearing it whole day, and I barely feel pain nor tired even after standing for hours. I have received a lot of compliments for its pretty and classic design, and enquiries about my new MediFeet shoes since I start wearing it.

Movie: No Escape 《逃避聚众暴乱》

逃避聚众暴乱》(No Escape 是由OwenWilson, PierceBrosnan  LakeBell等主演,(约翰·埃里克·道达尔)(JohnErick Dowdle导演的動作驚悚电影,即將在93日全馬上映。

这是一部充满暴力的电影,故事全长103 分钟。会在2015年 9 月 3 日全马上映。

Review: Philips KeraShine Hairstyling Range

Thanks to the advanced science behind the Philips KeraShine hairstyling range, which is infused with Keratin and ions, taming our mane and achieving sleek and shiny hair is a cinch now. Philips KeraShine hairstyling range provides the goodness that hair needs that makes our hair sleek and sexy. The advanced science behind the Philips KeraShine hairstyling range ensures that frazzled strands and dull, stringy hair won’t be an issue again.
Bringing hair care and hair styling together, the range offers the best of both worlds and creates professional-looking hairstyles for that salon-perfect look every day. As shared in my previous Philips KeraShine range introduction post, the range includes a heated styling brush, a straightener and a dryer. Now, let us look into each and every product individually.

Philips KeraShine Dryer HP8216/00 (RM 169)
Dry your hair quickly sans frizz and damage. The Philips KeraShine Dryer addresses all risks of heat trauma and protects the keratin layers in your hair with two flexible temperature settings – the Thermoprotect temperature feature and a cool air setting for gentle drying. Also infused with ionic care, this dryer will effectively eliminate frizz. The innovative Philips Even Heat Distribution technology, with a uniquely designed keratin-coated air outlet, ensures that heat is always evenly distributed so there are no damaging hot spots. This dryer keeps hair shiny, healthy and bouncy.
I learnt that we should blow dry our hair completely before any styling. I like that Philips KeraShine Dryer has 3 speed and heat temperatures setting for us to choose in order to our needs. To maximize high-shine for a glossy, sleek style, I normally finish off with a spritz shine or gloss spray. I am happy that I could finally have frizz-free hair with this dryer.
Watch this short clip to see how it works

Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8316/00 (RM 169)
Slide hair between ceramic plates equipped with ionic technology and keratin coating for beautifully smooth hair. The extra-large plates take just 60 seconds to reach 210°C – the professional styling temperature – straightening thick or long hair effortlessly and without damage.
I have been using different brands of hair straightener over the years, and Philips KeraShine Straightener is by far the best one ever. Even the newly launched ‘P’ brand which is so much more expensive doesn’t have the same quality as Philips KeraShine Straightener. The extra-large plates runs through my hair smoothly, I could style my thick hair quickly and easily with this.
Watch this short clip to see how it works

Philips KeraShine Heated Styling Brush HP8632/00 (RM 199)
Style with care for smooth, soft waves – the 45mm barrel with keratin coating secures long-lasting results, with ionic care for shiny, frizz-free hair. Two styling temperature settings cater to different hair types and reduce the risk of damage while gently creating curls that stay. In addition, the retractable bristles negate the trauma of tugging for a hassle-free and hair-friendly experience!

Greater Style, Greater Care with Philips KeraShine Range

If you are my Instagram follower, you would have noticed that Philips has launched their new haircare tools a while ago – Philips KeraShine range. The new Philips KeraShine range of hair styling tools is infused with Keratin and ions – the goodness hair needs.
From a consumer research that Philips conducted, it has revealed that hair loss, dandruff and dryness are cited as the leading hair problems by 57%, 38% and 29% of respondents respectively. Nevertheless, with awareness of styles and trends from international markets, Malaysian women are constantly adapting their looks to suit the latest trends. 70% often visit their hair salons to achieve these looks as well as to treat their hair. Encompassing the areas of heat protection, hair nourishment and frizz reduction, the Philips KeraShine range allows usto style our hair without damaging it. Now we no longer need to subject our hair to unnecessary stress to achieve that killer style - whether it is a natural, wavy, curly or straight look.
Bringing hair care and hair styling together, the Philips KeraShine range offers the best of both worlds and creates professional-looking hairstyles for that salon-perfect look every day.
The magiK that is Keratin

Found in horns, hooves, claws and the baleen plates of whales, as well as our own nails, keratin is one of the strongest proteins. Made of long bendy peptide chains, keratin exists in hair strands - giving hair its supple, flexible texture and healthy sheen. It is also able to tolerate large temperatures fluctuations, protecting your hair from the biting cold or scorching sun. In short, it is the magical component that keeps your hair looking sleek and sexy. 

Works with your hair, not against it

Our hair’s naturally positive charge makes the strands repel each other, giving it a frizzy look. The Philips KeraShine range features ionic care technology that releases negative ions to counter the positive ions or static in our hair, helping strands settle nicely together, thus giving you smooth, glossy hair. In addition to that, the keratin-infused ceramic coating on Philips KeraShine styling tools counter heat damage by feeding hair with keratin even during styling. That way, you will always maintain a healthy level of keratin in your hair - allowing the natural look of your hair to shine through.
The Philips KeraShine range includes a heated styling brush, a straightener and a dryer. 
During the Philips KeraShine bloggers event, we were showed some hairstylist tips by the experience hair stylist – Bryan Teh from Chezz Technique Salon.
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