Review: Verthys Cellular Bright Facial

Looking for Natural skincare for visible result? Verthys might be your solution as it uses natural ingredient that gives significant results in the products.
I had experienced Verthys brightening facial 3 weeks ago. When I did my research before my visit, I find that their products are using a species of breathtaking flowers that blooms only on high-altitude terrains. Known as perennials, these extraordinary mountain plants battle harsh living conditions at the top — high winds, extreme cold, minimal oxygen but maximum UV radiation — on a daily basis. In the midst of such challenges, these wonders of nature have the ability and tenacity to thrive and survive — successfully. The spirit of resilience inherent in nature and its strong survivor instincts is the inspiration behind VERTHYS brand of skincare.
Within every vial, ampoule and jar is the symphony of nature’s best — powered by 30 years of beauty science. This sounds quite promising, however I have not expected much since it was my first time trying the brand, but I am happy with the visible result in just one facial.
Verthys products smell good naturally, guess it was from its natural ingredients. Verthys brightening facial consists of quite a lot of steps below;
1)      Cleanse skin with Delicate Milk Cleanser.
2)      Apply Energetic Facial Lotion to tone the skin,
3)      Apply Cellular Bright Exfoliating Serum onto face and neck.
4)      Soothe the skin with Cellular Bright Mask by applying mask onto face and neck. Leaves the mask for 5 minutes before sponging off.
5)      Boost the skin for skin bright factor with Cellular Bright Ampoule. Apply half phial Cellular Bright Ampoule on the face and neck. Concentrate over uneven color tone or pigmentation area via manupressure until skin fully absorbed.

6)      Apply Cellular Bright Massage Cream and perform massage on face, neck and chest.
7)      Restoring skin inner glow and propelled cellular energy by applying base mask with 3ml Cellular Bright Cream then followed by Cellular Brightening Mask + Mask Activator.
8)      Mix 1 sachet of Cellular Brightening Mask with Mask Activator, mix vigorously till smooth before paste and apply on face and neck area. Leave mask for 15 minutes before peel off and sponge thoroughly.

9)      Apply the remaining balance of half Cellular Bright Ampoule onto face and neck.
10)   Final touch with Cellular Bright Cream followed by UV Care SPF25++. The sun block is non sticky and provide natural glowing to my skin.
My skin is brighten and skin tone is even up after the facial treatment

The Verthys brightening facial treatment took nearly 2 hours to complete even though I did not had extractions done. The massaging technique is so good that I fell asleep throughout the facial. Overall, It was an enjoyable facial treatment, with the result of brighten glowing skin. 
Before: Tired and dull skin, uneven skin tone
After: Skin is glowing, eye bags are smaller too

If you also fancy for brighter skin, give yourselves a try on Verthys brightening facial because you could see result in just one facial.
Verthys facials and products are available at Verthys outlets near you. For more information, visit Verthys Facebook page at

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