Irish Duck Company Partners with Grand Imperial Restaurant Pavilion to Launch Premium Irish Products in Malaysia

This year, Irish Duck Company (IDC) enters the Malaysian Market, supplying premium Irish Hampshire Pork to restaurants and consumers. To celebrate the company's launch in Malaysia, a luncheon was hosted at Grand Imperial Restaurant Pavilion, showcasing the high-quality Irish products through a series of carefully curated dishes, crafted to highlight the unique flavours that premium Irish meats hold. Present at the launch were Ireland’s Minister of Agriculture, Martin Heydon and two of IDC’s Directors, Joel Lim and Kennedy Low.
An exceptional culinary experience, premium Irish Hampshire Pork boasts a quality and standard, unlike any other in the world. Irish Hampshire Pork — made from one of the oldest breeds of pigs in the world — is leaner, more succulent and flavourful, and has a richer, deeper red colouring. One of the oldest breeds of pigs in the world, Hampshire pigs are found only in the remote Drumlin landscape of Ballineagh Co. Cavan and are reared on a highly specified diet by McCarren Meats. It was the discovery of unique Irish products like this that inspired the start of IDC in Singapore.
Irish Hampsire Spare Ribs Baked with Red Wine & Served with Ice Plant

Founded in 2014, IDC was created when its founder, Ronald Lim met with Silver Hill Duck in Ireland and discovered that despite the brand’s reputation for producing and supplying the world’s best ducks, Silver Hill Duck had not yet found its way into the Asian market. Today, IDC has established itself as the sole importer and distributor of Silver Hill Irish Ducks in Asia with plans to expand throughout the rest of Southeast Asia to address increasing demand from ASEAN countries.
“We’re excited to finally be able to supply our sister country with the quality Irish products we’ve come to love and enjoy. Thanks to the support of McCarren Meats, Bord Bia, and the Irish government, IDC has been able to introduce quality products that come from Ireland’s exceptional agricultural prowess and abundant resources to Southeast Asians. This expansion to Malaysia is a testament to our company’s dedication to excellence and we hope to be able to bring these offerings to other ASEAN countries soon,” said Kennedy Low, Sales Director of IDC.

Envisioning a Radiant Tomorrow: Singaporean Beauty and Wellness Brand Omno Makes Its Official Debut in The Malaysian Market

Imagine a world where personal well-being intertwines seamlessly with ecological stewardship, where every product is a carefully curated blend of sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients. Born from the essence of balance and environmental reverence, Singaporean wellness and beauty brand Omno, kicked off its entry into the Malaysian market on 9 November 2023 with a launch event hosted at the luxury Else Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Omno is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle and testament to the exquisite fusion of beauty, and sustainability in personal care. At the brand’s heart lies an exclusive selection of premium products where sulfates, parabens, and silicones are exiled, and certified sustainable ingredients from ECOcert, Nordic Swan ECOlabel, and COSMO reign supreme.
(Left) Emcee, Karen Ong, Brand Ambassador, Carment BUTT and Former Miss Malaysia, Alexis SueAnn during the sharing session

Omno takes pride in embracing its Southeast Asian roots, utilising formulations intricately tailored to cater to the unique nature of our tropical climates. This includes a range of products such as hair cleansers infused with hydrolyzed pea protein, to hand and body cleansers crafted with skin-friendly ingredients like sugar cane, coconut oil, and beetroot and Ecocert-certified soothing plant extract— each a love letter to your skin and the planet.
Currently, the brand features three signature scents in its repertoire: Solace, which has a zesty scent profile, featuring citrus and ginger; Moonatic, which combines sage and cypress for a woody aroma; and Odyssey, which features an exotic combination of rose and spices. Meticulously curated to capture the essence of the brand’s Southeast Asian heritage with a modern twist, these aromas encapsulate the spirit of the tropic, mirroring the lush landscapes, the mystical moonlit nights, and the endless odyssey of discovery that this region embodies. This is more than just personal care; it's an immersive journey through the heart of our origins, where nature and nurture dance in perfect harmony, leaving behind a fragrant trail of transformation and well-being.

Deepavali at Suria KLCC: a Multisensory Celebration of Light and Culture

Suria KLCC, the city’s iconic experiential shopping destination, is ready to captivate shoppers with a mesmerising 'Enchanted Garden of Lights' theme, from 3 to 15 November, in celebration of the upcoming Deepavali festival on 12 November.
Step into a world of wonder as Suria KLCC transforms into a vibrant garden filled with flowers and adorned with charming swings, providing an ideal setting for capturing dreamy, Insta-worthy moments.
A grand 20-foot kolam welcomes shoppers at the Centre Court, illuminating and rotating in response to their interactions. Adding to the allure, majestic seven-foot-tall peacocks with 32-foot-long flowing, illuminated interactive tails grace the area around the centrepiece. Crafted from artificial flowers and coloured rice, these artful installations bring to life the splendour and magnificence of this auspicious animal.
This colourful and engaging setup, enhanced with lighting and sound effects, creates a multisensory experience for shoppers, bringing the spirit of the festival of lights to life.

During the weekends, shoppers will be able to enjoy captivating traditional Indian dance performances at the Centre Court. Additionally, curated Deepavali music is played throughout the mall, enhancing the overall mood for a joyous festivity.

Hada Labo's ‘We Care for Nature’ Plants 750 Trees for Tapir Conservation

Hada Labo, a brand renowned for its commitment to environmental conservation, has taken significant steps in furthering its dedication to Mother Nature. Building on the success of its ongoing 'We Care for Nature' initiative, which was initiated in 2020, the brand has proudly contributed to the planting of 3,150 trees for the past 4 years.
In a remarkable partnership this year, Hada Labo has joined forces with Watsons Malaysia and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to plant 750 trees, including Alangium Javanicum, Metualang, Antidesma ghaesembilla, Guncak, Xerospermum noronhianum, Rambutan Pacat and few other species known to be preferred plants for tapir diet. These trees play a vital role in sustaining the endangered Malayan tapirs' critical food source over the next three to five years.
This noble endeavor directly supports the Pusat Konservasi Hidupan Liar Sungai Dusun (PKHL Sungai Dusun). The trees planted trees will help to assist PERHILITAN Tapir conservation efforts and nourish tapirs that are in the PKHL Sungai Dusun.
Throughout the month of October 2023, Hada Labo's commitment to the cause was further amplified. For every sale of their newly launched Micellar Water, RM1 was contributed to the 'We Care for Nature' campaign fund. The unyielding support of Hada Labo's devoted customer base resulted in an impressive total of RM50,000, all of which was dedicated to this praiseworthy project.

Guardian Unveils State-of-The-Art Premium Flagship Store Concept

Guardian Malaysia unveiled its brand new, state-of-the-art flagship store, its biggest Guardian store in Southeast Asia, at Mid Valley Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur on 1st Nov 2023. The leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country has strengthened its business offering with this unique 7000-sq-foot concept store, leveraging on the latest global health and beauty trends, and ever-changing consumer trends.
Describing this new store concept as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘evolutionary’, Priscilla Wu, Managing Director, Health and Beauty, Malaysia and Brunei, said: “Guardian customers will get to enjoy a brand-new shopping experience in our new premium flagship store. It symbolises the strong growth and continued success of the Guardian brand in Malaysia and is proof of Guardian’s relentless commitment to offer the best health and beauty products in the market at the best value for our customers.
“Our investment in this new store concept translates to a superior and best-in-class customer shopping experience with new categories of products that have evolved together with new consumer demands and trends. It will provide our customers with a more personalised, informative and interactive shopping experience. We will also introduce over 30 new skincare and cosmetic brands into our store, with 20 new skincare ranges and over 10 new cosmetic brands, many of which are exclusive to Guardian.”

The new brands include bath care brand Tanamera Natural Bath care, and exclusive hair care brands from Japan (Ahalo, Fun Azum, Theratis, Kose Bioless and Kose Je L’aime) and Korea (Mise En Scene and Ryo).
The Guardian flagship store’s unique layout will feature new product segments such as a Clean & Natural Beauty section featuring skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products that are formulated with safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly ingredients, a Tweens section with fun, colourful and safe beauty products for young shoppers aged 8 to 12 years old, and a first-of-its-kind Salon-At-Home hair care section powered by L’Oreal where customers can experience luxurious pampering and indulge in a comprehensive range of hair products tailored to suit their unique needs.

There will also be a Wellness segment in the Healthcare section that will focus on what customers need to get fit and healthy, such as protein powders and health foods.

Pavilion REIT Malls Illuminate Deepavali with Love, Light, Kolams & Festive Shopping

Pavilion REIT Malls is thrilled to invite shoppers across Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Da Men USJ, and Intermark Mall to celebrate the vibrant Festival of Lights with shopping deals, stunning kolams, rich decor and exclusive rewards during this Deepavali season.

Malaysia's premier shopping destination, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, unveils ‘Love and Light Deepavali’ for this festive season until 12 November. Shoppers will be greeted by shimmering diyas lamps and colourful kolams adorning the iconic Crystal Fountain, while the mall is decorated with eye-catching flowers and fabric lanterns to create a lively Deepavali atmosphere. The lights and colours pay homage to Hindu culture, symbolising the triumphant victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.
This Deepavali, shoppers can indulge in a wealth of entertainment, allowing them to immerse themselves in Hindu culture. Highlights include mesmerising cultural dance performances surrounding the Crystal Fountain kolam and Connection precinct on 29 October, and a captivating cultural orchestra band performance encircling the Crystal Fountain kolam on 4 November.

Experience the grand Yeshan Sarees Exhibition on Level 5, featuring 30 distinct saree styles meticulously crafted in India by Yeshan Sarees. This showcase provides shoppers with a one-of-a-kind chance to immerse themselves in the world of traditional Indian artistry, showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian traditional wear. Be sure to swing by Parkson Elite (on Level 3 and 4) to admire their beautiful kolams inspired by the sun – the cosmic giver of light and energy, artfully designed and crafted by the talented students of City University.
Shoppers can redeem a free Deepavali packet for every RM150 spent, a complimentary Country Rose Pyrex Oval Dish (1.7L) for every RM500 spent in a single receipt with a Maybank Credit or Charge Card, a free Bear & Orion Gold or Silver Container for every RM1,000 spent in a single receipt with a Maybank Credit or Charge Card, and a complimentary RM100 Les Néréides Paris shopping voucher for every RM1,500 spent.

Explore Jotun’s 2023 Kids Collection - An exclusive colour collection inspired by children, curated by Jotun

What does home look like through the bright eyes of a child? More than a place to live and rest, it’s a magical space where endless adventures unfold. Every wall is a canvas for creativity and wonder.
The Jotun 2023 Kids Collection is a curation of exclusive colours inspired by the creative and imaginative minds of little ones.
Marrying the idea of beautiful child-friendly spaces, the imaginative collection is the perfect accompaniment to Majestic Sense – a new premium interior paint that’s specially formulated with Clean Air Technology, to purify and enhance indoor air.
Nurture Your Little Expressionist

Innovative Hair and Scalp Care Showcase @ Panasonic's nanocare Hair Solution Roadshow

Are you looking for a hair dryer that can reduces frizz and make a big difference on your mane? Look no further, go check out the Innovative Hair and Scalp Care Showcase at Panasonic's nanocare Hair Solution Roadshow.
Panasonic Malaysia is showcasing its groundbreaking innovative nanocare that combines beauty needs and cutting-edge technology for hair and scalp care and solutions at their Panasonic nanocare Hair Solution Roadshow from 2 - 5 November 2023 at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Central Avenue (in front of Gigi Coffee).
With a theme of “Bye Bye Dryness, Hello Awesome!”, Panasonic’s renowned nanoeTM and Double Mineral Hair Dryer EH-NA98, which provides total care of hair, scalp and even skin in addition to hair drying will be the heart of the roadshow.
This hair dryer is infused with Panasonic's proprietary nanoe™ technology that provides nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles that penetrate deep in the hair, creating an optimal water balance that results in smooth and shiny hair. At the same time, moisturising the skin and scalp. Complementing the nanoe™ technology, the Double Mineral Ions tightens hair cuticles and minimising damage.

由内至外の美丽蜕变,由 beuWHITE 开始

今年的双十节,我很荣幸地参与了由Claire Organics beuWHITE 联合举办,eslite 誠品合作的首次联盟之旅 - 由内至外の美丽蜕变 workshop 工作坊

在那里,我遇见了许多漂亮的小姐姐和英俊的小哥哥。工作坊的第一站是由Claire Organics 亲手制作精油工作坊。Claire Organics有许多不同的精油,每种都有它的特别之处,我们在场能够亲身感受它们的独特之处,然后挑选我们喜欢的来制作属于自己独一无二的精油。

接下来,我们到 Come True CAFE Malaysia 成真咖啡去享用美味又健康的晚餐。不能不说,成真咖啡的饮食水准真的很好,店里的氛围也很好。

最后,便来到了工作坊的精髓了。在美丽的 eslite 誠品里,我们了解到由 Claire Organics 和beuWHITE 的联名产品, beuWHITE!beuWHITE 是一款能吃的防晒保养品,让我们从内至外达到白皙透亮的肌肤。
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