The Butterfly Project 3rd Birthday @ Delectable by Su, Glasshouse Seputeh

Happy 3rd Birthday to our top Malaysia beauty community – The Butterfly Project! As a supporter of the community, I always join their activities when I’m available. So last month we have celebrated The Butterfly Project’s 3rd Birthday at Delectable by Su, Glasshouse Seputeh. 

I was happy to be invited to the happening Birthday bash with all the other pretty and young beauty bloggers. The theme of the party was pastel, so we could see Pastel setups everywhere at the party. Oh yeah even the invitation was in sweet pastel!

The Butterfly Project team and Althea Korea had prepared a lot of fun activities lined-up for that lovely afternoon in the cozy café. 
First, we were each given an Althea Korea box that contains the BB Cushion DIY kit, Laneige Skincare Trial Kit and the apron. The small apron that they gave us was really cute aka Kawaii! We all can’t wait to put it on haha!
I had gotten the cute McD BB Cushion DIY kit! OMG it was too cute and I didn’t know what to do with them, so I let Bowie to help me decorate haha. Thank you so much babe for making me the beautiful BB Cushion, which is one and only in this World! 

Next, it has come to the excited yet stress part, where we were given RM150 credit to shop at Althea Website within 45 minutes! With the limited data plan I had that day(really wanna screw up Max*s for that lol), I was totally panicked within that 45 minutes because I forgot my login password and I didn’t know what to choose, there are too many products to choose from! 
Looking at others’ hauls made me decided to get the IOPE Air Cushion XP (Natural) 15 g + refill 15 g for RM 115, Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow for RM 22, and a Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow for RM 13. I also get to enjoy Free shipping with the order, yay!
I received my order after 3 business days, Bravo to Althea Korea team for fast and efficient service. Do you love my haul like I do too? 

[Fashion] Levi’s® ‘We Are Original’ Celebrates Authenticity with Music, Arts and Denim

When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis partnered in 1873 to patent their copper riveted waist overalls – as jeans were first referred to - for the miners and cowboys of the American West, little did they know that their blue jeans would one day become one of the most classic fashion items of all time. Levi’s® jeans hold a seminal place in fashion history and over the last century have developed into a cultural icon.
Thank you for having me! Levi’s® WE ARE ORIGINAL party @ KL Live was such a great party!

Levi’s® Brand marks the pinnacle of the Levi’s® WE ARE ORIGINAL campaign with a star-studded/ an epic celebration, honoring originality and authenticity on 19th May 2016. 
Anitha Narayanan and Jennifer Wong, flanked by performers

Local personalities from various fields, denim heads as well as Levi’s® Malaysia staff- from legendary rock star Amy Search; Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 winner, Sheena Liam; top male singer Noh Salleh of HUJAN; national gymnast, Farah Ann; top blogger, Jane Chuck; acoustic princess Liyana Fizi to dynamic duo, Jin Lim and Reuben Kang of JinnyBoy TV; renowned photographer, Chuan Looi; budding actor JC Chee; designer, Hatta Dolmat; and jazz songstress, Poova, to name a few - join forces to bring the campaign to life with their unique jeans stories. 
Anitha Narayanan and Jennifer Wong, with all personalities of Levi's WAO campaign

The celebration, held within extensive space of KL LIVE at exactly 5:01pm, starts with a myriad of activities curated by local personalities such as live mural paintings by graffiti artist, Cloakwork and art house, Minut Init, mini Tailor Shop for customization services as well as a preview of Live In Levi’s® film featuring JC Chee and Liyana Fizi.
1st INTRODUCTION by Jennifer Wong, Marketing Manager of Levis Strauss Malaysia 2

A fashion performance follows suit, highlighting four new and exciting ranges from Levi’s® Brand, which are steeped in functionality and comfort: 


The Levi’s® COMMUTER series is back with more technical features and innovations. Each detail in the collection is designed to keep urban cyclists comfortable, safe and dry during a ride. Details exclusive to COMMUTER include reflective heat transfer and U-Lock holder, accent colors in Black, Grey/Reflective and Copper, labels, rivets, buttons, reflective tape and thread as well as higher back-rise for increased coverage when riding. The new Trucker jacket features Cordura Warp endurance fabric, water repellency and four-way stretch denim and non-denim material, in addition to 3M reflective on back adjustment tabs for visibility, concealed hood in collar and secured pockets.

Better Heart Health with Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats

As I grow older, I am more concern on my health including Heart health and cholesterol. One reason is I have a lot of friends and colleagues with Heart health issue and another reason is because my husband-side has the genetic high cholesterol history.
hanks to the newly launched Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats, we can now power up our hearts with this first-in-market combined action of two naturally-derived cholesterol-lowering ingredients, Acticol ® and Beta-glucan.
The launch event of Nestlé Omega Plus® was held at One World Hotel in Bandar Utama on 24th May 2016. We’ve got to learn more about Heart Health and how Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats helps to boost up our Heart Health.
In fact, Nestlé Omega Plus®, Malaysia’s heart health advocator has introduced the one of its kind of health beverage that contains Acticol® which is naturally derived from plant sterols, which has been scientifically proven to block cholesterol from entering the bloodstream. It works simultaneously with Beta-glucan from oats that binds with cholesterol in the gut and removes it from the body.
This dual-action of blocking and removing cholesterol, or “The Power of Two”, helps Malaysians manage cholesterol levels more effectively, compared to the consumption of oats alone.

Preventative heart care is not a top-of-mind consideration for most Malaysian adults, as heart disease is usually perceived as an illness that affects the elderly. However, research has proven otherwise, showing that Malaysians in their thirties have arteries akin to those in their seventies due to their lifestyles.

The conclusion: Malaysians are succumbing to heart disease at a younger age. Nevertheless, this need not be the case.  Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats now provides Malaysians with a consistent and pro-active solution to power up a holistic heart health management routine.

IJM LAND’s Bandar Rimbayu Presents Happy Family Day

The last weekend of May 2016 is here, how did you spent your Saturday today? Well, I and my girls had a fun filled day at the Happy Family Day at IJM LAND’s Bandar Rimbayu today.
This is our second time visited the greenery development area, nevertheless we still loving its spacious and eco-friendly environment.
This time, IJM LAND has presented the iLDA 2016(IJM LAND Designer Award 2016) at their Penduline showrooms in Bandar Rimbayu. Two uniquely designed showrooms prepared by two contestants are opened to the public to view and vote. Before entering the showroom, public could register at the registration area and get a token to vote. After viewing both showrooms, public could then drop the token in the box provided to vote.
Showroom A is 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms double Storey linked house that gives us a cool and trendy feel. 
Showroom A (Pic courtesy of Carol
Showroom A (Pic courtesy of Carol

While Showroom B is 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms double Storey linked house that offers a modern design. 
Showroom B (Pic courtesy of Carol
Showroom B (Pic courtesy of Carol

No matter you are into which designs, I would encourage you to visit IJM LAND’s Bandar Rimbayu with your family to view the beautiful showrooms and vote for your favourite for the IJM LAND Designer Award 2016.
We felt a little hungry after visited the showrooms and hence we headed to the food stalls to fill our tummy before continue the exciting activities waiting ahead.  
My elder daughter can’t wait to play the zorb ball while eating. And she had played the zorb ball for the first time in her life at the Happy Family Day, she has enjoyed it so much and keep telling everyone about her fun experience.
Then we continue with the exciting 5D cinema. We were given a pair of 3D spectacle each to enjoy a fun cinematic experience with the hydraulic chairs, special smoke, wind and water droplets effects to give us a realistic experience. 

What Your Child’s Poop is Telling You

My younger girl just had a hard time in toilet just now. Pity her as she had to suffers from constipation. I know that most kids will experience constipation at one point or another but do you know our child’s poop is actually an indicator to their health? 
As tomorrow, Sunday, 29th May 2016 is World Digestive Health Day, I would like to share this informative article with all my readers as I found it really useful. As a parents of two sweet girls, I hope this helpful information will help other parents too.
When it comes to toilet habits, it is not exactly a favourable topic in your daily conversation. We may not pay attention to our child’s poop everyday, however it is one of the indicators of your child’s gut health. Having a healthy gut helps your child to digest and absorb important nutrients from food which is essential for the healthy development of your growing child. Here are some tips which can help promote a healthy gut for your child.
What’s Normal, What’s Not?

Poop is also known as feces or stool, which is waste matter that is discharged from the bowels after food has been digested. The poop may vary everyday, depending on what your child has eaten. By keeping track of the changes in fecal features, such as shape, size, color, frequency and also consistency, you are able to understand your child’s gut health and ensure their overall health and well-being.

The Bristol Stool Chart[1] is a useful guide commonly used by paediatricians that can assist you to distinguish types of stool.

·         Type 1 and 2 suggest a potential risk of constipation
·         Type 3 and Type 4 are normal stools which indicate a healthy gut
·         Type 5, 6 and 7 suggest potential risks of infection or diarrhea, to which parents are advised to seek medical advice for the welfare of their children

Common symptoms of constipation generally involve infrequent, difficult, painful or incomplete release of hardened stools in children. When food residue remains in the large intestine for an extended period of time, too much water can be absorbed, and as a result, stools become harder and drier. When your child is trying to pass a large or hard stool, it will stretch the rectal walls and may lead to tearing and bleeding[2]. This makes it even more painful for the child to pass motion and causes the child to continue “holding it”, out of fear or anxiety to avoid the unpleasant experience of passing hard stools, thereby creating a vicious cycle.

Parents are advised to keep an eye on the tell-tale signs of your child attempting to withhold bowel movements, such as squatting, rocking, stiff walking or crossing of the legsiii.

Constipation: Prevention is the Key

There are many factors that can contribute to constipation in children, such as variations in diet, developmental stage, environmental issue, emotional status or illness. To prevent constipation in your child and maintain a good gut health, here are a few recommendations:

1.       Diet. Consistently offer foods rich in dietary fibre, such as whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables in you and your child’s diet. Children from 3-6 years old are recommended to consume 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables daily[3]. Parents have great influence on children’s eating habits, so if your children see you eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, they are more likely to follow your lead and be more receptive to all the food you consume. Hence, it is important for you to be a role model to your children.

Pavillion KL Celebrates School Holidays with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of The Shadows

The School Holidays has started officially! This school break, Pavilion KL presents the School Holiday ‘POW WOW’ in the ultimate showdown with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Shoppers are encouraged to explore their inner mutant ninja from 26th May to 12th June 2016 at Centre Court, level 2, which is in conjunction with the release of the highly anticipated action-adventure sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out Of The Shadows on 2nd June 2016. 
For the first time ever in Malaysia, stand face-to-face with a life-sized statue display of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, direct from New York City.  

Experience the Ninja Action Zones where young fans get to rumble and tumble like the Ninja Turtles through the different zones such as the Turtle Power Trampoline, the String Laser Maze, the NYC Brick Wall, the High Rope Obstacles and the Epic Rock Wall. 
Posters and standees showcasing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ ‘untold story through the years’ are also on display, together with specially-curated collectibles. Fans can also get their hands on limited edition merchandises at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pop-up store.  

Nando’s Art Initiative Presents Yvonne Chong Shi Qi’s ‘Garden of Goddesses’

Have you heard of Nando’s Art Initiative before? This yearly event is a wonderful programme for the young ones to pursuit their dreams. As part of Nando’s continuous commitment and support to the winners of Nando’s Art Initiative, Nando’s Lot 123, Chinatown is having the art exhibition of The Digital Grand Prize winner of Nando’s Art Initiative 2014, Yvonne Chong Shi Qi. The talented artist is excited for her first solo art exhibition that showcase her collection of artworks entitled ‘Garden of Goddesses’.
Yvonne Chong Shi Qi

The exhibition is an insight to Yvonne’s fascination and passion for the World of myths and fairy tales. From a very young age she had always found herself constantly being drawn to the world of mythical Gods and Goddesses. The theme of this exhibition is to portray the kinship shared between each goddess and their mortal counterpart. 
Her unique style is strongly inspired by the works of Frida Kahlo which are focused mainly on self-portraits with intricate elements of nature. Thrown into the mix of inspiration is also a bit of surrealism and the art nouveau movement. Putting together a fantasy, dreamlike imagery and pairing it with soft feminine features provides her with a sense of calm and serenity.


Frigg is my most favourite piece from the collection

Immersive Shopping Experience at Markets by Jaya One #markets18

I love shopping at Bazaar, and my favourite Markets by Jaya One, the celebrated shopping experience hosted by Jaya One has wrapped up its two-day bazaar catered to fashion devotees, food aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts which place on 14 and 15 May from 11am to 7pm on the Ground Floor, The School.
This 18th installment boasted a whopping 120 vendors, being the biggest Markets to date. It has definitely come a long way since its humble beginnings, congratulations! My family had enjoyed the food, entertainment, and shopping at Markets 18 a lot. 
We love the kids’ friendly air-conditioner indoor shopping environment as well as the outdoor food trucks that gave us different dining experience. It’s truly an Immersive Shopping Experience at Markets by Jaya One.
The main sponsor of Markets 18 - imSold, a buying and selling app hosted a variety of games, one of which participants had an opportunity to sell items provided by imSold to random strangers through the app. Participants walked away with cash vouchers as well as the money made from the sale. Not too bad of a day to be a contestant! Aside from that, there was also a treasure hunt where one lucky contestant walked away with cash vouchers worth RM160 to shop at Markets.
An ice cream eating contest sponsored by Jersey Jack Gelato had participants fighting through a brain freeze by being the quickest to finish two scoops of ice cream! On top of that, participants who successfully reenacted certain movie scenes were given free tickets to Potted Potter by Milestone Productions.
Apart from shopping and food, music was certainly an element not to be missed at Markets 18. Up-and-coming musicians such as Hameer Zawawi, a singer-songwriter, Djezna's Stalker as well as Nan Blues amazed the crowd with their music performances. Day 2 featured the likes of Three Octaves, a three piece acoustic rock band, and the day closed with Ray Cheong, a singer-Songwriter cum guitarist who has performed in countless venues all over the states in Malaysia and continents of Southeast Asia, United Kingdom and Europe.
Last but not least, we have enjoyed our shopping there. From food to skin care, and fashion to party balloons, we have fun shopping at Markets by Jaya One. Let’s check out my hauls from Markets 18 below ok.
Little Dandelion Event 
We’ve got our very own customised helium balloon at Little Dandelion Event. The big bouquet of helium balloon is so pretty, and the kids just love it! Little Dandelion Event provide services like party decoration, wedding decoration, corporate event and many more. Contact them at +6-010 2333 662 or email them at for more information.
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