[Review] Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System

Everyone want to achieve luminous skin as the fairer woman look more beautiful isn’t it? I have used a few brightening skincare range before but most of them made my skin dry and feels irritation. Thanks to the latest technology, Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System luminous my skin while also providing hydration to my mild sensitive skin. 
Mary Kay has launched their MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System that brings 5 benefits including even looking skin tone, moisture, brightening, translucency and purity with their unique formula. Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System is using the MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous Complex which has the key ingredients of Edelweiss extract, Algae extract and Vegetable amino acids in every product in the range.
Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System has a complete skincare range inclusive of products below;

Foaming Cleanser (100 ml | RM 129) 

Foaming Cleanser is foamy and effectively lifts away impurities. My skin feels clean, fresh, soft and smooth after cleansing with it. It is the fundamental step to prepare skin for better absorption of next skin care step. It also contains Shiitake mushroom extract for purification purpose.

Freshener (100ml | RM 129)
Freshener contains Shiitake mushroom extract for purification purpose. I like its light and cooling texture, and I usually apply it with cotton pad. My skin feels toned and fresh after using it day and night after cleanser.

Ultimate Serum (30ml | RM 350) 
Contains Hexylresorcinol that target the accumulation of pigment on the skin’s surface. It also contains Glutathione which is vital to the skin’s purification process. Ultimate Serum is the star product in the range to brighten our skin as well as improve skin texture.
The light gel type texture is easy to absorb into skin without any greasy feeling. I love apply a generous amount of Ultimate Serum especially on my pigmentation area to achieve luminous skin.

Ultimate Cream (30ml | RM 180) 
Contains Shiitake mushroom extract, the white color creamy cream provides long hours moisturization while brighten up my skin.

Mask (85ml | RM 169)
Contains Shiitake mushroom extract, this cream mask is gentle on skin. It leaves my skin radiant and luminous after apply for 10 minutes and rinse off.

Overall, I like Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+™ Luminous System and would recommend it to all. Not only they come with elegant white and silver packaging, they brightens up my skin while also giving enough hydration to it. My skin tone is lighter and it is glowing radiantly after using it continuously for a month now.

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