Physiogel Calming Relief 14 Days Challenge – Result Revealed

I had started Physiogel Calming Relief 14 Days Challenge 2 weeks ago. It’s time to reveal the result shall we?
My sensitive, dry and dull skin last month

My skin was red and sensitive due to laser treatment last month. After using Physiogel Calming Relief range for 14 days, my skin has become less sensitive and more nourish.
I use the Physiogel Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser every day and night to clean my face. The cream cleanser is pack in pump bottle which is easy to pump out the required amount. It has a really creamy texture which is easy to smooth over the face. Physiogel Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser gently and effectively cleanse my skin without disrupting the skin’s lipid barrier. I love my soft and clean skin after cleansing with it.
During the day, I apply the Calming Relief face cream after clean and tone my skin(using my existing toner). Calming Relief face cream provides long lasting hydration without any greasiness. 
At night, I apply the Calming Relief Face Cream Rich to nourish my skin for whole night long. It hydrates my skin in the air-conditioning room and my skin feels calm and soothe.

Overall, I love Physiogel Calming Relief range’s clean, simple and practical packaging. The face creams are pack in pump bottle hence it is hygiene and convenient. Most importantly, my facial redness is reduced, my skin is less sensitive and moisturised now.

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