How to Get Glowing Skin and Perfect Eyebrow

I wished I was born with glowing skin and perfect eyebrow but I am not. I spent a lot of time and effort to achieve that and I am glad I finally found a solution. Presenting the new products from Sisley Paris – Sisley Instant Eclat and Sisley Phyto Sourcils Fix & Design.
Launched in September 2017, Sisley Instant Eclat is an instant glow primer that immediately illuminates and energizes the complexion, even on my dull and tired skin. It gives an instant burst of radiance for the skin without any greasy and oiliness feel. 
Thanks to the new “Light Catching System” technology, developed by Sisley’s laboratories and composed of radiance-revealing pearlescent particles that make for luminous, subtly pink make-up with a satin finish that feels like silk.
In fact, Sisley Instant Eclat is not just a primer, it could be use on strobing, highlighting, and more. Its shade has been designed specifically to enhance any skin tone. The combination of pink and gold pearlescent particles creates a shade that flatters fair, pink-toned complexions as well as darker complexions. The texture is soft, silky, and light, which delicately scented to provide true pleasure upon application and prime the skin for make-up. 

Pretty Flower Bouquet from Little Flower Hut

Looking for a pretty flower bouquet for your loved one at a friendly price? Little Flower Hut is your answer. I will be sharing with you all my experience with Little Flower Hut now.

First of all, my comment to their bouquet is PRETTY. I cannot stop staring at the bouquet I got from Little Flower Hut. I bought a bouquet of Sunflowers, and I am so happy that I chose right. I had a hard time in deciding which bouquet to buy since they have such a huge selection of pretty flowers on their website. But then I decided Sunflowers; the happy flowers. And Little Flower Hut’s Sunflower bouquet really brings such a happy mood to me. I immediately feel so happy when I saw the bouquet on the front door of my house.
The bouquet arrived in the morning and looked so beautiful and fresh. I was a little bit worry before the flowers arrived, though. I was afraid if the flowers look a little wilted since it is a delivery, that means the flowers need to go through a long way to come home. But it wasn’t the case here. In fact, my flowers arrived in such a spectacular condition! They are so pretty and charming and took my heart away as soon as I see them.

The colors of the Sunflowers are so bright and cheery. And I like how they combine the flowers in a perfect arrangement and don’t forget to wrap it beautifully.

So, based on my first experience with Little Flower Hut, I decided to use them as my preferred florist anytime I need some beautiful blooms in my home. Not only the bouquet, I really satisfied with their services, too. They have such a friendly and awesome customer service, and their delivery service is also timely and good. Moreover, I got the FREE Same Day Flower Delivery from them. And they are indeed my favorite flower delivery Singapore to choose now.

Just look at their website at now and place your order. You will see why they got my compliments. Besides, there are not only flowers. Baby hamper, Christmas hamper, and other kinds of hamper are also available there. Perfect to be your choice of gift for any kind of special occasions. They also offer balloons to make your gift become extra special to your love ones.

Oracle Beauty Center @ Menara HSC

K-beauty is in trend these years. I remember I see a number of aesthetic clinics along the street whenever I travel to South Korea. I would also see girls with face covered on the street that have just walked out from aesthetic treatments. It is a common and daily things for the Korean. This year, one of the leading Korean beauty center, Oracle Beauty Center has opened it's door at the heart of KL at level 7, Menara HSC Jalan Ampang in August.
During the grand launch event, Mr. Derrick Chan, Group CEO of HSC Healthcare Group said, “We are proud to bring a true Korean beauty center to Malaysia and it is our plan to expand Oracle to 10 centers throughout the nation within 10 years”.
Founded in South Korea by Dr. Ro Young Woo, a multi-award winner dermatologist and an internationally respected pioneer in beauty, Oracle takes pride in delivering beauty through natural enhancement of skin and features with “non-invasive” and “laser/light” treatments.

“At Oracle Beauty Center, we believe in delivering beauty in a sustainable manner, regardless of age or gender. Oracle's level of quality and consistency is second to none,” said Mr Min Baek, CEO of Oracle Medical Group, South Korea and Oracle Beauty Center, Malaysia.
Thanks to the lovely invitation, I have tried a laser treatment at Oracle Beauty Center lately. I like that the Oracle Beauty Center is huge, bright and clean. It gives me a confident feeling just like any private hospital.

Koenigii - The Best Nasi Kandar from Alor Setar

One would surely visit Nasi Lemak Ong when in Alor Setar. Offers a variety of delicious Southern Indian dishes, it is so famous that it's a must have when in Alor Setar. Founded in 1997, Nasi Lemak Ong has been shown on various magazines, newspapers and TV. Well, we might not always travel to the North but hey here's a good news for us, Nasi Lemak Ong is now available in KL too!
Named as Koenigii, it has opened the first outlet at Sunway Nadayu 28 a couple of months ago. I have also spotted their under renovating second outlet at Level 8 in Pavilion Elite, which is opening in early 2018. It is such a great news as we could enjoy Alor Setar-styles curries right here in KL. Koenigii is founded by the second generation of the owner of Nasi Lemak Ong. I thought many of you would be curious about the name of 'Koenigii', it actually means curry tree in Indian.
Koenigii at Sunway Nadayu 28 is a huge corner lot restaurant that offers 30 different types of curries in varying heat degrees and flavors. I like the ambiance that is clean and pleasant, which is an important criteria especially when I am dining with my family. More importantly, Koenigii does not use coconut milk in their dishes which made it healthier choice for the whole family.
One would surely spoil for choices with over 30 different types of dishes at Koenigii. I would recommend their best sellers which are a must try whenever at Koenigii, including signature ikan bilis (sweet & spicy anchovies), curry mutton, red curry chicken, curry cuttlefish, ulam, fried catfish, curry squid and petai & bamboo shoot

Sunfeet International Rehab Centre @ Petaling Jaya

I remember seeing my relatives suffered from foot pain due to diabetics. Back then, they could not even find a pair of shoes that fit them and thus they couldn't go anywhere but stayed at home almost all the time. Then, I also noticed many young kids have foot problems like flatfeet, toe walking, pigeon toes, bowlegs, and knock-knees. Not only kids, a healthy adults could be suffering from flat feet, bunion and other foot issues.
It was rather sad but I am happy that there is a one stop foot rehab centre for us now. I found out that there are shoes designed for diabetics patients, and the kids' foot problems could be prevented, adult's bunion issue could be corrected with the help of orthopedic from Sunfeet International Rehab Centre.
Situated inside Super Pharmacy Megastore PJ, Sunfeet International Rehab Centre is a Malaysian home grown center that focuses in orthotic services & prescription, as well as orthotic and prosthetic products to satisfy the needs of the ever growing orthotics and prosthetics care in our country. 

Sunfeet International Rehab Centre has the specialist that are able to provide professional consultation and correction to mobility training to build confident for their patients. It also offers professional consultation and rehabilitation to its patients whereby the holistic approach allows patients to feel at ease and in control while giving the special attention and care to their feet.
L: Me; R: Dato Dr. Edmund Lee

During our visit to Sunfeet International Rehab Centre last Saturday, the founder, Dato Dr. Edmund Lee has explained to us more on the centre and the services available there. In fact, Dr. Edmund is the third generation of the orthopedic family. It was his late grandfather who has passed on early this year wishes to open a Rehab Centre to benefit the people. Hence the grand launch of Sunfeet International Rehab Centre a few months back.

[Review] Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks

We were excited to try out the Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks that were newly launched a couple of months ago. Many of you know that Antipodes is a trusted brand from New Zealand which is available at TNS Skin Lab in Malaysia. Their skincare works so well hence many beauty bloggers have raved about it. What about their lip colors?
Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks comes in 12 stunning colors and a colorless lip balm. They are beautifully pack in a recyclable paper box with different coloured artwork. Once open up the box, you will find the luxe matte black lipstick printed with Antipodes logo and 'I'm so healthy...'. The rest of the phrase 'you could almost eat me' will be shown after removing the lipstick's cap. Yes, they are really healthy that one could almost eat it, thanks to it's natural fragrant-free formulation.
Unlike conventional lipstick, Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks is rounded designed to hugs the curves of one lips as apply. We like it's rich, nourishing formula which is easily to glides on our lips. Most importantly, the colors are pretty pigmented, it adds a pop of colours to my lips with just one application. As you can see from the swatches, the colors are shine and intense.
My lips feel moisturised for hours after applying Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks. The colors stay for 2 to 3 hours, and I'd need to lightly touch up my lips after one meal. I am happy with Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks and I had recommended it to my family and friends whom are concern on the natural ingredients in a lipstick.

[Recipe] Mustard Greens with Minced Pork

Mustard Greens with Minced Pork is a easy to prepare and nutritious dish. Today I am going to share this easy recipe with you all.

Mustard greens, washed and drained
Minced fatty pork, mixed with 1 tbs of soy sauce, 2 tbs of minced garlic, ½ tsp of white pepper, 1 tbs of cornstarch mixed with ¾ tbsp. water (to tenderize the meat) – leave to marinate 1 hour in fridge
2 tbsp. oyster sauce
1/2 teaspoon McCormick Sea Salt
1/2 teaspoon McCormick Black Pepper
teaspoon  sesame oil


Cook the mustard greens with boiled water. Put aside into a serving dish for later use.
Heat Chefology Nature 24cm Fry Pan until hot, add peanut oil, and then add marinated minced pork, 1/2 teaspoon McCormick Sea Salt and 1/2 teaspoon McCormick Black Pepper, stir constantly for a minute and half until fragrant, breaking up the lumps if necessary.

[Recipe] Sweet Sour Fish

One of the dish that my family loves a lot is sweet sour fish. Now, it is easier to cook with Chefology cookware and McCormick spices.

1 red snapper, whole fish
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 cup all purpose flour
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon McCormick Sea Salt
1/2 teaspoon McCormick Black Pepper
1 cup water
1 cup pineapple juice
6 tablespoons sugar
1 red/yellow/green bell pepper, cut into cube size
4 cups vegetable oil (for deep frying)

Toss fish with 2 tablespoons cornstarch in plate to coat. Mix flour, 3 tablespoons oil, baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon McCormick Sea Salt in small bowl. gradually add water, whisking until batter is smooth. Pour batter over fish and stir to coat with Chefology Nature 24cm Fry Pan.

Whisk remaining 1 tablespoon cornstarch, pineapple juice, sugar, vinegar, hot pepper sauce and 1/2 teaspoon McCormick Black Pepper in small bowl to blend. Heat remaining 1 tablespoon oil in heavy medium skillet over medium-high heat. Add bell pepper and stir-fry just to heat through, about 30 seconds. Add pineapple juice mixture and cook until sauce is thick and clear, stirring constantly, about 1 minute in Chefology Nature 24cm Fry Pan.
Heat 4 cups oil in wok or deep medium saucepan to 375°F. Add batter-coated fish pieces to oil in batches and fry until crisp and golden, about 4 minutes. 

[Review] A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set

As a beauty fanatic, I love to explore new brands and new products. I have discovered A:Concept from South Korea a couple of months ago. Coincidentally, The Butterfly Project was having collaboration with the brand to let us review A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set hence here's my view on it.
Establish since 2013, A:Concept features a unique, stylish, trendy, all-in-one cosmetic concept that's easy to carry wherever you go. The name A:Concept means the one and only cosmetic concept designed for you. Girl's Generation's Taeyeon shares that her No.1 Makeup Secret is using A:Concept's all-in-one brightening cushion compact (whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection) and lipstick. Even Girl's Generation's makeup artist, Seo Ok choose A:Concept's brightening cushion. With so many endorsements from the top artists, I was really looking forward to try the brand out.
A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set consists everything we need when we are on the go. It comes with their popular brightening cushion + cushion refill, a lip and cheek and a lipstick. There are two types of set available - the black and the red. Each has it's own pre-selected shades lip/cheek + shade 21 or 23 BB cushion. I was given the black set to review.
First of all, I like that A:Concept has minimalist yet functional packaging. I could easily slot in the A:Concept's lip and cheek pen into the cusion as a two-in-one travel-friendly beauty kit. 

A Joyful Christmas at Lavo

Christmas is just 1 day away, how time flies! This year, our family feel grateful to enjoy a joyful Christmas event and meal at Lavo, PJ.
Situated at the Ground floor of Menara Lien Hoe, PJ; Lavo is a contemporary resto-lounge and wine atelier of choice housing a private wine gallery with over 1000 labels of wine. It is spacious enough to held any events and gathering here at Lavo.
We had enrolled our daughters to their Christmas Coloring Contest last Sunday afternoon. It was our first time there, and we love it's homely interior which is comfortable to relax and unwind in style. The 200-inch full-HD display was showing some cartoons for the young ones to enjoy themselves while coloring the Christmas paper sheet.
There were a lot of kids participated the Christmas Coloring Contest, they were divided to 2 groups – 3 to 7 years old and 8 to 12 years old category. The kids were given a certain time to finish their masterpiece, and there were 3 winners in each category – one champion, one first runner up and one second runner up.

Love You So Mochi - Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Ice Cream with Mochi

Everyday made extraordinary with Häagen-Dazs ice cream. This Festive season, let's share joy and happiness with your loved ones with an indulgence combination of Häagen-Dazs creamy ice cream and an iconic Asian delicacy.
Inspired by the soft, sticky texture of mochi – the classic Asian treat eaten during family filled festivals - Häagen-Dazs introduces 2 new limited edition flavours: Green Tea Mochi and Azuki Mochi.
Green Tea Mochi is a classic pairing of delicious steamed soft mochi pieces with Häagen-Dazs iconic Green Tea ice cream, made with ceremonial grade Matcha from Kyushu, Japan.
Azuki Mochi is made with Azuki paste from Hokkaido, Japan, then blended with an Azuki swirl in Häagen-Dazs delicious ice cream and scattered with steamed soft mochi pieves for a unique indulgence to be shared.

[Movie] Shock Wave @ Celestial Movies

Calling all Andy Lau's fans, it has been a long time since his last movie.
Now, let's recall his great action together. <Shock Wave> will be showing at Celestial Movies (Astro Channel 322) this 24 December at 9pm.
Remember to tune in to watch the show yo, enjoy!

#ILoveCM #ShockWave

[Review] Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm

I am a mother of 2 lovely girls. As a beauty junkie from the heart, I always choose the best for my girls especially on their skincare. I emphasize on the ingredients on the products, they should be natural, and mild to their young skin.
Recently, I have discovered Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm. Tasneem Naturel is a proud local brand, using only the high quality natural ingredients on their products. Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm comes in 4 types for different purposes;

1. CF Rub
Designed for ease baby's fever, cough and flu, CF Rub contains eucalyptus oil, cypress, tea tree and lemon to help breathing, reduce cough and body temperature from the baby. It is easy to use, just rub the CF Rub onto baby's hand, leg, chest and back when necessary.

Building My Smart-home with Philips Hue by Philips Lighting

Smart homes are the 'IN' trend in recent years. Ever since I received my Amazon Echo early this year, I am really impressed with the smart-home technologies that make living more comfortable, convenient, secure, entertaining, and sustainable. Since then, I am always on the look for more smart-home technologies and I am glad that I found Philips Hue.
Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting has launched the Philips Hue, the personal wireless lighting system that allows users to control their connected lights in their home or from anywhere in the world using a smart device in Malaysia last month. 
Choosing from a spectrum of more than 16 million colors, Philips Hue lets users personalize their home lighting experience with custom settings and program timers to help manage daily schedules. Malaysians can now experience this smart home lighting system that combines high-quality LED lighting with intuitive technologies.
Philips Hue WACA Bulb looks like an ordinary light bulb but it is beyond what you could imagine!

I was really excited to try out the Philips Hue Kit which includes 2 smart bulbs, a Color Ambiance Lightstrips and a Hue Bridge. It was easy to install, I got it done in within 15 minutes. 

5 Reasons Why I Spend My Xmas Shopping at 1 Mont Kiara

HO HO HO.... Christmas is just around the corner, it is my whole family's favourite festive of the year. I believe you all are feeling the Xmas vibe already, with the Xmas decoration and Xmas songs everywhere.
Have you planned to shop for that perfect gifts for your loved ones this joyful season? Or how would you celebrate this Christmas with your special ones this year? I have, I am going to tell you 5 reasons why I choose to spend my Xmas Shopping at the upscale 1 Mont Kiara Shopping Mall.

First, multiple choices of food and beverages. People say, food is where the heart is. There are many restaurants available for the shoppers at 1 Mont Kiara. From the Western Cuisine like The Barn to modern cafe like Will You? Cafe, there is always one that suits all of us. It is the best place and best time to enjoy a delightful meal with the family and friends, or just wind down with your bff after a long day.

Secondly, fashion. As a lady, I always love to treat myself and my girls to the latest fashion trends and accessories. We love to play dress up together and hence 1 Mont Kiara would be the ideal place for us to shop for trendy fashion items. From the high street brand like H&M to the sports attire like, there is never ending fun looking for the fashion items that we like.

Feminine Magazine x Panasonic Cooking & alce nero Cooking Workshop

The festive season is fast approaching, it's time to learn to cook the festive meals hence I attended the Feminine Magazine x Panasonic Cooking & alce nero Cooking Workshop 2 weekends ago. Held at the Cilantro Culinary Academy at USJ Subang, we seen a lot of other participants whom were equally excited to learn more from Pastie Cheong.
I was glad to team up with Eve and Joyce on that day. Pastie has demonstrated 4 menus while we also did it at our own station. From Christmas Celebration soup, delicious organic fusilli, joyful Christmas dish to organic strawberry jam tart, we have cooked all these 4 healthy and yet yummy dishes in merely 3.5 hours.
joyful Christmas dish

Everything is made possible and really easy with the help of advance cooking tools like Panasonic cubie steam convection oven, smart food processor and high power blender. They are really a good helper in the kitchen, hence I really hope to own them.
Of course, we also need the freshest and healthiest ingredients like alce nero oraganic spagetti, alce nero organic extra virgin olive oil, alce nero organic pasta sauce, alce nero herbs and alce nero organic jam. If you don't know yet, alce nero is the first organic brand from Italy With 39 years of history, alce nero has won multiple awards and is halal certified too. They are easily available at supermarkets near you.

[Treatment Review] Aveda™ Pramāsana™ Scalp Care

As I was passing by an Aveda™ saloon just now, I felt like wanted to go for another Pramāsana™ Scalp Care treatment again. I've tried Aveda™ Pramāsana™ Scalp Care Treatment at Hair Atelier MyTOWN Shopping Centre a couple of months ago, it was relaxing and is good for the scalp.
To achieve a beautiful hair, we must take care the scalp first. Pramāsana™ Collection from Aveda™ is adapting the Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, which is composed of an Exfoliating Scalp Brush, Purifying Scalp Cleanser, and Protective Scalp Concentrate (as well as a Nourishing Scalp Masque, available as an in-salon treatment only), to help build the foundation to beautiful hair—namely, a clean, healthy scalp.
“Effective scalp cleansing can help normal skin cell turnover. Deep cleansing encourages a clean, healthy scalp,” says Dr. M. Julie Thornton, Ph.D., University of Bradford in the UK. 

Inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, Pramāsana™ is a combination of the Sanskrit words, ‘Prama’ (foundation) and ‘Asana’ (position in yoga) and embodies the concept that a clean, healthy scalp helps position your hair for great beauty. “Your scalp is simply an extension of your facial skin,” says Justina Mejia-Montane, Vice President, Global Product Development at Aveda. “And just like your face, your scalp needs cleansing, balancing, and protection. Consider your scalp the soil from which your hair grows. Once you think of it that way, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why you might need to be giving it a little extra care.” 
AWAKEN YOUR SCALP The Pramāsana™ collection includes:

1. EXFOLIATE with Pramāsana™ Exfoliating Scalp Brush (RM 129): To get the most out of the collection — which was designed for dry, oily, and normal scalps alike—start with the Exfoliating Scalp Brush, a flexible, looped bristle brush to be used in conjunction with dry brushing techniques to loosen impurities and build up prior to cleansing and increase micro-circulation to the scalp when used with massage.

What to Wear For Christmas

11 days to Christmas, are you still deciding what to wear for Christmas? It is not an easy task as you might want to wear something glitz and glamour for that special Christmas dinner, or just simple festive dress for a family reunion.
Whether you opting for whatever style, you could find them at 2L Fashion & Beauty.

I has came to know about 2L Fashion & Beauty recently, it is a 100% Authentic Designer Label and has many outlets across Malaysia. I was honoured to be chosen as their model for the latest Christmas and New Year Collection.
Share with you some of the 2L Fashion & Beauty outfits on me.
Lovely white chiffon dress with printed pattern.

Cream of Europe – The Dream Cream for Gourmands

Ho ho ho, Christmas and year end is nearly here, and it's the season to bake all the sweets! My family have a sweet tooth, we enjoy sweet treats from tarts to cakes, and Madeleine to ice cream. A rich and voluptuous cream is the essence of a great recipe, it is even more important in pastries for a velvety and rich taste. So, choosing the good cream is essential. I would choose The European cream as recommended by many pastry chefs.
In fact, the European cream used in pastries have a unique velvety taste, as well as a rich tradition and reputation, giving the pastry a dash of sophistication and quality. It is the incredibly versatile European Cream that adds the cherry on the cake to any recipe or meal. No wonder Europeans have the best pastry in the World.
We have visited Pastry Institure of St Honore last week to attend the Cream of Europe event held by the French Dairy Inter-Branch Organization (CNIEL) and financed with aid from the European Union. We were honoured to meet the co-owner and Managing Director of Pastry Institure of St Honore, Chef Federic Oger and learn a tips or two from him.
Chef Federic Oger has demonstrated the incredibly versatile and exquisite taste of European Cream through an array of pastries using different techniques in the art of cooking cream, including the art of aeration of cream through whipping when making the Berry Madeleine Basket which consists of fresh berries, lemon Madeleine, lemon Chantilly, pesto jelly and berry coulis; the texture of cream was explored when making the Cream Catalane Passionement which is a dessert made with baked vanilla crème catalane caramelised with exotic sweet chutney and served with caramelised salted peanuts; cream by emulsification was demonstrated by making the Speculoos Chocolate Tart with poached pear, caramel sauce and almond flakes; and the different water and fat composition of cream in pastries was explained when making the Frozen Parfait with chocolate coffee magnum coated with hazelnut chocolate.
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