Koenigii - The Best Nasi Kandar from Alor Setar

One would surely visit Nasi Lemak Ong when in Alor Setar. Offers a variety of delicious Southern Indian dishes, it is so famous that it's a must have when in Alor Setar. Founded in 1997, Nasi Lemak Ong has been shown on various magazines, newspapers and TV. Well, we might not always travel to the North but hey here's a good news for us, Nasi Lemak Ong is now available in KL too!
Named as Koenigii, it has opened the first outlet at Sunway Nadayu 28 a couple of months ago. I have also spotted their under renovating second outlet at Level 8 in Pavilion Elite, which is opening in early 2018. It is such a great news as we could enjoy Alor Setar-styles curries right here in KL. Koenigii is founded by the second generation of the owner of Nasi Lemak Ong. I thought many of you would be curious about the name of 'Koenigii', it actually means curry tree in Indian.
Koenigii at Sunway Nadayu 28 is a huge corner lot restaurant that offers 30 different types of curries in varying heat degrees and flavors. I like the ambiance that is clean and pleasant, which is an important criteria especially when I am dining with my family. More importantly, Koenigii does not use coconut milk in their dishes which made it healthier choice for the whole family.
One would surely spoil for choices with over 30 different types of dishes at Koenigii. I would recommend their best sellers which are a must try whenever at Koenigii, including signature ikan bilis (sweet & spicy anchovies), curry mutton, red curry chicken, curry cuttlefish, ulam, fried catfish, curry squid and petai & bamboo shoot

Koenigii offers 5 different curry spiciness levels, from mild, standard, medium, hot to champion that suits the locals and foreigners. 
I have opted for the standard one as I am not really into spicy. I like the Nasi Kandar at Koenigii which offers mildly-flavoured steamed rice accompanied by delicious, tasty curry-based meat dishes and vegetables. Topped with papadum, a thin, crisp and disc-shaped cracker that is the perfect combination with Nasi Kandar. I already wanted to go back Koenigii for more.
Koenigii's menu divided into 4 sections. Diner could opt for nasi kandar (normal rice and sishes), roti series (roti canai, roti telur etc), wok fried food (mee goreng, nasi goreng etc) and assorted drinks. We strongly recommend the calamansi ice blended which is delectable and refreshing drink to pair your nasi kandar with.
Koenigii is Pork free restaurant hence it's suitable for all races. 

It is located at 10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may call 03-5611 1627 for any enquiry.
For more information on Koenigii, visit their Facebook Page.


Khaidir said...

Oh, the restaurant has a unique name.

Rawlins GLAM said...

No coconut milk? Great!
Now I can eat all those delicious food with no guilt.

SalinaJohari said...

best nasi kandar ni , lama dah tak makan ... bila tengok gambar tu terus rasa lapar tp kan ada kedai yang harganya boleh tahan . kena pandai pilih !

Syafiera Yamin said...

wow jauhnya rance sampai ke alor setar, nanti kalau p kedah I mungkin nak bawa kakak I pergi sini sebab kakak I pun duduk situ juga hehe senang lah btw the food look so good

Fadzi Razak said...

Just look at that big prawn. How much is that prawn cost? Per piece or how?

Hasif Hamsyari said...

i couldn't recall when was the last time i visited alor setar but i wish i've went to this place! the menu - especially that big prawn- looks really good!

miera said...

Wah.. just wondering why the name seems Japaneseeee... hehe.. but the food definitely looks good

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