innisfree Jeju Orchid Skincare Line

I first noticed innisfree Jeju Orchid Skincare Line during my vacation in Busan early this year. I was attracted by the romantic purplish window display at all innisfree stores there but too bad I did not have much time to check it out.
Thanks to innisfree Malaysia, I have finally tried out this range during my Beauty Affair at The Forum, The Signature Sri Hartamas. 
innisfree’s latest Orchid Line contains the precious Jeju Orchid from the pristine island of Jeju lends its touch to your beauty and youth with delectable offerings. Mother Nature has designed this resilient flower to bid its time during the harsh winters of Jeju before blossoming spectacularly come springtime.
Its mild, pleasant fragrance and its antioxidant qualities make it a sought after flower for those in pursuit of youthful glowing skin; yet it can only be found in the wild lands where its minuscule seed is almost invisible to the human eye.
The story of the Jeju Orchid is one of resilience and vitality. It is also of beauty that endures despite hard times, where we see that although youth and beauty are fleeting, it doesn’t mean that they cannot last: one only has to start early whilst one is still young. Read on, for your journey with us to continue the pursuit of youth and beauty through the Jeju Orchid in our Orchid Beauty Affair.

Begin your skin nourishment with Orchid Skin, Orchid Enriched Essence, and Orchid Lotion. Just as the appetizer sets the tone of a meal, so should these three new products in the Orchid Line set the foundation in your daily skincare regimen.

New innisfree Makeups - Always New Auto-Liner & innisfree Real Fluid Rouge

innisfree Always New Auto-Liner (RM45.00 / 0.3g)

With just a single drawing, this new auto type eye-liner gives you the control you need to draw seamless eye lines in rich color.
Cap that Sharpens the Tip
The pencil is automatically sharpened every time you close the cap, making it as good as new.

Draw Elaborate and Exquisite Line
Elaborate and exquisite line with deep color formation and sharp tip can be achieved with a single touch.

Not only it does not smudge, it contains Vitamin E to comfort skin around the eyes. innisfree Always New Auto-Liner is available in 5 shades.

innisfree Real Fluid Rouge (RM49.00 / 3g) 

Taking inspiration from the delicious red of apples, innisfree has just come out with a whole new crop of colors to welcome the arrival of spring. This improved real liquid rouge adds vivid color and full volume to the lips to give a glossy and smooth finish.
Fuller and Plumper Lips
Its oil-in-gel type texture is specially designed to help create luscious lips in second.

innisfree Jeju Ginger Oil Anti-aging Skincare Line

I love ginger, from raw to processed, and from food to skincare. Ginger is known for its healing function since ancient years. In Ancient China, it is said that Confucius claimed never to eat a meal without ginger for extra warmth. In the 16th Century, Ginger Bread was first made when Henry VIII of England encouraged people to eat ginger in hopes of building a resistance to diseases.
In fact, Ginger does not just add a kick to your favorite recipes and serve as a healing property, it is a wonder root that deserves a lot more appreciation than it gets. innisfree has gingered up skincare with its beauty discoveries – Jeju Ginger Oil Line.
The Jeju Ginger Oil range of products is packed with high concentration of 6-Gingerol extracted from the pristine environment of Jeju. This active ingredient of ginger root helps strengthen skin’s defensive power to protect it from external harmful elements. As a new addition to innisfree anti-aging category, it has a distinct function from other lines and works particularly effective in addressing inner skin dryness.     

innisfree Ginger Oil Line products include:

1.       Ginger Oil Serum (RM132.00 / 50ml)
This Ginger Oil Serum contains 40% of ultra-fine ginger oil that are stabilized in extremely fine micro-size form that are smaller than other essence products. This is why the texture is rather light without a greasy feel despite its high oil content.
The fact that it is water-soluble has also helped skin to absorb the ginger goodness rapidly, leaving no residues on skin and is then less sticky.
Glowing skin with moisturising effect is achievable with the help of Macadamia nut oil and olive oil used in the formulation.

2.        Ginger Oil Rich Serum (RM132.00 / 50ml) 
This Ginger Oil Rich Serum contains argan oil to nourish the skin deeply. It is suitable for those with super dry skin to help keep their skin moisturized while relieving skin tightness and reducing dead skin cells.

innisfree Malaysia 1st Anniversary

Lee Min Ho, the ambassador of innisfree was here in KL again last week. Since everyone was talking about him hence today I’m gonna share my innisfree series too cause it’s somehow related to him as the brand’s ambassador. 
First, let me share about my experience at innisfree Malaysia 1st anniversary party that was happened on Sat, 5th Dec 2015. 
It was a lovely morning where invited VIPs and guests were all dressed up in green and white attire. The innisfree Malaysia 1st anniversary event was held at Taman Mahsuri, Ground Floor, The Royale Chulan KL.
It is indeed a beautiful indoor garden in the hotel that provides natural sunlight without feeling hot coz it’s air-condition.
innisfree has a Green philosophy which is the promise to preserve and protect nature by taking the time to give back to the Earth. Hence the theme of the event was “Let’s play green”. 
All of us have enjoyed an array of fun-filled Eco activities throughout the event. Read on to find out the activities OK.

Clinelle BodyFitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum

A beautiful bust line is every woman’s dream, to get your breasts feeling pampered, firmed and lifted in just 3 days is within your reach with the new Clinelle BodyFitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum, which is said as the most sophisticated “Invisible Bra” for maximum push-up effect. 

A natural and safe 3-in-1 Bust Enhancement Serum proven in 3 days

Clinelle BodyFitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum is an innovative, natural and safe, 3-in-1 bust enhancement serum that significantly promotes, firms, uplifts breasts for a more alluring bust line. The product is dermatologically tested and clinically proven, it works well to develop breasts tissues and ligaments around breast, hence replenishes and provides a firming effect to skin especially from breasts to chin area.

Clinelle Body Fitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum contains 3 key ingredients that works effectively to firm and lift bust visibly in 3 days. It is fortified with powerful ingredients imported from France, Kigeline plant extract helps to increase bust firmness and suppleness. Volufiline plant extract visibly enlarges bust, making them fuller. The serum also contains French Brown Algae which is effective in minimizing melanin formation and pigmentation of skin around nipples. Infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil, the serum is even more appealing with the relaxing scent. 
The product is a complete 3-in1 serum which works synergistically to lighten pink nipple, firm and lift bust, actively promote a fuller alluring bust line.

New! Clinelle BodyFitness Hot Body Shaper Cream

A toned and healthy-looking body in a gorgeous outfit is everyone’s desire. Clinelle, has once again accede to the wish of many, launching Clinelle BodyFitness, a new body care series that is not only keeping to the brand promise with 6 secrets to Happy Skin, but it  effectively contours body line in just a few days! Clinelle BodyFitness Hot Body Shaper Cream is the latest innovation that will realize your dream of a perfect slender body at all time.
3x Super – Strength formula, breakthrough results!

For centuries, Algae has been proven as one of the powerful ingredients that is rich in minerals and vitamins, commonly being consume by Japanese to help in detoxifying, purifying and oxygenating skin. With its potent nutritional values especially from Organic Brown Algae, Clinelle has taken a step further to use it in their latest BodyFitness range product, that is Clinelle BodyFitness Hot Body Shaper Cream.
It is certainly a breakthrough formula with 3x Super-Strength, as it contains 3 highly effective ingredients derived from Organic Brown Algae to contour your body, to reduce cellulite and to brighten your skin. The product is clinically proven to show amazing result in improving overall body shape by stimulating fat breakdown and significantly reduce fat storage.  

It is suitable for all skin types and works well on arm, thigh and tummy. Having the potent ingredients coupled with SenseHot Thermal Action, which is the built-in massage rollers, it quickly warms up the skin and immediately penetrates into the skin for maximum results. Truly easy, convenient and effective, yet natural and safe! 
Clinelle BodyFitness ambassador, Hero Tai, who is an international fitness expert cum nutritionist recommends that “Clinelle BodyFitness series of products to be used with regular exercise for better results.” He is delighted to share with all Malaysians his signature 3-minute slimming workout and other fitness tips during his recent trip here.

The New Sensation of Hydration: PAYOT Hydra 24+

It’s so hot in Malaysia these few months. The heatwave has made our day time weather to almost 40 degree celcius every day, and honestly it is killing me and my skin. My skin feels so warm and dehydrated by the boiling weather! Luckily I have discovered the new Hydra 24+ hydrating range from PAYOT Paris that gives me cooling sensation while hydrating my skin. 
PAYOT Hydra 24+ 

I was honored to be invited to the exclusive bloggers event where PAYOT Hydra 24+ was introduced. We had met the Payot international trainers, Jade Rheiner who has presented us the Hydra 24+ range products as well as some history of Payot Paris.
Payot international trainers, Jade Rheiner

PAYOT Paris was founded by Dr. Nadia Payot back in 1913. PAYOT, a Parisian Skincare brand aim to  focus on women's health as a precondition, efforts to develop new products and improved formula to ensure that products remain high-quality, highly praised the beauty industry professionals. Its complete care series, coupled with highly specialized deep treatment of advanced equipment, to provide customers with better care experience, so skin effect is more pronounced. 
This April, PAYOT will launch its new Hydra 24+ range that is suitable for all skin type and all age. It is a skincare line that moisturizes while preserving the skin’s youth and protecting it against the harmful effects of pollution. Hydra 24+ range consists the active ingredients of;
1)      Hydration – Patch H2O
The H2O Patch is the innovative combination of 3 bio-polymers of Alginate + Hyaluronic Acid + Pullulan to creates a shield to reform the skin’s barrier function while retains water on the skin surface and thus allows continuous diffusion of the active ingredients inside the skin.

2)      Youth Protection – Creatine
Creatine is a synthetic active ingredient of natural amino acids.

3)      Super Defence – Red Algae Extract
This is a high-tech concentrates of Oligofurcellaran that has a “hyaluronic acid-like” action to increases water reserves, improve water circulation and protects the skin against dehydration on the surface.

The PAYOT Paris Hydra 24+ range consists of 4 ultra-sensorial skincare products (in Malaysia);

1)      Crème Glacee
Crème Glacee is an ideal moisturizing daily care for skin prone to dryness. It comes in a pretty glass jar of 50ml.

Guardian Makeover Fair 2016 – Promotes Confidence Creation to Mark International Women’s Day

The highly anticipated Guardian Makeover is back! Themed Confidence Creation, Guardian’s annual health and beauty fair is reaching out to women in Peninsular Malaysia over three consecutive weekends. And, for the first time, the event empowering women with tips and tools to look good and stay healthy is being staged in three towns – at Putrajaya, Johor Bahru and Penang. 
Christina Low, Marketing Director of Guardian Malaysia

Speaking at launch of the fair at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya last Saturday, Christina Low, Marketing Director of Guardian Malaysia said: “We are proud to note that since 2008, thousands of women have walked into this very fair to be transformed by our team of experts. But what we do here at the fair, is more than skin deep. I have no doubt that every woman who joins this fair walks out an exuberant and more confident self. What can be more appealing than a confident woman?” 
(L-R) Peter Wong, Head of A Cut Above Academy; Jennifer Wong, Senior Mgr Corp Affairs & Events; Christina Low, Marketing Director; Christina Foo, Founder & Vince Hee, Managing Director of Make Up Puzzle

“With that in mind, and to mark International Women’s Day celebrated earlier this month, we have chosen Confidence Creation, as the theme for our makeover fair. Confidence is one of the most important qualities a woman can have. Research has shown that confidence makes you approach everything differently. The ability to see one’s self-worth undoubtedly gives the boost to handle the various challenges that life throws at us. So to all the women out there – acknowledge that you are beautiful, love yourself and make healthy choices today!” she added. 
As the country’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, Guardian has taken on a
synergistic role, encouraging not just women, but the community in general, and its
customers in particular, to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The Guardian Makeover, now
in its 9th year, is part of Guardian’s continuous efforts to empower women to take charge of
their health and well-being.

The first leg of the fair was held at Johor Bahru 2 weekends ago, where thousands participated. The fair will move to Queensbay Mall in Penang from 2-3 April 2016, where Guardian’s team of health and beauty experts are expected to assist at least another 3,000 women in confidence creation.

“SUHADA” 3D Bra by Wacoal Malaysia

It was a happening evening at The Event Hall, Isetan KLCC last Friday. Harnessing innovation in a cup, Wacoal Malaysia proudly unveiled the ingeniously designed SUHADA at the event. The presentation of SUHADA took centre stage amidst an evening of fun games, instant photo booth imaging and lucky draws for 100 invited bloggers and guests.
Beautifully comfortable, the revolutionary SUHADA reinvents the conventional techniques of
brassiere making. Made entirely wireless and feather-light, the mold cup of SUHADA is structured by an integrated elastic 3D frame.
Cushioned low within multiple layers of supple urethane, the strategic positioning of the curvy 3D frame optimises the flawless fabrication of the mold cup. This one-of-a-kind assembly enables SUHADA to bolster the bosom gently whilst seamlessly embracing bust of any form – ultimate comfort in a whole new dimension! 

Jurlique Hand Cream - Born of a Love for Nature

We always treat our skin with good skincare, what about our hands? It’s actually equally important to take good care of our hands because they easily show aging sign without proper care. 
Jurlique has re-launched their signature hand cream range in improved packaging. We were honoured to be invited to Jurlique Bloggers event at Destino Caffe, Empire Damansara where we got to learn more about their hand cream range as well as plant our very own terrarium.
I love Jurlique’s quote: Life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change.
At Jurlique, they embrace change - which is why they’re so excited to be relaunching the entire hand cream range. Their Rose Hand Cream has been a customer favourite since its creation in 1993.
Now, the relaunch of their hand creams will make them more sustainable than ever before, while keeping the same nourishing formula.
Jurlique’s new and recyclable plastic packaging:

• Reduces their environmental impact by around 28%
• Eliminates around 70% of wastage during production
Each year, their new and recyclable hand cream packaging will save:

• 1,351,000L of water
• 27,300kg of solid waste
• 40,500kg of carbon emissions
Designed to nurture the hands of those who nurture our Earth.

Nature is the heart and soul of Jurlique, so it’s no surprise that the inspiration their our hand creams came from the garden and their co-founder, Ulrike Klein. 

Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection + Price List

There are a few shops I will visit whenever I travel to South Korea, one of it is Etude House. First of all, I love its sweet pink shop a lot as well as their playful makeups and skincare range. It’s a playground for every ladies and even guys. Luckily Etude House is also available here in Malaysia. I can easily shop from their outlets situated in major shopping malls. 
Etude House Malaysia has launched the Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection which includes Makeup and Body Range at Acme South, Bangsar Village lately. I was truly thrilled to look at the pretty setups at the event venue. It was so sweet in pink and white, plus with natural sunlight; it made every corners camera ready. 
Invited medias and bloggers were lucky to meet the Etude House Makeup Artist from Korea who demo us how to put on the latest k-makeup sweet + point makeup. 
The Berry Delicious makeup look is sweet and really on point, moreover it was fast and easy, thanks to the effective and pigmented makeup products!
Not only that, we had decorated our very own waffles too! 
Sorry for not being artistic to deco a beautiful waffle -> presenting my ugly waffle lol.
Look at the beautiful waffle designed by the little bakeria aka Sabby, expert is really expert hehe.
Now, let us look into the Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection, shall we.
Strawberry Collection heralds the beginning of spring with sweet and sour flavor and aroma. It is inspired by the new cultural trend - Strawberry dessert buffet, and Sweet and sour strawberry.

Makeup Range

Etude House Any Cushion covers skin flawlessly, makes skin look matte and smooth plus expresses vibrant, bright skin. It contains pearl mineral powder (10PPM) too.

In this collection, the Any Cushion is come with sweet and cute package design.
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