Clinelle BodyFitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum

A beautiful bust line is every woman’s dream, to get your breasts feeling pampered, firmed and lifted in just 3 days is within your reach with the new Clinelle BodyFitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum, which is said as the most sophisticated “Invisible Bra” for maximum push-up effect. 

A natural and safe 3-in-1 Bust Enhancement Serum proven in 3 days

Clinelle BodyFitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum is an innovative, natural and safe, 3-in-1 bust enhancement serum that significantly promotes, firms, uplifts breasts for a more alluring bust line. The product is dermatologically tested and clinically proven, it works well to develop breasts tissues and ligaments around breast, hence replenishes and provides a firming effect to skin especially from breasts to chin area.

Clinelle Body Fitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum contains 3 key ingredients that works effectively to firm and lift bust visibly in 3 days. It is fortified with powerful ingredients imported from France, Kigeline plant extract helps to increase bust firmness and suppleness. Volufiline plant extract visibly enlarges bust, making them fuller. The serum also contains French Brown Algae which is effective in minimizing melanin formation and pigmentation of skin around nipples. Infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil, the serum is even more appealing with the relaxing scent. 
The product is a complete 3-in1 serum which works synergistically to lighten pink nipple, firm and lift bust, actively promote a fuller alluring bust line.

Based on internal test results, breasts appear fuller in 3 days* after the use of Clinelle BodyFitness, PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum. It is also observed that the elasticity of the breasts will also increase by 70%* and firmness by 50%*. Nipples colour will become lighten, soft and pink. Overall, the skin is moisturized and smooth.
*Individual result may vary

It is recommended to apply the product day and night, twice in a day for better results.

How to use Clinelle BodyFitness, PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum?

      After bath, apply product to bust and nipples from bottom up and from side to inner bust.
      Massage in a circular movements for 1-2 minutes.
      Draw you breast from below armpit inwards to the ceter of the body. Massage 1-2 minutes 
      Repeat for 3- 4 times, use twice a day in the morning and night.

In keeping with all Clinelle products, Clinelle Body Fitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum has been dermatologically tested for its tolerance and efficacy of the product has been proven and contains No Paraben.  Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. All Clinelle products are also formulated with 6 secrets to happy skin which excludes potential harmful ingredients: No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrances, No lanolin, No mineral oil, No SD-alcohol and No comedogenic ingredients. Fundamentally, all Clinelle products work effectively through an integrated Envinix™ system to free skin from rapid environmental aggressions with RX3 Action, to Repair, Refine and Reshield skin for optimized skin health and clearly visible and long term results.
Clinelle Body Fitness PushUp Bust Firming & Lifting Serum 50ml is retails at RM 69.90 and is available at AEON Wellness, Guardian, Watsons & selected independent pharmacies nationwide.

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