The New Sensation of Hydration: PAYOT Hydra 24+

It’s so hot in Malaysia these few months. The heatwave has made our day time weather to almost 40 degree celcius every day, and honestly it is killing me and my skin. My skin feels so warm and dehydrated by the boiling weather! Luckily I have discovered the new Hydra 24+ hydrating range from PAYOT Paris that gives me cooling sensation while hydrating my skin. 
PAYOT Hydra 24+ 

I was honored to be invited to the exclusive bloggers event where PAYOT Hydra 24+ was introduced. We had met the Payot international trainers, Jade Rheiner who has presented us the Hydra 24+ range products as well as some history of Payot Paris.
Payot international trainers, Jade Rheiner

PAYOT Paris was founded by Dr. Nadia Payot back in 1913. PAYOT, a Parisian Skincare brand aim to  focus on women's health as a precondition, efforts to develop new products and improved formula to ensure that products remain high-quality, highly praised the beauty industry professionals. Its complete care series, coupled with highly specialized deep treatment of advanced equipment, to provide customers with better care experience, so skin effect is more pronounced. 
This April, PAYOT will launch its new Hydra 24+ range that is suitable for all skin type and all age. It is a skincare line that moisturizes while preserving the skin’s youth and protecting it against the harmful effects of pollution. Hydra 24+ range consists the active ingredients of;
1)      Hydration – Patch H2O
The H2O Patch is the innovative combination of 3 bio-polymers of Alginate + Hyaluronic Acid + Pullulan to creates a shield to reform the skin’s barrier function while retains water on the skin surface and thus allows continuous diffusion of the active ingredients inside the skin.

2)      Youth Protection – Creatine
Creatine is a synthetic active ingredient of natural amino acids.

3)      Super Defence – Red Algae Extract
This is a high-tech concentrates of Oligofurcellaran that has a “hyaluronic acid-like” action to increases water reserves, improve water circulation and protects the skin against dehydration on the surface.

The PAYOT Paris Hydra 24+ range consists of 4 ultra-sensorial skincare products (in Malaysia);

1)      Crème Glacee
Crème Glacee is an ideal moisturizing daily care for skin prone to dryness. It comes in a pretty glass jar of 50ml.

2)      Gel-crème sorbet 
Gel-crème sorbet has light weight gel-cream texture which is perfect for oily to combination skin. It is non-sticky and leave skin smooth and refresh. Just like Crème Glacee, it is packed in a pretty 50ml glass jar.

3)      Regard Glacon
The name is very unique isn’t it? In fact, this is an eye cream pack in 15ml roll-on tube. It is ideal daily care to moisturize and revive the delicate eye contour area for all skin type.

4)      Baume-En-Masque
An intense rehydrating care to treat the skin to a hydrating bath, it is suggested to apply this cream mask once or twice a week. Apply evenly on cleansed face, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off. It could be used to sooth the skin when the skin feel pulling sensation too by leave on the mask for all night long (as a sleeping mask), and wash off next morning. Comes in 50ml tube, Baume-En-Masque is a must have in our all-year long summer weather.

All the products in PAYOT Hydra 24+ range have a unique fragrance and unparalleled textures to foster sensuality and serenity. Light, melt-in formulas with striking freshness and high concentrations of water for hydration that can be seen and experienced.
PAYOT also believes in special application ritual to boost the effects of its skincare products.

1)      Smoothing strokes to the face.
2)      Smoothing the neck.
3)      Smoothing the cheeks.
4)      Smoothing wrinkles.
5)      Drumming motions.
Customers could also enjoy Hydratation Essentielle Professional Treatment (60 minutes) at all PAYOT’s salons.  It is a moisturizing skincare experience that combines effectiveness, sensoriality, and absolute relaxation. Exceptional attention for this complete programmes includes exfoliation to eliminate dead cells and prepare the skin, the famous 42-Movement Massage and the discovery of the unique benefits in the latest-generation collagen mask. A complete treatment for a truly exceptional experience that I look forward to try.

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5 Little Angels said...

My skin looks dry and I really want to try out Gel-crème sorbet. Looks like a great product to test it out.

Janice Yeap said...

heard so much about this brand but have not tried them before. will try them out one day. :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

I need this too I think as I do have dehydrated skin.... These products definitely look very interesting....

Aliza Sara said...

I heard a lot about how good Payot is. the only thing that is stopping me, is the price T.T

Selina Wing said...

I heard it b4, but I dunno if this brand payot is good or not? Where they sell it?

FiSh said...

i love payot's products :) wanna try out their treatment next time

cindy said...

wooooo i love their product but been so long since i last use them....

Ivy Kam said...

Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

Rawlins GLAM said...

At my age, anything that can smoothen the surface is very much appreciated. Hehe

Unknown said...

haven't try this product before and heard a lot of good comments about it. will give it a try one day

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