August magazines

ifeel August, if you get from selected stores, you would get a free Bloop shimmer eyeshadow. I choosed the blue one. There is also a light pink and an orange color If you like. Don't worry if you don't get the eyeshadow because there is another freebies with every copies of Aug ifeel, which is RM10 Sakae Sushi cash voucher. RM6.50

Buy InTrend August from Borders bookstore and get a Crabtree & Evelyn lavender hand cream 25ml for free. There is also a voucher where you can buy shower gel and lotion at a promotional price. RM 7.50

Prize Won from Nuyou June 2010

Yay, I won a Ascience hamper worth RM113.20 from Nuyou Magazine June issue. It has been so long that I have never won a prize from magazines competition.

I have been hearing people raves about Ascience and now I finally have chance to try it, for FREE! Yay!

Hamper with 2 Shampoos, 2 conditioners and 2 treatments

Island holiday at Pangkor Laut Resort: Day 3

Intially I have promised my friends to join the Yoga beginner class at 8:30am on last day but I were too lazy in that morning. I ended up threw them aeroplane :P

Hubby and I went to breakfast at The Feast Village at about 9am. We had more than an hour to enjoy the breakfast before we check out at 11:30am.

While we were having breakfast, my friends came back from Yoga class at 9:30am. They said it was Fun and Nice. The Yoga guru is not playing music because they are listening to the natural waves when practising it. Hmm, sounds cool but I missed it!

After we had a cup of latte, hubby and I enjoyed some walk and photo shooting section. We also enjoyed a complimentary 5 mins neck and head massage.

We went back to the room to pack our luggages after that. We left the room at 11:30am with all the luggages inside and check out at the reception and then we waited at the library for our boat.

Once the boat was ready, the receptionist called and direct us to the jetty and say good bye to us. There were 3 workers there to wave bye bye and said "Hope to see you again". Well, I am planning to go back again for a short and relaxing holiday.

Island holiday at Pangkor Laut Resort: Day 2

The breakfast at Pangkor Laut Resort is served at Feast Village. There were quite a lot of varieties for you to choose. From local food like Roti Canai, Chinese Porridge to International food like omelets, corn flakes, Dim Sum and etc. We enjoyed our big breakfast before we went for Jungle trekking at 10:30am.

We took the easy Jungle Trek instead of the difficult one. Mr. Yip was the guide, he talked to us about the jungle before we depart from the library. Actually the journey from The library all the way to Emerald bay bypassing the jungle is short. However Yip is a very long-winded person and he talked too much.  :P  So we did not really enjoy the walk, it was hot and a lot of insects.

By the time we reached the Emerald bay, it was already 1pm+. We enjoyed the nice scenery for awhile before we had our lunch at The Chapman's Bar at 2pm.

After the long lunch, we went back to our villas by a shutter van. On the way walking back to Our villas, we passed by Jim Thompson so we had some shopping there before we went back to our villas. Jim Thompson is a Thailand brand selling Thai Silk Products, Cotton Fabrics and Accessories. Their t-shirt and bag designs are not bad, quite modern.

Hubby and I enjoyed a soak at the bath tub and I did my DIY spa then. I exfoliate my face and body, applied some masks and body butter then had a nice nap. By the time I woke up, it's already time for dinner.

I faster changed and dress up to the Feast Village to have western food dinner. That night was hot but the place we sat doesn't have a fan. Hubby sweat until his shirt was wet, we asked the waiter to put some fans to our place but one of them ignore us. Hubby was quite angry with them but lastly one of them took a fan and placed it towards us. It's really huge different how the workers treat the foreigners and the local, you could feel and see it most of the time. It was unpleasant but I wouldn't let this kind of people destroyed my holiday mood.

I enjoyed reading "Shopaholic & Baby" in the library after the dinner. It was relaxing and nice, how I wish my house could be like that.

The second day passed really fast and I enjoyed it a lot.

Review Rimmel London STAY GLOSSY lip gloss

I am very lucky to be choosen by Rimmel London to review their STAY GLOSSY lip gloss.

One is mine, another one is Tammy
The packaging is quite nice and it mentions "Up to 6 hours last & shine lip gloss" there. The lip gloss maintains 24 months lifespan once opened.

We were given 330 Dare to Stay to try. From the bottle itself, it looks quite pinkish. But when I apply it to my lips, the color changed to a lighter pink.

The brush is not bad

The gloss texture is thick fluid type thus it stays on my lips for quite awhile. The lip gloss stay on my lips even after I ate a curry puff, cool.  :P
Like the color? You could get it at major drug stores like Guardian/Watson here

Nose Warehouse Sales

This is my first time visiting Nose warehouse sales. The sales is located at Lot 691 Wisma RSH (Malaysia), Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

It's a real warehouse with quite a lot of free car parks. However, the warehouse is dark and hot. Shoes selection are little, most of them are 50% to 70% off only. With this kind of discount, I would rather buy at shopping complex where I could shop comfortably.  :/

limited shoes at RM10, one rack for one size. Size 6 & 7 is very very limited

International designer shoe available too. I saw a pair of Mary Jane from Marc by Marc Jacobs OP RM2k+,after discount still need to pay RM500++

They also clearing some bags, but most of them really old stocks
At last, I went back with empty hand, really a waste of time and petrol!

Harrods in KLCC on SALE!

One of my favorite store - Harrods is on SALE at their KLCC outlet. Harrods sales is twice a year, January and June/July.

My hauls including some very tasty biscuits in pretty tin, a bag for myself, and a classic Harrods Bear backpack in Tiffany blue for Jia Rye! 

Also bought my favorite Jaffa Cakes from Marks & Spencer. Too bad the box one is Out Of Stock for a few months already!

Island holiday at Pangkor Laut Resort: Day 1

I couldn't believe our 3D2N Island holiday at Pangkor Laut Resort has ended. It was too fast!

I have heard a lot of people praising about the resort and now I will write my own experience with it. I would try to write as much details as possible because the experience was fantastic and I truly recommended it for everyone.

We depart from KL to Sitiawan from 9am on Sunday morning. We reached Bidor at 1+ hour later, we then had our lunch at the famous Ban Chan restaurant. We had duck leg wan tan mee and White coffee. Noodle was nice but the drinks are too sweet.

We heading to Sitiawan and Lumut from Bidor after lunch. It took us 2+ hour to reach Lumut Jetty, passing a few kampungs, palm oil plantation, and coconut trees place. Pangkor Laut Resort has an office at the Jetty, you would see it once you reach the Jetty(It's on your left hand side). Once we arrived, we moved our luggages to the office and enjoyed a cold tower and drinks. Dear hubby and Jacky drove the cars to park at a private car park which cost RM8 per day, well, reasonable price and it's safe I can say.

When the speed boat was ready, the worker lead all 15 passengers to onboard the boat. In 20 minutes time, we have reached the Pangkor Laut Resort. We were greated by a few workers at Pangkor Laut resort jetty and they lead us to the reception. While we were on our way to the reception, there was a boat passing by and the guys on that boat shouted "Welcome to Malaysia"! It's funny. They must have thought we are foreigners. I have heard that people from Pangkor or other islands always passby Pangkor Laut Resort, just to have a look at the beautiful resort.

Once we reach the reception, the worker passed us some cold drinks and lead us to the library where a guy introduced us Pangkor Laut resort with a map. After the introduction, the guy checked with us If we want to have our lunch directly or we would like to check in the room first. We choosed to have our lunch later so he lead us to our Garden Villas. It is a 2 storeys building with 4 Villas. 8 of us seperated into 4 Villas and when we opened the door, we were very happy to see the clean and very nice room with air-cond switched on! I was very delighted for that because most of the hotels do not switch on electricity until you plug in the room key/card but Pangkor Laut Resort is different. They welcome you with cold and clean room.

Our room has a King size bed, a couch, TV, working table, 2 wardrobes 2 sinks(which hubby and I no need to fight for it anymore), a bathroom, a toilet, and a bathtub. We choosed the upper level unit which the bathtub is smaller but more privacy compare to the lower level unit.

After we unloaded and relax for awhile, we headed to have lunch at The Royal Bay Beach Club. The restaurant was full so we sitted outside. Our package included 2 free breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is buffet style and we could choose a starter or soup, a main course and a desert for our lunch and dinner. While we were looking at the menu, we were shocked with their price.

The food is so nice until it attracked a Monkey! There was a naughty monkey who climbed to my friend's chair and grabbed her food! We all shouted loud and the workers running out to save my friend. They throwed something to chase the monkey away and another worker removed the dish from the table. All this happened too sudden and none of us manage to take a picture or video of it. They replace the food to my friend quickly and lucky my friend was not hurt.

After lunch we took some walk in the resort. The scenery is superb and I couldn't resist to change my swim suit to swim in the swimming pool which over looking to the sea and sea villas. After swimming, we enjoyed jacuzzi and sauna at the swimming pool area.

For dinner that night, we had chosen Chinese food at Uncle Lim's restaurant. Uncle Lim is the oldest staff in Pangkor Laut resort and his restaurant is famous. We ordered seaweed seafood soup and duck spring roll as starter, then follow by 8 main courses and deserts. To our amaze, the seaweed seafood soup cost RM360 for a big bowl! It's even more expensive than having sharkfin soup in KL! Our dinner bill cost more than RM2000 for 8 of us. But the food really taste good, the prawns are big and the fishes are fresh.

After the dinner, we went back to the room with a van. There are vans to fetch us around the Island. When we reached our room, we noticed that the light at the balcony was lighted up, and they have switched on mosquito coil and put a aroma stick beside our bed. They also refilled drinking water in the room. Hubby slept quite early that day because he drove all the way and was tired. That's the end of our day 1 at Pangkor Laut Resort.

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