Review Rimmel London STAY GLOSSY lip gloss

I am very lucky to be choosen by Rimmel London to review their STAY GLOSSY lip gloss.

One is mine, another one is Tammy
The packaging is quite nice and it mentions "Up to 6 hours last & shine lip gloss" there. The lip gloss maintains 24 months lifespan once opened.

We were given 330 Dare to Stay to try. From the bottle itself, it looks quite pinkish. But when I apply it to my lips, the color changed to a lighter pink.

The brush is not bad

The gloss texture is thick fluid type thus it stays on my lips for quite awhile. The lip gloss stay on my lips even after I ate a curry puff, cool.  :P
Like the color? You could get it at major drug stores like Guardian/Watson here


Tammy said...

wow.. that's somekind of watery reflection wind shield power on ur lips!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessying said...

looks so wet-licious ! Nice onee.. wonder if after kissing , the gloss still stay or nottt.. Hahaha !!

Rimmel London Malaysia said...

let's find a man and test it out!! great idea~~maybe we can use it as the NEXT test for all our FB test the product on your man!!

Awesome!! Love the gloss...u should show us your WHOLE face with FULL MAKE UP to go gai gai mah!

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