Island holiday at Pangkor Laut Resort: Day 3

Intially I have promised my friends to join the Yoga beginner class at 8:30am on last day but I were too lazy in that morning. I ended up threw them aeroplane :P

Hubby and I went to breakfast at The Feast Village at about 9am. We had more than an hour to enjoy the breakfast before we check out at 11:30am.

While we were having breakfast, my friends came back from Yoga class at 9:30am. They said it was Fun and Nice. The Yoga guru is not playing music because they are listening to the natural waves when practising it. Hmm, sounds cool but I missed it!

After we had a cup of latte, hubby and I enjoyed some walk and photo shooting section. We also enjoyed a complimentary 5 mins neck and head massage.

We went back to the room to pack our luggages after that. We left the room at 11:30am with all the luggages inside and check out at the reception and then we waited at the library for our boat.

Once the boat was ready, the receptionist called and direct us to the jetty and say good bye to us. There were 3 workers there to wave bye bye and said "Hope to see you again". Well, I am planning to go back again for a short and relaxing holiday.

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