Herbalife SKIN Gives Me Beautiful, Healthier and Younger-Looking Skin in Just 7 Days

Nutrition Company Herbalife has expanded its product range with the launch of new skin care product line, the Herbalife SKIN in Malaysia back in June 2014. The new products are an addition to Herbalife's outer nutrition range of products that balance ingredients, botanicals, and extracts with proven science to achieve maximum daily results of beautiful, healthier, and younger-looking skin.
Herbalife SKIN products are made using a combination of Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E, and Aloe Vera to get softer, smoother, more radiant skin. It also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. They are created to replenish and rejuvenate the skin with fast and effective results. Herbalife SKIN has been clinically proven to produce visible results in just 7 days.*
Herbalife SKIN has 2 different ranges targeted for DRY skin and OILY skin. It is unisex and suitable for all skin types, with the exception of two cleansers, the Soothing Aloe Cleanser for normal to dry skin, and Polishing Citrus Cleanser for normal to oily skin. Herbalife SKIN comprises of Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Energizing Herbal Toner, Line Minimizing Serum, Firming Eye Gel, Hydrating Eye Cream, Daily Glow Moisturizer, Replenishing Night Cream, Instant Reveal Berry Scrub and Purifying Mint Clay Mask. The entire products are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free and Dermatologist tested.

I’m lucky to get the oily skin set to cater my oily combination skin concerns for review purposes. The set contains 10 new products to polish, hydrate, replenish and improve appearance of skin.

1)      Polishing Citrus Cleanser  150ml RM93.89 
Deep Cleansing microbeads refresh skin for a healthy glow. Vibrantly-scented cleanser with hints of juicy orange and grapfruit. Perfect for Normal to Oily Skin 
Clinically tested to show a reduction in the skin's sebum after just one use.* 
I like it’s light gel formula with energizing microbeads, leaves skin feeling amazingly refreshed and clean.

Peripera x Disney Frozen Makeup Collection

Peripera has launched a limited edition Peripera Disney Frozen collaboration collection. Inspired by the cute and confident queen Elsa and her cute sister Princess Anna, this collection has various products that have been designed to help create the look.
Look, I'm with the Queen Elsa and Princess Anna
Peripera x Disney Frozen Makeup Collection
The collection features 2 eye shadow kits with its purple and orange shades, beautiful and soft coloured lip tint, gel liner pencils, compact face powder that is soft and light, cushion pact, high gloss and glittering nail colours and make-up pouches.
Peripera Malaysia is running a few promotions whereby customers may collect the redemption cards which are available inside the products packaging to redeem special Frozen pouch as well as a Frozen party which will be organized at Neway, One Utama Shopping Centre in December 2014.

Beauty Box Review: Modbox November 2014

Today I’m gonna review the most affordable beauty box in Malaysia - Modbox November 2014 edition. November Modbox was came in a big parcel, which unusual lol. When I opened up the parcel, I was excited to find out that they have included a big spray along with the usual petite and cute Modbox beauty box. So what’s inside my Modbox November 2014?
1)      Rescare Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray - Full Size300ml | RM 75
The first full sized of the box is the Rescare Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray. This is an exfoliator in a spray version which could be used on both face and body. Rescare Aqua Peeling Body Exfoliating Spray is made in Korea and packed with natural plant extracts and ingredients.
How to use?

Spray onto skin after shower and gently massage in circular motion. Wash off to remove residue. Use 1 to 2 times weekly.

2)      Miacare Acne Defense Concealer Stick – Full size 1.2g | RM 24.90
The second full sized item. A dual-function concealer stick helps to treat acne and soothe redness & inflammation, while concealing it without clogging pores.

How to use?
Dab lightly on acne and blemishes until concealed.

Yankee Candle® is in Malaysia

Calling all Candle Lovers, we can now buy Yankee Candle® locally in Malaysia, woo hoo! Yankee Candle® is America's Best Loved Candle since 1969, people used to buy Yankee Candle® from the state and carry the heavy candles back to Malaysia. But it’s no more hassle now because Yankee Candle® is now available at Great Eastern Mall and Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center!
As a scent lover, I have paid a visit to the Yankee Candle® at Sunway Pyramid last week. I could smell the lovely scent from far away before I reached the kiosk. 
During the visit, I found out that Yankee Candle® is using Food grade wax and even Soy wax on some candles. The wicks are 100% cotton and lead free, and it was straighten by hand when setting the wick.
I tried almost all the scents in the store, and picked up 2 large jar candles at last. 

New! PETPET® DayPants with Super Breathable Technology

Pants diaper is becoming increasingly popular with the conveninece and comfort, it offers to both parents and babies alike. With pants diaper, wearing and changing diapers can now be done in a breeze, it’s as easy as putting on a pair of pants. Its convenience has sparked a trend in Japan followed by Korea and it’s now a hit in other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand as well as Malaysia. According to Nielsen’s research data study, the volume purchase of pants diaper in Malaysia has increased by 35% in 2013 from 2012.
PETPET® has recently introduced its new pants diaper – PETPET® DayPants that offers babies comfort with its Superior Breathable TechnologyPETPET® DayPants is made with highly breathable outer layer, which promotes air circulation inside out in keeping your baby always dry and comfortable.
Another great feature of the PETPET® DayPants is its Super Absorbent Layer that offers speedy absorbencyPETPET® DayPants absorbs urine immediately and maintains a dry surface so that the skin feels dry throughout. Though soaked, PETPET® DayPants still feels soft without the bulkiness to ensure maximum comfort without movement restriction. It also has a double layer leak guard that effectively prevents leakage. With these incredible features, babies can now enjoy longer hours of playtime. 

Foodpanda Saved Me from Starvation

Hihi, sorry for not updating this blog for a few days. I’m feeling gloomy due to the cold & rainy weather and some sad news these days. Well, I believe we all will go through time like this and we just gonna face it and move on, that’s life, right.
Now, even though I am feeling depress, I still need to eat coz I’m a human being. I am hesitate to go out from my house hence many thanks to foodpanda, that has saved me from starving because it delivers to my doorstep. (You might wondering why don’t you cook since you are in the house? Well, the problem is I don’t know how to cook :P)
foodpanda is a global online food delivery marketplace which is operating in more than 40 countries across four continents. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via the website or mobile application. There are more than 35,000 restaurants worldwide available in foodpanda.
How it works? (In details)
1)      Go to http://foodpanda.com and select your country.
2)      For people resides in Malaysia, you will be linked to http://foodpanda.com.my/
3)      Enter your city.
4)      Locate your area in the next text box.
5)      Click ‘Find restaurants >’ button for a list of available restaurants for your area.

6)      Select the restaurant by pressing  ‘ Go to menu’.
7)      Select your order by clicking the ‘+’ button.
8)      Click ‘Proceed to check out’ when your order is finalised.
9)      Select the Expedition Type and Delivery Time before clicking ‘Checkout’ button.
10)   Place order by registering an account / logon to your account.
11)   Select the delivery address and payment method.

That’s it! foodpanda processes and sends orders directly to partner restaurants, who then deliver to customers. They also have a mobile apps which could be downloaded from App Store or Play Store.

L’Oréal Professionnel MYTHIC OIL SÈVE PROTECTRICE: New Superstar Heat-Shield

Inspired by the beauty rituals of legendary Orient, MYTHIC OIL by L’Oréal Professionnel, first launched in 2011 in nearly sixty countries around the globe, has become the at-home and in-salon must have! Used backstage during the Paris, London, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, this iconic product is now part of an expanded haircare range designed to target women’s specific needs.

Frequent use of heat-styling tools and iron causes damage and extra stress, leaving the hair dull-looking, brittle, dry and unruly. It is therefore essential to protect the hair against heat damage before styling and hair straightening.

MYTHIC OIL presents SÈVE PROTECTRICE, an innovative cream that offers high performance heat defense up to 230°C / 446°F.


MYTHIC OIL SÈVE PROTECTRICE has been enriched with black cumin oil, a mythical and long-standing medicinal ingredient traditionally used at the time of the Pharaohs for its protective properties and « dressing-like » effect against burns. 

The unctuous and coating velvet texture of this balm provides matchless hair protection even at very high temperatures. Hair is protected against heat damage up to 230°C / 446°F. Unique heat shield for your hair. 

Magnum Gold Pursuit Magnum Golden Gift of BMW 3 Series to One Lucky Pleasure Seeker

First there was The Greatest Heist in Historywhere Magnum a purveyor of chocolate expertise and a luxury lifestyle introduced the Malaysian Pleasure Seekers to Magnum Gold - The world’s first golden ice cream - A luxurious soft vanilla ice cream with sea–salt caramel sauce covered in Belgian Chocolate and double coated with Gold Belgian Chocolate.
Thanks Jac for extended the invitation, we enjoyed the yummy time together ;)

Magnum Gold’s limited edition positioning was completed in true Hollywood style. A total blockbuster experience which was epitomised by the appearance of an international movie actress Caroline Correa launching the Magnum Gold ice cream, stunningly draped in a 24-carat Magnum Gold couture retailed at USD 1.3mil earlier this year. 

As a brand known for its exciting launches and parties tailored to the unique experience of each product innovation, Magnum activated Magnum Gold Pursuit, an online consumer contest from August 2014 – 31st October 2014. This contest aims to engage with consumers and reward Magnum’s loyal pleasure seekers with prizes as a way to show Magnum’s appreciation towards its consumers.
Mr. Shawn Tan, Category Head (Ice Cream) of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings

In line with the tagline As Good As Gold, Magnum Gold has gone beyond drenching pleasure seekers’ thirst with a palette of gold by rewarding them with a once in a lifetime experience. Magnum Gold Pursuit is a platform to engage the consumers’ experience of golden ice cream beyond every delectable bite. As a brand we understand each pleasure seekers’ unique indulgence and are always looking for exciting ways to enhance the Magnum experience, voiced by Mr Shawn Tan, Category Head (Ice Cream) of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.
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