Korea’s Beloved Natural Brand - innisfree is Opened at Sunway Pyramid

Annyeong-haseyo, today marks the grand opening of first ever innisfree store opening at the iconic shopping haven, Sunway Pyramid Mall. Congratulations to innisfree! Natural skin enthusiasts and beauty addicts need not travel far to Korea no more as the country’s numero uno and most trusted natural brand, innisfree is now available in Malaysia.
Herald as the much loved Asian natural skincare and beauty range, innisfree, translated literally to “pure island”, pursues the philosophy of bringing healthy beauty to your body and mind with their pure ingredients from the clean island of Jeju, Korea.
The bond between innisfree and Jeju dates back to 1979 when innisfree first began to transform what was then a rocky wasteland on Jeju into the pesticide-free green tea farm we see there today. Having started out by releasing the ‘Green Tea Pure’ line in 2008 using Jeju green tea, innisfree has by far re-imagines a total of 10 Jeju ingredients as cosmetic products, such as green tea, sea mustard, volcanic scoria, tangerine peel, green soy beans, canola, camellia, Jejubija(nutmeg),  Gotjawal phytoncide, and green barley.
According to Ms. Margaret Chin, General Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Malaysia, “innisfree is truly a thoughtful brand that is dedicated to cultivating beautiful skin for Asian women and men alike. The rage for ‘natural ingredients for natural beauty’ products has grown over the years as flawless and radiant-looking skin is highly demand here in Malaysia. We are all about celebrating natural beauty by celebrating natural products that contributes to a lesser environmental impact”.
Margaret Chin, General Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Malaysia

She adds, “from various flowers to plants, volcanic cluster to natural seaweeds and more, innisfree products boast the best of Jeju’s ingredients, which has helped the brand gain a mass following from skin naturalist not only in Korea, but also in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and now Malaysia.”
innisfree’s Brand Manager, Johnny Nam

innisfree, in fact, is no ordinary brand. According to innisfree’s Brand Manager, Mr. Johnny Nam, “This brand uses real ingredients from the beautiful island of Jeju abundantly – ensuring that their products stay true to the claim of being as natural as nature can be”. He further adds, “our biggest pride is that our products are attributed to the clean and beneficial ingredients sourced from the pristine island of Jeju. Marrying the outstanding R&D technology of AMOREPACIFIC also helps make all innisfree products a true testament towards the creation of a greener conscious beauty society.”
The Team behind innisfree Global & innisfree Malaysia

Over the years, the brand, in its effort to preserve the balance of nature, uses only low-carbon containers, 100% recyclable packaging and re-usable tangerine peel labels innovated through nature-conscious design and branding. Innisfree’s pursuit of an eco-friendly methodology has tugged at the hearts of many green consumers worldwide.
Every inch of the new innisfree store at Sunway Pyramid was not only created to relax and nurture, but also mimic the five sensory experiences found in Jeju House; which are sight, sound, touch, taste and also smell.
The 4 Free System of star products makes them free of parabens, animal ingredients, colorant and mineral oil to maximize benefits and minimize potential irritation to your skin.

Associate of innisfree Global, Alice Hong

Associate of innisfree Global, Ms. Alice Hong told the media, “Natural k-beauty advocated can definitely look forward to innisfree’s holistic 8-solutions skin care lines aimed to cater Asian’s common beauty woes. The Green Tea Line for Moisturizing; Jeju Volcanic Line for Pore Care; Eco Science White C Line for Whitening Care; Eco Science Line for Wrinkle Care; Olive Real Line for Nutrimoisturizing Care; Jeju Bija Line for Trouble Care; Soybean Firming Line for Firming & Lifting; and Jeju Orchid Line for Total Care.  The Green Tea Seed Serum, Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, and Eco Science White ‘C’ Pore Double Serum are just a few of our star bestsellers that will definitely win you over. innisfree also has men skin care range, cosmetic, body care, hair care and nail colors available.“ 
A memorable moment - Alice celebrated her Birthday in Malaysia with the media. Happy Birthday Alice!

I also heard that innisfree Malaysia will launch the baby/kids range in early 2015. I'm really looking forward to the baby range.
As part of its grand opening, innisfree is running purchase specials to rewards its patrons. The first 50 shoppers in queue will receive innisfree products worth RM 40. The other one of the main highlights innisfree’s fans should look out for are the limited edition Eco-Bag designed specifically for this Malaysia launch. Available on first come first serve basis, and while stock last for purchase made above RM 300 in a single receipt. Each bag contains special gifts such as the innisfree Green Tea Balancing kit and a limited edition Lee Min Ho photo book.
Assorted Beauty Tools are available at really affordable price.

And that’s not all! 100 of these limited edition bags also hold the ultimate rewarding surprise – the opportunity to meet the brand’s ambassador Lee Min Ho in person at innisfree Festa 2015!

There are also special launching sets which is value for money.
1.       The Green Tea Line set (RM90)
Contains The Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml + Balancing Skin 70ml + Balancing Lotion 70ml
innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum has a water-like texture. The serum boasts a five-times-better moisturising power after use and increases the moisture content inside the skin up to 66% while decreasing the amount of dead skin cells by 76% - keeping your face effortlessly crystal clean. The first serum to plant moisturizing seed in your skin, the evident boosting effects speak for itself through its multi-award winning repuration as Korean women's most beloved mosturizing serum.
2.       Super Volcanic Pore Line set (RM52)
Contains Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 100ml + Pore Cleansing Foam 30ml + Pore Toner 70ml
innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a soft-textured pore purifying mask effective for sebum control and overall improvement of the complexion.
In fact, in lieu of the upcoming holiday festivities, why not drop by the innisfree store today and pick up a gift of nature from Jeju, for that someone special of yourself to enjoy.
Assorted innisfree masks available, price starts from RM 4 only!
Pamper your hands with innisfree Hand Cream, each 30ml is selling at RM 15 only.
Interesting. Found this beauty tool sterilization in the store, which is free of charge I heard
innisfree is at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
G1.70, Ground floor (Orange zone)
For more information, follow innisfree on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS


Miera Nadhirah said...

Saw this when I was in Singapore... could not miss it as there was a pic of Lee Min Ho there also and being a big fan of his, my daughter was quick to point it out.. how nice that it is here already... I want to try too!!!


Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Yeah Miera, glad that innisfree, the Natural brand from Korea is finally available at our shore too. :)

Myra said...

Finally! I've been planning to get some products from the brand from Singapore but now I don't have to! Definitely gonna try that Volcanic Mask - best seller item if not mistaken.
Thanks for sharing the love, Wai Yee!
Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

I know right! And the best part is the price in Malaysia is cheaper than in Singapore!

Unknown said...

I have no time to visits innisfree yet..it is my most favorite Korean brand since i've been to Korea. Finally i dont have to preorder again from online Malaysian seller who of course marked up i don't know how many percent.

Hi there!


Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hi Amera, yes it's so good that they are opened in Malaysia. Not only we can buy the authentic products with no mark up, but we can also play with them in the store ^ ^

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