Bossini provides creative platform for 4 local pop idols FS, Alvin Chong and Eric Lin to showcase their design talents

In conjunction with the release of ‘The Dream Boyz’, a local movie production, Bossini collaborates with 4 dashing singer-actors for a collection of graphic tees designed exclusively for this movie.
Established in 1987 with its first ever retail outlet in Hong Kong, the Bossini brand has since been rapidly expanding its operating platform and distribution networks to over 1,000 stores in 40 countries, including Malaysia. Bossini entered the Malaysian fashion scene in 2005, providing Malaysians –young and old, of all walks of life - good quality, casual wear apparels that customers could easily mix and match with. The collections are colourful and energetic, and always value for money, staying true to Bossini’s brand culture.
This year, Bossini Malaysia embarked on its first local movie collaboration, with a film full of youthful energy, fun and happiness, entitled ‘The Dream Boyz’. The movie revolves around a group of friends from the drama club in their schooling years, who were working on a dream project together. The dream project was not completed due to unforeseen circumstances, and the group soon graduated and went their separate ways. But this dream was never forgotten. All it took was a spark, and effort to gather the rest of the group, igniting the passion to complete their dream project.
Through this partnership, Bossini also invited four actors from the movie, FS (Fuying & Sam), Alvin Chong and Eric Lin to design 4 prints in a collection of graphic tees made solely for ‘The Dream Boyz’. In relation to the movie, the collection theme required these 4 artists to define what ‘dream’ meant to them. The resulting prints allow fans a little insight into the creative thought process of their favourite idols aside from being able to own exclusive merchandise designed by these stars.
These specially designed tees will be available at all Bossini outlets nationwide. To celebrate the launch of this collection, Bossini had hold a press conference at Bossini’s outlet in Pavilion KL. Cast members of ‘The Dream Boyz’, FS (Fuying & Sam), Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong, Eric Lin, Rayz Lim and Joe Chang have been invited to share their ideas and inspirationbehind their individual designs, as well as the movie as a whole. Famed director, Ryon Lee has also be gracing the event.
Bossini is proud to be able to support the growing local film scene through sponsorship of this movie. The movie itself stars 8 young, talented and rising local artists and is helmed by acclaimed director, Ryon Lee whose previous successes include The Journey, Woohoo, The Great Day and Nasi Lemak 2.0. Bossini confidently believes in the charisma and notable achievements of the director as well as this group of young idols.
Sharing the video that I captured during the press conference where Fu Ying & Sam sang their hit song - 可不可以你也刚好喜欢我

The Dream Boyz’ story aims to inspire the young people aside from instilling great moral values. The movie evokes feelings of youthfulness and happiness and the young are encouraged to dream big, cherish their friendships and have courage to pursue their dreams, very much in line with Bossini’s tagline, be happy!

The Dream Boyz’ will be released in cinemas nationwide on 12 February 2015.

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