Terrific Teriyaki Treats and Take It Home Feast at Kenny Roger's ROASTERS

Crave for a gastronomic grilling experience but do not have a griller at home? Fret not as the family favourite, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS introduces the latest range of grilled dishes, the Terrific Teriyaki Treat!
Marinated with the special teriyaki sauce with herbs and spices, you can opt for a chicken steak that is grilled to perfection or indulge in the delicious and savoury chicken whole leg, complemented with various side dishes of your choice!
The T-Wrapped Chicken meal includes a serving of aromatic rice, a bowl of mushroom chicken soup and topped-off with a Kenny's homemade muffin, is prices at RM 18.50
For rice lovers, the T-Chic rice features sliced and grilled teriyaki chicken breast served with aromatic rice and mushroom chicken soup; while the T-Chic steak comes with a grilled chicken breast along with a choice of 3 sides - specially catered to those on a protein diet. There is also a 'lite' option for this meal, with a choice of 2 dies instead. For the mor ehealth--concious, the T-Chic salad features sliced teriyaki steak on a bed of salad, served with Mushroom chicken soup. Priced from RM 12.90 onwards, these hearty meals are sure to satisfy the cravings of chicken-lovers everywhere.

For more information on Terrific Teriyaki Treats and Take It Home Feast at Kenny Roger's ROASTERS, visit any KRR restaurant or contact 03-21199888.

You can also visit http://www.krr.com.my/ or connect to www.facebook.com/KRR.my

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