Magnum Gold Pursuit Magnum Golden Gift of BMW 3 Series to One Lucky Pleasure Seeker

First there was The Greatest Heist in Historywhere Magnum a purveyor of chocolate expertise and a luxury lifestyle introduced the Malaysian Pleasure Seekers to Magnum Gold - The world’s first golden ice cream - A luxurious soft vanilla ice cream with sea–salt caramel sauce covered in Belgian Chocolate and double coated with Gold Belgian Chocolate.
Thanks Jac for extended the invitation, we enjoyed the yummy time together ;)

Magnum Gold’s limited edition positioning was completed in true Hollywood style. A total blockbuster experience which was epitomised by the appearance of an international movie actress Caroline Correa launching the Magnum Gold ice cream, stunningly draped in a 24-carat Magnum Gold couture retailed at USD 1.3mil earlier this year. 

As a brand known for its exciting launches and parties tailored to the unique experience of each product innovation, Magnum activated Magnum Gold Pursuit, an online consumer contest from August 2014 – 31st October 2014. This contest aims to engage with consumers and reward Magnum’s loyal pleasure seekers with prizes as a way to show Magnum’s appreciation towards its consumers.
Mr. Shawn Tan, Category Head (Ice Cream) of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings

In line with the tagline As Good As Gold, Magnum Gold has gone beyond drenching pleasure seekers’ thirst with a palette of gold by rewarding them with a once in a lifetime experience. Magnum Gold Pursuit is a platform to engage the consumers’ experience of golden ice cream beyond every delectable bite. As a brand we understand each pleasure seekers’ unique indulgence and are always looking for exciting ways to enhance the Magnum experience, voiced by Mr Shawn Tan, Category Head (Ice Cream) of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

The contest was open to everyone through the purchase of a Magnum ice cream (90ml). By keying in the 13 digit alphanumeric code found on the Magnum ice cream stick, pleasure seeker would either be rewarded with a Magnum Gold coin or stand a chance to win the grand prize, a BMW 3 Series.  
In order to compete for the grand prize, pleasure seekers had to participate in the online vault game and open the Magnum Gold Pursuit Vaults to discover hidden Magnum Gold coins. The top 20 scorers from the online game competed for the grand prize at the Magnum Gold Pursuit grand finale.
MAGNUM GOLD Pursuit grand finale top 10 finalists

The 20 finalists were put through 3 stages of individual mind and physical game challenges against time. The challenge was crafted in line with “The Greatest Heist in History” concept where the ultimate challenge for them is to break into the Magnum Gold Vault to win the grand prize at the final stage. The first stage required them to solve a blue print puzzle leading to a secret code enabling them to unlock a door to pass through to the 2nd stage. Only 10 finalists made it to the 2nd stage and each of them were introduced to the media and guests before proceeding to their challenge.
Members of the media and guests were given the opportunity to experience the high adrenaline rush of “The Greatest Heist in History” final two stages through a live feed during the event. The second stage put them in booby-trapped compound where they were required to deactivate the bomb. In order to do so each finalist needed to take the bomb with them from the start going through three obstacles and detonating the bomb at the finish line.
“The Golden Girl”, Lexie Rodriguez as the event emcee 

Mr. Fung Yoke Yan, 26 years old, Ms. Ann See Peng, 24 years old and Mohd Hafiz Bin Othman, 29 years old, made it through to the final stage where they are required to unlock the Magnum Golden Vault and win a gift of gold – The BMW 3 Series.  The chase came to a close after Mr. Fung Yoke Yan managed to decode the Magnum Golden Vault with four alphanumeric code 4260 – which also represents a total of 4 million 260 thousands sticks of Magnum ice cream that had been sold since its introduction. The grand prize of a BMW 3 series was showcased in the ballroom. Mr. Shawn Tan presented the grand prize winner with the key to the car and a consolation prize of a 2gm Magnum Gold Coins of 99.9% gold purity to the other finalists.
The Magnum Gold Pursuit grand prize winner and finalists then celebrated the experience As Good As Gold at the Magnum Solid Gold Party. Emcee of the night - Lexie Rodriguez and other esteemed guests were treated with gold inspired desserts and As Good As Gold music by the dynamic Danger Disko spinning top disco house remixes of today’s hits. Personalities such as Fairuz Fauzy (Director, Mofaz group of companies), Bon Zainal Harun (Vice President, Bumiputera Designer Association), radio personality – Linora Low, international model Wilson Tan and Dian Sharlin were present to grace the event. 
L to R: Linora Low (Radio personality), Wilson Tan & Dian Sharlin (models)

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