Fahrenheit88 celebrates “A Pop Up Christmas” with Doraemon, Santa, Carolers and More…

Gear up for the holiday mood and step in to a whirlwind of Christmas festivities at fahrenheit88 from 15th Nov 12 till 1st Jan 13. Embrace the warmth, jolly good times and excitement as the mall celebrates “A Pop Up Christmas” featuring Doraemon, Santa, Carolers and More.
Along the bustling street of Jalan Bukit Bintang, be instantly drawn towards the gigantic 20 feet inflatable Doraemon Balloon strategically situated by the side entrance of fahrenheit88, greeting and welcoming shoppers.
Enchoing the pop concept, the Christmas decorations at fahrenheit88 radiate with a pop of color from green, red, gold, purple, pink and the iconic Doraemon blue.

Set your gaze upon the main entrance as strings of glistering Christmas lights adorn the 20 feet majestic pillars setting a kaleidoscopic background to the delightful purple and pink Christmas trees.

Doreamon Chrismas display and 20 feet purple Christmas tree standing magnificently at the Atrium

Be ready to celebrate the magic of this season with Christmas traditions of green garlands and red poinsettias as well as a pop of modern animated décor with Doraemon, the adorable animation character that has captured the hearts and imaginations of many around the World and in Malaysia.

Doraemon Christmas tree, cute isn't it? ;)

Malaysia Tatler & Tatler Homes Freebies

Spotted Malaysia Tatler and Tatler Home December issue which come with freebies at MPH Bookstores at Mid Valley Megamall and Bangsar Village 1.
Free 30ml Sothys Cherry Blossom and Lotus Escape Shower Cream with Malaysia Tatler November issue, which is selling at RM 15.
Free 35g Jasmine or Tubereuse Scented Diptyque Candles with every copy of Malaysia Tatler Homes Nov-Dec 2012 issue. Malaysia Tatler Homes is selling at RM 20.

Beautiful gift sets for Christmas 2012 from Kanebo Lunasol

Merry Christmas! The Season of Joy is approaching very soon.
Would you like to Indulge in a luxurious range of cosmetics products this Christmas with Kanebo Lunasol?

Kanebo Lunasol PARTY COFFRET is an annual festive coffret set for X’mas. Lunasol Purifying Makeup for X’mas 2012 features rich golden shimmer. With rich shades and shimmer, this elegant and classy purifying makeup is perfect for the party season.
What's in the Kanebo Lunasol PARTY COFFRET 2012?

Lunasol Party Eyes SG (EX01 Shiny Gold Brown)
Lunasol Creamy Cheek SG (EX01 Beige Red)
Liunasol Full Glamour Gloss N (EX22 Shiny Gold Beige Red)
Lunasol High Stylized Mascara N (01 Clear Black)
And a Lunasol Original Pouch

You could get all these at RM248 only, so worth it!

Next, let me introduce you Kanebo FACE UP POWDER >. Kanebo FACE UP POWDER is a limited and collectable compressed face powder introduced with different theme and design every year.
The steady popularity of the MILANO COLLECTION over the years can be credited to the outstanding designs. Since the original release in 1991, the annual editions have been fashioned in new variations of the lofty goddess and angels motif. MILANO COLLECTION still claims the spotlight with high added value and changing designs every year.

Today, MILANO COLLECTION is the No. 1* brand of face powder in Japan.

KANEBO FACE UP POWDER owes its high popularity to a unique fusion of translucent, clear finish and remarkable coverage lasting for hours on end. This rare combination – a crystallization of decades of know-how in powder technology - underpins the brand ever since its initial release more than twenty years ago.

The elegant, golden colored container is decorated with a motif that changes from one year to the next. The same motif as that used on the lid is imprinted on the surface of the powder itself. The intricate, classical form conveys the image and beauty of a true work of craftsmanship.

The motifs for year 2013 edition are “Angel of blessings” as a symbol of divine providence, and “Rosemary”, a herb that conveys the image of tranquil strength. With this motif, Kanebo Cosmetics intends to convey its sincere hope that the blessings of heaven may be bestowed on the disaster-stricken people in the world.

Kanebo FACE UP POWDER is SPF 14, PA ++ is selling at RM 328.

*According to an Intage SRI survey for the total value of sales between April 2011 and March 2012.

The Look of Love - Lancôme Make-up Collection Spring 2013

Spring is the season of pure pleasure. Senses awaken while emotions blossom and life is infused with the colour of bright pop pink. Lancôme captures the colourful wave of spring with the new collection In Love.

Pop shades drawn from street-art murals and vibrant tones of nature flirting with an urban spirit. The neon glimmer of city signs with the pastel tones of balcony flowers... Springtime hues resonate in time with the pulse of the capital, while emotions stir in resounding vibrancy ... Passion blossoms in all its radiant intensity. In Love tells the electrifying story of a resolutely urban breed of springtime joy. When love is lived in technicolor.


Colourful yet easy to wear for all skin tones, the In Love collection resolutely embraces springtime city style. Vibrant shades inspired by the light of spring (neon pink and coral predominate, complemented by turquoise and violet) contrast with the luminous pastels of urban nature in abundant renaissance (rose petal, almond green...). Shades range from daring to soft, from electric to sweetly sensual... No colour combination is off-limits. There‟s just one rule: freshness in pure pop hues!   Frenchy & trendy... Toile de Jouy reinvented by Lancôme

L’OCCITANE Spells The Magic Cast of Provence This Christmas with Two New Limited Edition Fragrance Collections: Magical Leaves & Marvellous Flowers

Abracadabra! As Christmas approaches, the time has come for L’OCCITANE to cast a festive spell over us. And spellbound L’OCCITANE shall be, captivated by two new fragrance collections. To step into the legend, allow yourself to fall under the spell of the sparkling, luminous compositions of the Fragrance Merchant. The limited-edition faceted bottles, dedicated to Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves, will capture everyone’s heart this Christmas.
The Legend On The Fragrance Merchant and The Wild Olive Tree

In Provence, the mythical Fragrance Merchant is known as a magician of sorts thanks to his wondrous fragrance creations.L’OCCITANE's legend takes place in December, on a cold winter’s night, when the Fragrance Merchant joins his peers for the winter solstice celebrations. Their meeting point is on the edge of the forest, and the young man is the first to arrive.

Suddenly, his eyes are drawn to a ray of light and he steps into the thick undergrowth of the forest to find where it comes from. Little does he realise that with every step he takes, a trail of spring flowers blossoms in his wake.
The dead leaves begin to turn green and nature starts to breathe life again. Suddenly, he spots a wild, thousand-year-old olive tree bathed in light amidst the oak trees. The Fragrance Merchant reaches for a gilded wooden wand lying at the foot of the tree but as he grasps it, the wand slips out of his hands and lodges into the trunk of the tree. Within moments, the tree is covered with young green shoots, releasing the scents of verbena and hazel. Soon the branches are enveloped in garlands of fragrant pink flowers. The legend of the perfumed forest spreads to the four corners of the world, telling folk everywhere of two new fragrant accords: Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves.

With the festive season approaching, L’OCCITANE has chosen to house its new fragrances in precious, faceted bottles that reflect the shine and sparkle of Christmas. As for the boxes, pink was chosen for Marvellous Flowers, green for Magical Leaves. Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’OCCITANE decorated the boxes for both collections with a shower of shimmering stars because after all, to create a fragrance, you have to be a magician!

Why we need Cellnique’s new Intensive Hydrating Cream

Christmas is coming in a month time, Yay! I know we all can’t wait to join the Christmas parties and night out with our buddies in town, so do I. And I’m sure we all want to look and feel good when it comes to party, and especially when we are going to meet our Mr. charming in the party. Wink ;)

However, with the late night hang outs, the fried/roasted food plus alcohol drinks, our skin will become dry and dull easily. If we don’t take care of our skin seriously, even a thousand ringgit makeup will not turn us into party queens because the makeup would not be stay on our skin. Just imagine a dry desert that’s cracked, like our skin that is less moisture and full of wrinkles.  :(
That’s why we all need Cellnique’s new Intensive Hydrating Cream to rescue us from dry and dull skin. It has a rich textured cream that deeply hydrate, nourish and soften the skin. It provides instant relief for dry and dehydrated skin. It also helps to replenish and restore skin maintain the skin ideal level of hydration.

Maybe you’d ask, there are so many products out there, but why Cellnique's new Intensive Hydrating Cream? Well, it’s because Cellnique's new Intensive Hydrating Cream has these 3 main active ingredients that others don’t have.

Ceramide I, III, 6 II & Phytosphingosine

• Supplements skin's own mositure-trapping lipids

• Deeply nourishes & moisturise the skin

• Strengthen the hydrolipidic film to help retain the moisture and reduce TEWL

• Skin feels cocooned and insulated from the daily aggressors


• The presence of trehalose in plants is one of the reasons why a barren desert blooms after a rain

• Hydrates skin and helps retain the natural structure of skin

• Protects skin from potentially damaging climatic conditions

Hyaluronic Acid

• Powerful water-binding agent, absorb and hold water up to 1,000 times of its own weight

• Important in tissue hydration and lubrication

• Locks in moisture - gives the skin a youthful appearance

Furthermore, the Cellnique's new Intensive Hydrating Cream is price affordable at RM 189 for 50ml. I would put generous amount of Cellnique's new Intensive Hydrating Cream to my skin so that my skin is supple and soft, ready to put on makeup anytime any day and ready to party all night long!

For more information about Cellnique, please visit
Official Website: http://www.cellnique.my/

Discover the Best of Britain directly from Bintang Walk - Stairway to Debenhams

Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate city center destination for the best in fashion, combines with Debenhams to bring the latest British designers style closer to their customers by connecting the biggest Debenhams in Malaysia straight to Bintang Walk.
It is just another occasion in which YTL continues to enhance Bintang Walk after starting the transformation from a criminal infested area 13 years ago into Kuala Lumpur’s main shopping district. The launch of the new escalator is the first of its kind on Bukit Bintang as Starhill Gallery now allows convenient access to visitors straight to Debenhams directly from the street.

Encapsulated by a sleek glass frame which complements the contemporary design of Starhill Gallery, the air conditioned escalator entrance brings visitors to new heights from Bintang Walk in comfort. The escalator will take visitors straight into Debenhams at Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor where they will be thrust into the latest Britain fashion.
In addition to the ‘Stairway to Debenhams’, Starhill Galerry is also set to launch the Debenhams Café which is available in different sections of Starhill Gallery. Guests can choose to relax with a cup of traditional British tea in the open air ambience of Bintang Walk at the foot of the escalator or on Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor right outside Debenhams, making it the perfect place to go after an exhilarating shopping experience.

Get Rocking with Rich, Jewel Lips - Maybelline the Jewels

This Fall/Winter 2012, fashion takes on a rich, jewel tone. From Paris to Milan, London to New York, designers sent models down the runway in luscious plums, amazing amethyst and deep wines so breathtakingly beautiful.

Taking a nod from fashion, Maybelline New York lets you embrace this hot color trend with its latest range of Color Sensational lipsticks. Always ahead of makeup trends, the No. 1 makeup brand in the world and in Malaysia introduces its most rich and rocking range of lipstick ever – The Jewels by Color Sensational!
Six beautiful lipsticks in deep jewel shades. Each one so rich, illuminated and modern so you can rock the new jewel deep color lip trend. Yet again, as the global authority in makeup colors, Maybelline New York sets the trend for this season’s deep, rich sultry lips that will surely turn heads your way.
Deep colors are often challenging to wear, with hues sometimes too dark that they appear gothic-like and formulas too matte that they leave a harsh-looking finish on the lips. It’s no wonder why many women shy away from colors like plum, maroon and dark violet when it comes to lipsticks.

I was given Maybelline The Jewels in 1432 Rose Quartz to try
Maybelline The Jewels in 1432 Rose Quartz Swatch
But all that is about to change with Maybelline New York’s The Jewels lipstick. Thanks to a revolutionary formula and take on deep colors, The Jewels lipstick goes on smoothly and creamy on your lips, leaving behind an illuminated finish that’s both sultry and luminous. It’s all thanks to a brand new color technology and nourishing ingredients. Thanks to pure undiluted jewel-lucent pigments in The Jewels color technology, light is able to penetrate through the lipstick to create a high-shine finish like never before. Color looks dark yet luminous, appearing almost jewel-like on your lips!
Combine this with Color Sensational’s nourishing ingredient of honey nectar, and lips get the creamiest and softest treatment. With its antioxidants and minerals, honey nectar protects and smoothens lips for a fine and soft texture, making The Jewels a lipstick that is never too dry for your lips. Instead, this sumptuous lipstick melts instantly on your lips, sealing in the moisture and leaving behind a stunning finish all day long!
Thanks to pure undiluted jewel-lucent pigments in The Jewels color technology, light is able to penetrate through the lipstick to create a high-shine finish like never before.

The Jewels by Color Sensational comes in six captivating jewel shades, each one with a deeply illuminated color for a striking finish. From a ruby pink shade to a shocking violet hue, you’ll find just the right jewel tone with The Jewels by ColorSensational to rock a new lip attitude. This gorgeous range of jewel lipsticks is an addition to the existing 10 stunning shades in Color Sensational lipsticks, making it a complete collection of luscious, bright and maximised lip colors. Available at all Maybelline New York counters nationwide September 2012 onwards for a recommended retail price of RM29.90.
Rock your lips in rich jewel tones so luminous, so sultry.

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

All-natural healing oil reaches Malaysian shores – Marula Oil

Do you know what these are? They are the kernels (nuts) of the Marula tree. They could be extracted to Marula oil which is traditionally used in cosmetics. Marula oil, an East African product long-renowned for its superb anti-aging and healing properties, is now available in Malaysia as part of the Leakey Collection.
Thanks to Fiona, I and some blogger fellows had the chance to meet the co-founder of Marula oil, Mr. & Mrs. Leakey in a lovely morning last month at Delicious, Mid Valley.

Mr Philip Leakey has very interesting background, he was raised in both Kenya and Tanzania, and in 1979 became the first and only white Kenyan elected to Parliament. In 2002, Philip founded the Leakey Collection with his wife, Katy. Mrs. Katy Leakey was born and raised in southern California and relocated permanently to Kenya in 2001. They are friendly and down-to-earth, and have shared a lot of wild experience with us during the blogger event.
Now, back to the core product, the Marula oil. Marula Oil is wild-harvested from marula nuts in East Africa and cold-pressed to retain its full goodness. Marula Oil is an all-natural product of the Leakey Collection, a lifestyle company focusing on fair trade enterprises.

Recall your timeless baby skin with K.I.S.S.E.D by Kinerase®

Ageing is an inevitable process, and women are taking more active steps to age beautifully. Everyone ages; The growing importance of ageing well & beautifully. Do you want to recall your baby skin where there are no photo-damaged, wrinkles; skin is as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white, and no pigmentation?
Leading professional cosmeceutical brand, Kinerase®, started its mission to help Asian women realize their desire for timelessly beautiful skin, with Asia’s largest clinical study - the Kinerase® Innovative Skincare Study (K.I.S.S trial).
Over the 12 week K.I.S.S trial, 275 patients in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan were assessed by 30 physicians over regular intervals at week 4, 8 and 12. Their aim was to test the effectiveness of Kinerase® Cream containing 0.1% Kinetin in enhancing Asian complexion on real patients, with inspiring results.

After just 12 weeks, patients and physicians were at most to see an improvement of fine wrinkles by 38%. Other benefits included a 37% reduction in skin blotchiness, 36% reduction in skin roughness and 34% improvement in overall skin condition.
In Malaysia, the results from the patients were effective with the following skin improvement:

I. 97% of patients reported a reduction in the severity of photo-damaged skin

II. 96% of patients reported a reduction in skin roughness

III. 97% of patients had a reduction in mottling/ blotchiness/ pigmentation

IV. 89% of patients witnessed a reduction in fine wrinkles

This is a marked improvement on earlier Kinetin studies conducted in America, where dermatologists reported an improvement of fine wrinkles on Caucasian skin by 13%, demonstrating the increased efficacy of Kinetin for Asians.

Conducted under strict biomedical perimeters, 98% of Asians who participated in the cosmeceutical K.I.S.S trial described their experience with Kinerase® as positive, with skin looking healthier, younger and suppler. They also reported that skin roughness, mottling, blotchiness, brown spots and fine wrinkles were significantly diminished within 12 weeks of using Kinerase® Cream.

The K.I.S.S Trial is the first time a cosmeceutical brand has conducted an Asian-specific study, and the results assure patients and physicians of the efficacy and safety of Kinetin on Asian skin.
98% of patients experienced a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin benefits after 12 weeks of using Kinerase®.

Avon introduces City Rush Fragrance - "For the Love of Reinventing the Runway"

Avon introduces City Rush Fragrance on the first day of November, a floral oriental scent that captures the essence of a metropolitan woman. 
Avon City Rush Fragrance launch was held at Luna Bar KL.
Powerful. Confident. Stylish. City Rush is the sophisticated new fragrance for women that inspire strength and sensuality. Avon, a leader in fragrance since the late 1800s, proudly introduces a sultry fragrance that exudes confidence to the metropolitan women.

All eyes are on you. City Rush is designed for the confident and bold woman that stands out from the rest, in the rich, fast metropolitan landscape. It’s warm notes projects a modern sense of style and a personality to match. City Rush is a fragrance that embodies this sense of empowerment and alluring sex appeal.
Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Managing Director of AVON & the emcee
During the launch, Avon announced that globally known as a model, actress, musician, and mother - Milla Jovovich (pronounced Mee-la Yo-vo-vich) is the stunning face of City Rush Fragrance for women. Her fashion roots and philanthropic goals epitomize the stylish confidence of the City Rush woman. 
Beautiful Scha Alyahya at the Avon City Rush Fragrance at Luna Bar.
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