Beautiful Skin in a Bottle: Aqualabel Special Gel Cream

Skin is the largest organ and most expose to environment and most affected our appearance, does your skin aged faster than you?

Aqualabel Special Gel Cream contains highly concentrated Collagen GL, W Hyaluronic acid, and Plum extract. It's Color free Jelly like rich cream penetrates into skin as it's melting into your skin.

The jar is sealed from Japan
It is packaged with a white cap
Collagen is a protein that is in the skin naturally, it can be soft and fibrous, gives the skin a firm texture and keeps it soft and supple.

Collagen provide the foundation for skin. Collagen cushions and supports epidermis, preventing it from collapse on muscles and bones.

Also, collagen is excellent water binders, keeping skin supple and hydrated. When skin has sufficient hydration, it stays smooth without lines.

Collagen helps in many ways, it helps to rebuild the cell structure and gives skin the firmness of younger skin. It helps to smoother the surface of the skin and gives the appearance of hydrate, healthy skin. It naturally depletes over time, so our skin, particularly on our face, loosens and loses its bloom and freshness.

Do you know what Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Up to 30% of protein in body is collagen and up to 70% protein in connective tissue are collagen.
Color free Aqualabel special gel cream

I quite like Aqualabel Special Gel Cream scent as it's mild and refreshing. It
instantly penetrate into keratin with watery texture. After the application, supple, resilient skin from within that you feel your skin pushes back when you touch your skin.
Jelly like gel cream
Instantly penetration and smoother my skin
Aqualabel Special Gel Cream comes in a big jar, which is 90g selling at RM 89.90.

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