L’OCCITANE Spells The Magic Cast of Provence This Christmas with Two New Limited Edition Fragrance Collections: Magical Leaves & Marvellous Flowers

Abracadabra! As Christmas approaches, the time has come for L’OCCITANE to cast a festive spell over us. And spellbound L’OCCITANE shall be, captivated by two new fragrance collections. To step into the legend, allow yourself to fall under the spell of the sparkling, luminous compositions of the Fragrance Merchant. The limited-edition faceted bottles, dedicated to Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves, will capture everyone’s heart this Christmas.
The Legend On The Fragrance Merchant and The Wild Olive Tree

In Provence, the mythical Fragrance Merchant is known as a magician of sorts thanks to his wondrous fragrance creations.L’OCCITANE's legend takes place in December, on a cold winter’s night, when the Fragrance Merchant joins his peers for the winter solstice celebrations. Their meeting point is on the edge of the forest, and the young man is the first to arrive.

Suddenly, his eyes are drawn to a ray of light and he steps into the thick undergrowth of the forest to find where it comes from. Little does he realise that with every step he takes, a trail of spring flowers blossoms in his wake.
The dead leaves begin to turn green and nature starts to breathe life again. Suddenly, he spots a wild, thousand-year-old olive tree bathed in light amidst the oak trees. The Fragrance Merchant reaches for a gilded wooden wand lying at the foot of the tree but as he grasps it, the wand slips out of his hands and lodges into the trunk of the tree. Within moments, the tree is covered with young green shoots, releasing the scents of verbena and hazel. Soon the branches are enveloped in garlands of fragrant pink flowers. The legend of the perfumed forest spreads to the four corners of the world, telling folk everywhere of two new fragrant accords: Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves.

With the festive season approaching, L’OCCITANE has chosen to house its new fragrances in precious, faceted bottles that reflect the shine and sparkle of Christmas. As for the boxes, pink was chosen for Marvellous Flowers, green for Magical Leaves. Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’OCCITANE decorated the boxes for both collections with a shower of shimmering stars because after all, to create a fragrance, you have to be a magician!

A Floral Fruity Legend with Rose Absolute & Peony Extract That Gives A Spellbinding Scent
«As if under a spell, the branches of the great olive tree become covered in pink flowers. With this unexpected blossoming, the spellbinding floral and fruity scent of Marvellous Flowers spreads throughout the forest.»
Taken from the legend of the Fragrance Merchant
MARVELLOUS FLOWERS is a joyful marriage of both flower and fruit. This fragrance for women evokes the scent of rose and peony garlands as they burst into bloom, heightened by a dash of sparkling red berries. It’s a scent that can be enjoyed in different forms: Eau de Toilette, Shimmering Body Oil, Body Cream, Hand Cream, Shower Gel and Perfume Soap. Christmas is all about generosity, and L’OCCITANE’s irresistible gift boxes come together like a generous bouquet.

1) EAU DE TOILETTE (Limited Edition - 75ml spray, RM184)
The union of flower and fruit…. Held in a faceted glass bottle, this fragrance for women evokes a bouquet of Roses and Peonies with a dash of sparkling Red Berries.

The perfect gift for: A woman or even for yourself!
When: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the festive season.
Olfactory family: Floral – Fruity.
Head notes: The sparkling freshness of pink grapefruit and red berries.
Heart notes: A luminous bouquet of roses and peonies.
Base notes: A touch of white wood and musk.

2) INTENSE EAU DE TOILETTE ROLL-ON (Limited Edition - 10ml roll-on, RM95)
We all love a bit of fairy magic so L’OCCITANE has designed a special magic wand for its concentrated
version of the Marvellous Flowers fragrance. Abracadabra! Perfectly portable, it allows you to apply a touch of intense scent anytime, anywhere, so you can perfume your skin with a bouquet of Marvellous Flowers.

3) SHIMMERING OIL (Limited Edition - 75ml bottle, RM110)
Held in a pretty faceted bottle, this beauty oil performs marvels… It can be used on both the hair and body, to nourish, perfume and give a stunning satiny finish. Its sheer, dry-oil texture transforms into a luminous sheen.

4) BODY CREAM (Limited Edition - 250ml jar, RM158)
If you long for a moment of pure pampering, look no further than the Marvellous Flowers Body Cream. Made with extracts of rose and peony, it’s perfect for smoothing over the skin after bathing. The light and deliciously smooth texture sinks in easily, leaving skin soft, fragrant and bewitchingly beautiful.

5) HAND CREAM (Limited Edition - 30ml tube, RM38)
When it comes to nourishing dry hands that suffer from the cold, L’OCCITANE has a few tricks up its sleeve. The secret is in a formula enriched with shea butter to soften, smooth and comfort. And this Christmas, to give your hands an extra special treat, L’OCCITANE has taken its magic formula and added a small dose of Marvellous Flowers.

6) SHOWER GEL (Limited Edition - 250ml bottle, RM79)
On contact with water, the rich creamy texture of this shower gel releases the scent of Marvellous Flowers. Close your eyes & let your mind roam free and before you know it, you’ll find yourself transported to an enchanted forest.

7) PERFUMED SOAP (Limited Edition - 50g soap, RM21)
This gentle plant-based soap, with its faceted surface, conjures up the floral and fruity scent of a fragrance that so perfectly complements the festive mood.

A Charmed & Bewitched Extracts of Verbena And Hazel Leaves

« The magic wand slips out of his hands and lodges in the trunk of the tree. Convinced that the warm sunny days are about to return, the old olive tree puts on its spring cloak. A burst of young green leaves appears and the scent of verbena, mixed with the delicious notes of vanilla hazelnut, fills the air. »

Taken from the legend of the Fragrance Merchant
A green zesty freshness, a lively and rounded scent… MAGICAL LEAVES is a fragrance that both men and women will enjoy. Its unexpected composition unites fragrant Verbena with Hazel Leaves in a happy harmony. Throughout the forests of Provence, such a delicious accord has never been known before. Magic is in the air…

1) EAU DE TOILETTE (Limited Edition - 10ml spray, RM95)
The irresistible scent of MAGICAL LEAVES is the result of a chance encounter between an armful of Verbena and a handful of Vanilla Hazelnuts. This gourmand, zesty fragrance has the good fortune of pleasing everyone – men and women alike. Held in a nomad spray bottle, this EDT is ideal for travelling.

Who is it for? Men and women.
When? This festive holidays!
Olfactory family: Citrus – Gourmand.
Head notes: The sparkling accents of a Citrus Fruit Cocktail.
Heart notes: The green and festive scent of Verbena and petit grain leaves.
Base notes: The delicious sweetness of Vanilla Hazelnuts.

2) HAND CREAM (Limited Edition - 30ml tube, RM38)
When temperatures start to plummet, Shea Butter comes to the rescue! This rich formula protects your hands while offering a taste of the scent of Magical Leaves – the zesty, delicious composition created by the Fragrance Merchant. Enjoy it while you can! After all, it isn’t Christmas every day…

3) EXFOLIATING SHOWER GEL (Limited Edition - 200ml tube, RM84)
To gently cleanse and scrub the skin, L’OCCITANE has added finely ground hazelnut shells to this creamy shower gel. Ideal for daily use, it has a zesty, delicious scent and leaves skin perfumed, soft and smooth.

4) BODY MILK (Limited Edition - 250ml bottle, RM116)
Formulated with a light texture, a nourishing formula and a mouth-watering, zesty scent; this body milk has everything you could ask for.

5) PERFUMED SOAP (Limited Edition - 50g soap, RM21)
This gentle plant-based soap, with its faceted surface, recalls the refreshing, mouth-watering, universal scent of Magical Leaves.

So… Let’s incorporate the Provencal’s magic into your holiday spirit this Christmas. These new products will be available at all L’OCCITANE boutiques starting 1st December 2012 (while stocks last).

As usual, L’OCCITANE limited edition items are always selling out fast. To avoid dissapointment, do mark your calendar to purchase it before it's too late. ;)

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