Beautiful gift sets for Christmas 2012 from Kanebo Lunasol

Merry Christmas! The Season of Joy is approaching very soon.
Would you like to Indulge in a luxurious range of cosmetics products this Christmas with Kanebo Lunasol?

Kanebo Lunasol PARTY COFFRET is an annual festive coffret set for X’mas. Lunasol Purifying Makeup for X’mas 2012 features rich golden shimmer. With rich shades and shimmer, this elegant and classy purifying makeup is perfect for the party season.
What's in the Kanebo Lunasol PARTY COFFRET 2012?

Lunasol Party Eyes SG (EX01 Shiny Gold Brown)
Lunasol Creamy Cheek SG (EX01 Beige Red)
Liunasol Full Glamour Gloss N (EX22 Shiny Gold Beige Red)
Lunasol High Stylized Mascara N (01 Clear Black)
And a Lunasol Original Pouch

You could get all these at RM248 only, so worth it!

Next, let me introduce you Kanebo FACE UP POWDER >. Kanebo FACE UP POWDER is a limited and collectable compressed face powder introduced with different theme and design every year.
The steady popularity of the MILANO COLLECTION over the years can be credited to the outstanding designs. Since the original release in 1991, the annual editions have been fashioned in new variations of the lofty goddess and angels motif. MILANO COLLECTION still claims the spotlight with high added value and changing designs every year.

Today, MILANO COLLECTION is the No. 1* brand of face powder in Japan.

KANEBO FACE UP POWDER owes its high popularity to a unique fusion of translucent, clear finish and remarkable coverage lasting for hours on end. This rare combination – a crystallization of decades of know-how in powder technology - underpins the brand ever since its initial release more than twenty years ago.

The elegant, golden colored container is decorated with a motif that changes from one year to the next. The same motif as that used on the lid is imprinted on the surface of the powder itself. The intricate, classical form conveys the image and beauty of a true work of craftsmanship.

The motifs for year 2013 edition are “Angel of blessings” as a symbol of divine providence, and “Rosemary”, a herb that conveys the image of tranquil strength. With this motif, Kanebo Cosmetics intends to convey its sincere hope that the blessings of heaven may be bestowed on the disaster-stricken people in the world.

Kanebo FACE UP POWDER is SPF 14, PA ++ is selling at RM 328.

*According to an Intage SRI survey for the total value of sales between April 2011 and March 2012.


LauraLeia said...

The compact powder case is so pretty! :D

Jerine said...

I wanted to buy the compact powder. Then I saw the price :S

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