Lipocils & Black, The most seductive eyes contest

Talika Malaysia is running a contest for The Most Seductive Eyes in Talika MY FB. It is a very easy to participate contest and participants just need to do the following:

Dress your eyes in a flash and show your most Seductive side of your eyes!

1.      Pair up with a girlfriend.
2.      Snap a photo together showing your most seductive side of your eyes.
3.      Post up your photo on Talika Malaysia's Facebook page:
4.      Invite your friends to 'Like' your photo.

The winner will be selected with the most number of 'Like' and win the prizes that worth RM 300 each. That's not all, one lucky random winner who 'like' the winning photo will be chosen to win a mystery prize!

The contest is running from 25 October 2012 to 30 December 2012.

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