Schwarzkopf's Magical Touch & my review on Freshlight Foam

The images of the collectible Blythe dolls virtually came alive with renowned hair care brand Schwarzkopf from Germany turning on the magical touch.

And the appearances of the popular miniature figurines were enhanced into the actual full-grown individuals portraying unique personalities. 
In marking the channel-exclusive partnership with Watsons to promote the brand's Freshlight hair colour series for the retail market, the models were dressed up for the costume play (cosplay) to showcase the 10 different distinctive shades from the Freshlight selection.  
The iconic Blythe doll in the young and trendy hair colours is a prominent feature of the Freshlight packaging.  
The event was held at Sungai Wang, and it was decorated with balloonsssss! Cute!
Mr. Markus Daburger, General Manager of Henkel Beauty Care – Cosmetics Retail, Malaysia & Singapore said they wanted to capture the guests' attention with the eye-catching hair colours in the cosplay show.  

"Usually, the hair colouring and styling will complement the elaborate outfits and accessories representing certain characters in the cosplay performance art. Cosplay has also been injecting the excitement in stimulating the Japanese street culture and fashion. For the event, we adopted the similar concept to create the awareness on our act in presenting quality hair colour choices at affordable prices," he added. 

There are two types - crème and foam - applications for the Freshlight series created in Japan.
The four colours for the foam method are Berry Ash, Caramel Brown, Melty Cherry and Lemon Blond.

Freshlight adopts the unique and refreshing approach of featuring various shades on the hugely popular collectible doll, Blythe™. Easy Foam System wraps around each strand of hair just like shampoo to give evenly colored and beautiful, shiny hair. Absolutely no dripping!

My review:

I’ve tried the Freshlight Foam Berry Ash recently.

The kit contains a bottle of coloring cream, developer emulsion, a sachet of after color treatment, a push pump, a pair of color gloves and a piece of color instruction leaflet.
How to use?

First, pour the coloring cream into the developer emulsion bottle. Install the pump and mix them together. Then, push the pump and make the foam. Apply to dry hair and knead well. Leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes, then rinse well and use the shampoo and treatment.
I like the foam that’s little chemical smell, just like Liese bubble dye, it could be easily apply evenly on my hair. However, I found the bottle is a bit too long hence it’s a bit hard to push the pump with one hand. I like the color treatment very much, it’s smoothened my fizzy hair and leave my hair soft, wonder do they sell the treatment alone though.
The color turns out naturally and is not very pigmented on my hair, guess it’s due to my natural black hair. It doesn’t cover gray hairs so it’s not recommended for gray hair concerns.

Freshlight Foam 105ml is retails at RM 37.95

For the comb-type dispenser crème technique, the six colours available are Passion Blond, Clear Ash, Melty Mocha, Mysterious Beige, Sweet Apricot and Champagne Pink.

Freshlight hair colour is high quality crème coloration with easy to apply formulation for vivid hair colors with glossy shine. Home coloring made convenient with comb-type dispenser.

Freshlight Hair Colour 135ml RM is retails at 34.95

Inspired by their status as the retail market leader of the hair colour category in Thailand, Mr. Markus Daburger said they would be striving to repeat the similar feat in Malaysia.

"We are delighted that we found the right partner here sharing the same goal and assisting us to achieve the desired result. We are confident that we will be strengthening our position to reach out to the masses by making our presence felt at Watsons," he added. 

Following the brand's success in stamping its mark at professional hairdressing salons, the brand entered the retail market in Malaysia at the end of May. 

Among the other products for the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment are the Extra Care - shampoo, conditioner and treatment - series, Palette colouration series and Got2b styling series.
The products have been on sale at selected retail outlets nationwide since June 2012.
For further information, please visit
The pastries served during the event was sooo cute! :)

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