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People say; eyes are the windows to your soul. A pair of seductive eyes will definitely add points to ladies especially when it comes to a man’s eyes.

Unfortunately, like many other Chinese ladies, I am born with short and minimal eye lashes. I’ve been trying on a few eyelash conditioning gel lately to try to grow my lashes naturally longer and fuller.
I am glad that I was invited to the pioneer of eyelash conditioning gel, Talika, to their new Lipocils Black launch at Zebra Square 3 weeks ago.

It was a lovely evening, not much traffic congestion and the weather was good. Talika Malaysia has chosen a good time and venue to conduct the bloggers event for Talika Lipocils & Black launch.
We were greet and thanked by Ms Un Lu, Luxasia division General Manager for making time to the event.
Ms Sina Deubner, Talika Area Sales & Marketing then explained to us the history and innovation of Talike since year 1948.
In 1948, Talika launches the 1st treatment for eyelash growth, the Eyelash Cream. The cream was more like an ointment indeed.
In year 1994, Talika repackages the original formula in a tube with brush-through wand, the Lipocils. Lipocils is the only eyelash conditioning product in the market with clinically proven results. Over 4 million units have been sold worldwide.

In year 2010, Talika innovates again with Lipocils Expert, the 1st formula which stimulates eyelash growth, intensifies natural lash pigmentation and enhances curl.
And now, in year 2012, Talika launches Talika Lipocils & Black, which consists of the classic Lipocils formula at one end and exclusive Keratin-stimulating Black mascara formula on the other.

How to apply Talika Lipocils & Black?

Step One: Use the sponge tip to apply Lipocils along the roots of upper and lower lashes.
Step Two: Apply Mascara after Lipocils application.
After the in-depth explanation by Ms Sina, Trainer of Luxasia(M) Sdn Bhd Rebeccah has then invited 4 beautiful bloggers to share their testimonials on their 28 days experience with Talika Lipocils. Fiona, Sharon, Tammy and Wendy see significant result with their 28 days experience, they are satisfied and happy with it.
Ms Cindy(Assistant Product Manager of Talika) and Ms Sina then presented a token of appreciation to the 4 lovely bloggers.
Following the sharing session, all the blogger was given a game, to create the most seductive eyes in 10 minutes with Talika Heated Curler (apparently it’s not for sale, but you can get it as a gift with purchase now with Lash Conditioning Cleanser (oil-free) worth RM176 if you are the first 12 customers with purchase of RM320 inclusive of one Lipocils & Black, Exclusively at Parkson counters) and Lipocils & Black.
Many of us had put on our makeup, so Talika has provided Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser for us to remove the eye makeup and mascara. Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser is a very gentle eye makeup remover lotion specially formulated for sensitive eyes. It freshens and cleanses the eye area very softly and efficiently. You just need to pour about 50 cents of Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser onto a cotton pad, close your eyes and lay it on top of your eyes for a minute or so, and then you could easily remove the eye makeup and mascara (non-waterproof).

Jess and Fatin won the game at last.
After the group photo of the bloggers with Talika Malaysia team, we proceed to have our dinner at Madhouse. The food was very presentable; however I found that the taste is way too salty.
 Ms Sina & Rane
 Beautiful Joy & Rane
My review after 3 weeks usage of Talika Lipocils & Black:

I’ve been using Talika Lipocils Black for 3 weeks now.

It’s noticeable that my upper and lower eye lashes are both growing thicker and darker. Although they are not very long and curly like those Caucasian, I’m loving the result of it.

Just 2 simple steps in the morning and evening, I can now have natural thicker eye lashes, and the best part is, I don’t need to use falsies anymore to make my eye more seductive! Thus far it’s the most promising eyelash conditioning gel and mascara I’ve used, you gotta try it out to believe me.
Talika Lipocils & Black is retail at RM142. Do like Talika Malaysia Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TalikaMY to find out the stores location as well as latest promotion.

And don’t forget to join the most seductive eyes contest to win RM 300 worth of Talika prizes.

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