Sugar Coated Muffin giveaway

Hohoho, March is ending soon, can't believe my first quarter of 2012 is nearly ended.

What have you done in this month? Well, if you haven't do anything good, why not join Sugar Coated Muffin's giveaway at to win some attractive prizes? Prizes like Dolly Wink stuff, Diamond lashes, Egyptian Magic Cream.... Hmm, how about UD Naked Palette 2? Sounds interesting right? Faster go and join the giveaway or you'll regret. ;)

Oh did I forget to tell you all, this giveaway is open to International readers? Hohoho, good luck all....

My first VanityTrove

Thanks to Cynthia at for choosing me as one of her VanityTrove giveaway last month. Finally I've received my first mistery beauty box yesterday in Malaysia, yay!
VanityTrove box is smaller than my imagination, the dimension is slightly smaller than a A4 size paper.

Love the smell of it as they have put potpourri into the box.
Can you guess what is inside my VanityTrove?

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection in mini bottles X 2: Pink Friday & Did it on 'Em
Filthy Farmgirl Handmade Soap in Filthy Valentine
Mekhalaliving Shampoo and Conditioner X 30ml
SkinC Eye Mask
Allerines Premium Tea of Sakura & The Big Apple Accessories: pretty handphone strip
SGD20 SKIN INC Gift Voucher
Discount coupon for

Eventhough the Box is meant for March, but it's already end of March by the time I received it. Guess it's might be due to the logistic as they sent it all over from Singapore. I guess I'd save RM50 for the box for now.

Review: shu uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse

Thanks to shu uemura Malaysia for giving out their new base: Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse sample to it's Facebook fans late February 2012. I have managed to get a bottle and started to use it ever since then. 
UV underbase mousse is not new to me as I am Shu uemura's supporter. However, the new UV underbase brightening mousse seems different from the other mousse. First of all, shu uemura UVUB whitefficient mousse has very beautiful packaging. I like the striking purple color. The cute size has made it very convenient to bring around to trips or vacations. However, the mousse is purple in color and I feel a bit weird and un-convinced at the very beginning. The purple color mousse is quite obvious when first apply on skin but the BA said it will become colorless and bring instant brighten result after awhile. 
After using Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse SPF30 PA++ for two weeks, my skin looks brighter and smoother! Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse never fails to cover my pores and uneven skin tone every morning. It is very easy to evenly apply foundation after the mousse base. Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse is so light and my make up will never smudge after a long day.
One day I wore it in the morning to work and went to play go kart until midnight. It was amazing to see my makeup of the day is still clean and not oily at all. I brought it to my Macau trip in end of Feb. Macau's weather was rainy and cold but the mousse base is suitable for such hectic weather as well. It works best in any weather, and anytime! 
After 2 weeks of using Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse SPF30 PA++ daily, my skin is more brighten and radiant from within. The result is amazing, it is not just a cosmetic but also a skin care to treat my uneven skin tone problem. I like the fact that my skin is more illuminating and smoothly clear!
How to use?
1. Shake the can well before use because there is 2 layers inside the bulk.
2. Dispense into the palm of your hand with the noozle facing upwards.
It is recommended to use shu uemura pentagon sponge to apply the under base for more even application.

shu uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse 50g is selling at RM135 at all shu uemura boutique and counters.

CLOSED: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012 Giveaway

Hihi, thank you all very much for participating my Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012 Giveaway. I have decided to close the giveaway so that all of you wouldn't need to wait for so long to receive my prizes. Although, sadly that I have only 61 followers until now.

So, who are the lucky winners for my first giveaway?

1st winner: Cempaka Kuning !
2nd winner: syakirah!

3rd winner: mimi halim !

4th winner: TGIF Malaysia !

5th winner: abazilah !
6th winner: AMALINA YA’AKUB !

7th winner: Elia Laily !
8th Winner: Azatiesayang !
9th Winner: Cik Rose Cute !
10th Winner: Nadratul Syazwana !
11th Winner: Ainkamal !

Last but not least, the last winner is......
12th Winner: Cik Bunny !

Congratulations to all the winners above! You will be receiving email from me very soon regarding the prize redemption.
And to the rest of my followers, don't feel dissapointed as I am organising another giveaway soon. So stay tune

Free Koji Dolly Wink Note Book

Isn't this Koji Dolly Wink Note Book cute? Now, we can get it FREE! How?

1) Like Koji-Honpo (Dolly Wink) FB at here.

2) Share DW Note book album in your FB and tag 3 friends.

3) Email your correspondence address to with subject: DW note book give away.

And your DW note book will deliver to your doorstep!

They are only give away 100 copies of DW note book. Act fast before it runs out of stock! :)

Terms & Conditions :
-This activity is only valid for Malaysian Fans only
- One per fan per address
- now till while stocks last or 14/4/2012 (whichever come 1st!)

We had fun at 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

Time flies! Could you believe it’s 19th March 2012 and the 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta has ended yesterday! Lucky me and my family had chance to witness some hot balloons’ settings and had a tethered ride together. :) It was my dream to ride on a hot balloon ever since I first saw it in the UK, many years back. Thanks to hubby and my sweet lil girl for the time and sacrifice of sleep to fulfill my dream.
If one wants to watch the balloons, it is advisable to reach Putrajaya Precinct 2 by 7am because the balloons will start rising from 7.30AM. Some balloons have long ride which is more than 1 hour that we wouldn’t have chance to see it after it has flying high.

We reached Putrajaya at about 8AM and we saw most of the balloons, including the giant birthday cake but we didn’t have chance to take the pictures because we were busy looking for a place to park our car. All the open car parks are full and some people have even parked at the road side. But please be aware that police issued summon to those unlucky ones who park at road side so for better sake, please find a proper car park to avoid penalties.

Now back to the balloons, just wanna share some pictures taken by hubby for those who have missed the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Hope you’ll like it like I do. :)

Where’s My Mama? 2.0

A YouTube sensation and a counterfeit cure for HIV/AIDS are among the new stars of a campaign by The Body Shop® West Malaysia and TRAFFIC Southeast Asia calling for urgent action to stop illegal wildlife trade.
The Slow Loris, one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world, shot to fame after various videos of the animal’s cute antics on YouTube went viral. A public enamoured by its cute and cuddly appearance is fueling the illegal trade with little realization that Slow Loris infants are often stolen from their mothers to cater to the clamour for an adorable pet. The mothers are often killed or sold separately – either way leaving the young on their own with little hope for survival.

The Slow Loris and its story will front the “Where’s My Mama? 2.0” campaign by The Body Shop® and TRAFFIC that aims to raise awareness among consumers about the impact their choices have on nature.

The campaign, in its second-year now, will also highlight other animals threatened by wildlife trafficking for different reasons. Among these is the eye-catching Tokay Gecko which many erroneously believe to cure HIV/AIDS. Despite a World Health Organisation (WHO) statement that the gecko has no such medicinal properties, it is illegally traded in large numbers across Southeast Asia for this very reason.

The campaign to reduce consumer demand and stem illegal wildlife trade reached out to over 6 million people last year through messages printed on The Body Shop® bags and postcards, and through a year-long online awareness programme by TRAFFIC. It called on members of the public to play their part by reporting illegal trade and wildlife crime to the Wildlife Crime Hotline managed by the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT). The MYCAT Wildlife Crime Hotline (+6-019 3564194) is open 24-hours a day to receive reports on the illegal trade of wild animals in Malaysia. Information is relayed to enforcement agencies while caller ID is kept confidential.
The second phase of the campaign was launched at Paya Indah Wetlands today by the Honorable Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dato’ Sri Douglas Uggah Embas.

The Body Shop® , a long advocate in animal protection, began it’s partnership with TRAFFIC in 2011 with the first phase of the campaign. The awareness through postcards, posters and paper bags was brought to live thanks to the Orang Utan and Sun Bear who shared their sad faces for the campaign.
Both The Body Shop® and TRAFFIC have been highlighting issues in Belum – Temengor for a long time and have advocated that not only should the forests in the area be protected but its wildlife too. The Body Shop® has done this through the many campaigns they have run on Belum – Temengor and TRAFFIC had done this through research and more recently through its video “On Borrowed Time”.
In line with this, The Body Shop® through its Kick the Bag Habit Campaign raised funds for TRAFFIC for nature walks to be conducted in Belum – Temengor in the hopes that these walks will bring the public face to face with challenges in the area to change peoples attitudes to protect the area and its wildlife.

Check out more about “Where’s My Mama? 2.0” campaign on
and as well as in The Body Shop® stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia.
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