Review: shu uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse

Thanks to shu uemura Malaysia for giving out their new base: Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse sample to it's Facebook fans late February 2012. I have managed to get a bottle and started to use it ever since then. 
UV underbase mousse is not new to me as I am Shu uemura's supporter. However, the new UV underbase brightening mousse seems different from the other mousse. First of all, shu uemura UVUB whitefficient mousse has very beautiful packaging. I like the striking purple color. The cute size has made it very convenient to bring around to trips or vacations. However, the mousse is purple in color and I feel a bit weird and un-convinced at the very beginning. The purple color mousse is quite obvious when first apply on skin but the BA said it will become colorless and bring instant brighten result after awhile. 
After using Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse SPF30 PA++ for two weeks, my skin looks brighter and smoother! Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse never fails to cover my pores and uneven skin tone every morning. It is very easy to evenly apply foundation after the mousse base. Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse is so light and my make up will never smudge after a long day.
One day I wore it in the morning to work and went to play go kart until midnight. It was amazing to see my makeup of the day is still clean and not oily at all. I brought it to my Macau trip in end of Feb. Macau's weather was rainy and cold but the mousse base is suitable for such hectic weather as well. It works best in any weather, and anytime! 
After 2 weeks of using Whitefficient UVUB Brightening Mousse SPF30 PA++ daily, my skin is more brighten and radiant from within. The result is amazing, it is not just a cosmetic but also a skin care to treat my uneven skin tone problem. I like the fact that my skin is more illuminating and smoothly clear!
How to use?
1. Shake the can well before use because there is 2 layers inside the bulk.
2. Dispense into the palm of your hand with the noozle facing upwards.
It is recommended to use shu uemura pentagon sponge to apply the under base for more even application.

shu uemura Whitefficient UV Under Base Brightening Mousse 50g is selling at RM135 at all shu uemura boutique and counters.

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