Esprit March 2012 campaign: Colour, Style & Detail

Colour, style and love of detail are the focus of the new Esprit campaign to be launched in March 2012.
Gisele wearing sweater retails at RM169.90

The face of the campaign is Gisele Bündchen. Natural, modern and self-confident, she represents the Esprit woman who loves what she wears – a woman who inspires others with her look. She talks about what she loves – about fashion as a feeling – in an authentic, spontaneous and unscripted way.
Shirt RM249.90; trench coat RM899.90; Denim RM249.90

Esprit has been inspired by the special relationship she has with her favourite pieces and makes it the theme of the spring collection:
Colour: colours convey emotions and zest for life. Esprit incorporates the colours of spring and plays with them: fresh white, trendy orange and bright red.
Tank top RM69.90; Sweater RM199.90; Pants RM269.90
Style: style is something that is personal and timeless. Outfits underline an individual’s character and personality. When combined, they create a unique style.

Detail: it is in the love of detail that you recognise the particular uniqueness of a fashion collection. High class and high quality are what turn an item of clothing into a favourite piece.
t-shirt RM69.90
The campaign is steered by an international creative team: all styles have been created by the French stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington. The visual language of the advertisements and OOH motifs catch the eye because of the unique style of the British celebrity photographer David Sims, who has worked for numerous international high-fashion brands and magazines. For the TV adverts, the naturalness and charm of the Brazilian top model has been captured by the Swedish director Max Vitali.

The March 2012 campaign will be supported by various advertising motifs placed in high-reach premium fashion and lifestyle magazines, TV adverts about Colour, Style & Detail and numerous out-of-home advertisements. Esprit stores will host a visual merchandising display especially adapted to the campaign. Online implementation on the Esprit social media platforms and complete the campaign’s communication activities.
t-shirt RM89.90; Blazer RM399.90; Pants RM329.90
Sweater RM229.90; Belt RM69.90

In spring/summer 2012, Esprit inspires with relaxed naturalness and fashion as a versatile attitude to life.

ESPRIT – founded by Love.

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