Rimmel London STAY GLOSS lip gloss

Rimmel, a UK brand that has been brought into Malaysia not long ago, is going to launch their Stay Gloss lip gloss. Wow, that's great to hear! I have been trying their Matte foundation, which I have blogged about it not long ago. The foundation proved me that good product doesn't necessarily means expensive!

I am a lazy lady who seldom touch up my face after make up especially the lips. That's why I need a lasting lip gloss which could stay shine in a whole day. Well, could Rimmel London Stay Gloss lip gloss give me the effect? Let's see soon.  :)

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Can u guess what Island is this?



 trying to get bokeh feel with Canon EOS 550D Kit II
上个星期日,是父亲节。我丢下他们俩父女自己出去了半天享受spa 和facial。回家后才发觉原来这个 Daddy 也没有理小嘉嘉。幸好她的姑姑在家照顾她。不然她唯有依赖kakak 咯。当晚我们一起去吃西餐庆祝父亲节。
very good business, we gonna sit outside

这个星期我跟老板申请在家工作。结果我星期一至星期三,都跟老公和家人去了他们位于Batu Caves 的公司做工,顺便看顾小嘉嘉。

今天星期四,一如以往的家婆的师奶朋友们来我们家做客。那些aunties 可真大声,还得我和嘉嘉唯有躲在房里她才能睡一会儿午觉。



Sunday retreat @ Asterspring KLCC

I had a retreat at Asterspring KLCC yesterday.

This is my first time trying Asterspring but I have heard people saying it's good. I reached KLCC at 10am and Asterspring was so quiet at that time!

My treatment was first started with their famous ORP Energy Chamber. I sat in the chamber for 20 mins with 44 degree. In front of the chamber, there is a small LCD TV showing some National Geography under water world. The Chamber treatment made me hot and sweat a lot. I was asked to drink a few cups of plain water to replace the water that I lost after the section.

After the chamber, I was lead to a massage room follow by a back massage. The massageur, Miss Aida has massage skill and her pressure is just nice. Miss Aida is quite friendly and we chat in the whole massage session.

I enjoyed my facial treatment followed by body treatment in a facial room. The Skin refining facial was done by a Malay lady(forgot to ask her name) and she is very polite and careful. I like the extraction part the most, it was done by a more professional Chinese beautician, her skill is so good that I have no pain nor redness after the extraction. She cleaned my face thoroughly before I enjoyed the face massage and mask.

While I sign up the treatment, I was given a RM20 cash voucher to purchase Averine cosmetic. I redeemd it with a natural define eyeliner in black that cost RM48. The eyeliner texture is soft and nice, It can be blend easily to create smoky eyes.
Now, the price? The Chamber with massage costs RM188 whereas Skin refining facial costs RM198. There is a good deal which is RM1980 for a year and become Asterspring beauty member. You could enjoy unlimited Chamber(without massage) and a complete facial every month throughout the year. Meaning it's just RM165 per facial with free unlimited Chamber. Sounds very worth  ;)

I might consider signing up the package after I finished my Cres Wellness programme. But I still have12 facials at Cres which I am not sure when can I finish them.

Suria KLCC The Indulgence event & Kielh's Pyjamas party

Suria KLCC The Indulgence Event was organized by Suria KLCC, Talika, RMK, BCBG and Miss Sixty. The event was held at The Apartment KLCC upper level.
Itenary of the event

 Talika show casing
 RMK showing make up tips
 BCBG catwalk, like the Maxi dress very much  :)
Miss Sixty
Freebies in the Goodies bag

Kielh's Pyjamas party was held in Isetan. It was to promote their new product - Midnight Recovery. Nothing much on the event but I like the door gifts which contains 2ml of the midnight recovery. Guess it can last me for long because I just need 2 drops to apply to my whole face. And since my face is a bit oily, I can only use it in alternate day.
Kielh's Candy man
Happy Group photo
The door gift. I got another Midnight Recovery sample redeemed with my Isetan card. Someone even received 2 goodies bag hehehe...  :P

Oriks Vitamin C BB Cream

I got the Oriks Vitamin C BB Cream as a free gift from magazine haul in Taipei. I like Taiwan magazines because they always have free gifts but it's only worth if buying in Taiwan itself. Kino here is selling much more expensive than Taiwan.

Another BB Cream from Korea
I did not expect much on this BB cream because it is free. It claims that it helps every woman to have healthy, deal, vital and sparkling skin ever. To my surprise, it's actually quite good and most importantly is it is not oily. As we are staying in a 365 days summer country, we need such products to stay fresh and clean for the whole day.

When I applied the BB cream to my face, I can smell a very nice smell. It can be blend easily on my face and it matches my skin tone perfectly.

Like this and hopefully could buy this in Malaysia after I finish this tube.

The ingredients

Leave in hair spray

My hair is always hard and thick, thus I need to apply leave-in hair conditioner everytime after shampoo so that my hair is softer and easier to manage.

I purchased the Boots Coconut & Almond Oil leave-in conditioner from Phuket trip few years back. Although this conditioner is good for my dry hair but it has a very strong coconut smell which hubby doesn't like it. :/

Good product with affordable price but not available in Malaysia

My latest purchase is Liese Juicy shower. Lucky this time both hubby and I like the berry smell and it does a good job too. I think I will purchase the refill pack after I finished using it.  :)

Another good product and is now available in Malaysia! Though EM only for now :(



我们准备了很多东西,有字典,笔,尺,钱,信用卡,CD, 鞋子,口红,手机,计算机,毛线团,玩具车等等。每样东西都有它们的意思。







Mummy 特地买了 Burt's Bee Peony lip shimmer 用作腮红和口红哦

2010 年6月13日,星期六晚上,我们替小嘉嘉庆生。我们只邀请了亲戚和比较 close 的朋友。 话虽如此,所有客人加起来不下于一百人,呵呵。

公主装 - Jia Rye & grandmum




谢谢所有的亲朋好友,和我们一起度过我们的公主一岁生日。我但愿嘉嘉健康成长,快快乐乐。 :)

Birthday cake courtesy by Grand-parents, Gu Gu and daddy.

Estee Lauder eye care

I saw Estee Lauder advertisement from The Star last week claiming that we can go to All Estee Lauder counter to get eye consultation and samples that suit you. So I bumped into Robinson The Garden and the nice BA there gave me this;

2 sachet of Advance Night Repair eye cream(0.5ml each pack)

Count down - 1 more day to go!

The family is counting down, 1 more day to the little princess birthday!

Today I received email newsletter from Baby Centre, the title is not "My baby this week" anymore. It is now "My toddler this week"! Time flies, really... Tomorrow will be my princess 1 year-old birthday.

Looking at the party preparation list, we have almost done everything. Invitations, Birthday cake, the BBQ steamboat catering, princess' gown, hair accessories, shoes, leggings, photo albums, decorations like ballons, ribbons, caps, etc. Oh we still need to prepare birthday and children songs and thank you gift for guest.

Wish tomorrow will be a fun and unforgetable birthday celebration for princess.  ;)

Madara’s Moon Flower & Sun Flower Tinting Fluid

I redeemed Madara's Moon flower and Sun flower tinting fluid 5ml each using the coupon printed from Skin Deco.

Madara is a brand carry by Body Bar which has outlets at Tropicana City Mall, Pavillion and Sunway Pyramid. I found that the brands in Body bar are made by natural and organic products which is good to our skin and environment.

I tried the fluid in Body Bar, it is light and smell good. Moon flower is light and Sun flower is darker. If you want to try it, feel free to redeem it by June 30.  ;)


上个星期天下午,我和嘉嘉陪伴Daddy 和阿公阿嘛去逛广场。我看到卖发饰的counter 便带了嘉嘉过去try。嘉嘉试了很多个发箍,最后Daddy 买了一个给她。

Mummy 喜欢这个红色 ribbon 的




最后,Daddy 买了这个。。。。

Daddy 选的发箍,"Sui"吧?是红色透明的哦 ;)

First winning for year 2010

Finally I have received a good news yesterday, my first winning in year 2010. After a long time never winning anything from contests(despite I participated quite a lot, from magazines, newspapers, facebook etc), I guess my luck is back by now.

Thanks Tongue in Chic for the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. I will go to their office this week to get the prize and review soon. Yahoo!

100% Pure essential oil

I like everthing that smells good, especially essential oil. While I stay at home during the weekends, I always light up my burner with essential oil that suit my feel on that day. Apparently I have more than 10 bottles of different "flavors" of essential oil and 6 burners around my house.

Recently the newly added in my essential oil collection is Yves Rocher 100% pure essntial oil. I purchased 2 boxes of lavendar, sweet orange & lemongrass one bottle each at the Luxor warehouse sales recently. The original price was RM59 but I got a good bargain at RM10 each only.  :)

This essential oil comes with a wooden stick so you could push it into the hole in the centre of bottle. The essential oil will then diffuse for several weeks. I put the sweet orange in my bathroom and lemongrass in my livinghall. They smell great and I like it very very much.  :D

Mont Kiara flyover is now opened!

Found out this last week after work - Mont Kiara flyover bridge is now opened and accessible! Meaning, no more traffic jam for us! Yay!
on my left is True Fitness @ Sri Hartamas
For people who wants to go to Mont Kiara, pls use the new bridge so ppl going to Jln Kuching will not face traffic jam anymore  :)
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