Benefit 2010 Friends & Family Sale

Back from Benefit 2010 Friends & Family Sale at Bukit Damansara Millenium tower. The items on sales are quite limited by the time I reached. No more Benetint or Posietint and they will not replenish it.  :(  The items on sales mostly are 50% off, for example, the Betty 2010 brusher was selling at RM410, now is just RM160. And the EDT, RM70 per bottle and RM120 for 2 bottles. Eye shadow and lipsticks 3 for RM90.

the entrance to the office
the sales area

Their is only one cashier but it was quite fast because not many people buying lol. At last I just bought a foundation blush at RM40(OP RM90)

Ohya, I heard that they are going to replenish some stocks after prayer time later, so good luck gals.  ;)

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