Kao Liese bubble hair color

Yeah, finally I've tried the Liese bubble hair color by Kao. It is a new type of permanent hair color that uses foam.
Bottle 1: Solution 1
Bottle 2: Solution 2
Foamer cap
A pack of Hair lotion

Mix gently by inverting the bottle
Now squeeze the bottle to get the foam
In the 30 mins waiting time, I could feel the bubble "blasting" on my hair and it's kinda weird but fun lol.
Applied onto my model's hair
30 minutes later, I washed off the color with shampoo and conditioner and then applied the hair lotion provided in the package. That's it, so fun and easy! My hair is soft even after the dye because it contains royal jelly. Oh, on top of that I also sprayed Liese berry shower mist for nice scent and more softness.
Liese Juicy shower in mixed berry

Like the color, it looks very natural indeed.
 Attended Qian's B/D party with new hair color  :)

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