100% Pure essential oil

I like everthing that smells good, especially essential oil. While I stay at home during the weekends, I always light up my burner with essential oil that suit my feel on that day. Apparently I have more than 10 bottles of different "flavors" of essential oil and 6 burners around my house.

Recently the newly added in my essential oil collection is Yves Rocher 100% pure essntial oil. I purchased 2 boxes of lavendar, sweet orange & lemongrass one bottle each at the Luxor warehouse sales recently. The original price was RM59 but I got a good bargain at RM10 each only.  :)

This essential oil comes with a wooden stick so you could push it into the hole in the centre of bottle. The essential oil will then diffuse for several weeks. I put the sweet orange in my bathroom and lemongrass in my livinghall. They smell great and I like it very very much.  :D

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