Personalized Beaute Treatment @ Beauty Works

I have tried the Personalized Beaute Treatment at Beauty Works recently using the voucher I received from WEvents 3 months ago.

It was my first time explore into Sothys facial and I was really looking forward to try it. Beauty Works is located at No 7-19M, Jln Jalil Perkasa 14,Tmn Esplanad, Bkt Jalil. The place is not dificult to find so I reached there on time, a bit earlier than my appointment time.

While I reached Beauty Works, I was greeted by the beautician name Penny. She offered me a cup of green tea before led me into the small little facial room. :P

Like the wall decoration

Although the room is small but it is comfortable. Penny cleaned my face using make-up remover and cleanser. Then my facial was followed with the infamous Sothys Desquacreme(a scrub). According to Penny, the Desquacreme is highly effective in dissolving sebum and facilitating the removal of blackheads. Then I was offered a hot steam before my extraction started.

Penny has 8 years experience thus the extraction was fine. Once my face was cleaned after the extraction, Penny applied the soothing cream with the help of ultrasounds machine. Ultrasound machine would help penetrate the cream into my skin. After that, I have masks to my face and neck. I like it because not all beauty saloon would apply mask to customers' neck. Well after she applied the masks, she massage my neck and shoulder. Her pressure was OK and the massaage was quite relaxing.

Once the massage was done, Penny offered me some time to relax and sleep while waiting for the mask to absorb into my skin. Light music was offered as usual and she dimed down the light for me too.

After some time, Penny cleansed my face again and apply toner, cream and sun block as the last step of the facial.

I noticed that my skin is really brighten and clean after the facial. I believed in Penny and June(The owner of Beauty Works) recommendation thus I have bought the Desquacreme at RM159. With the purchase of Desquacreme, I was offered to buy Sothys seasonal facial at RM65 only. The Vanila Caramel calming treatment sounds cool to me so I bought it as well, made my total spoilt for the day total to RM224. :P

My 1st Sothys skin care ^-^

~My face after the facial~

    ~My face of next day after facial~

ifeel Nov issue @ Borders

Good news, ifeel November 2010 issue is come with free a Sunsilk comb, a pack of shampoo & conditioner shampoo.  :)
And, if you buy from Borders bookstore, you will get a free bottle of FABULA CollagenMAX as well! FABULA CollagenMAX is a formulated drink for your radiant skin. Each case of FABULA CollagenMAX contains the elements you need for 30 days! Best of all, it is made in Japan, which means trustable to me. ;)

I have tried the FABULA CollagenMAX drink, honestly, it doesn't taste good. It taste a bit like chicken essence with bad smell LOL but who cares, as long as it makes me beautiful I guess I will drink it without hesitated.  ^-^

Eu Yan Sang Puri5, I like it!

I always hesitated to drink any detox drink as the result from my bad experience. I find that most of the detox drinks in the market don't taste good and make me diarrhea. However, I am lucky to find out one that I really like, just recently. It's smell really good, and I like it's taste and structure ~ Eu Yan Sang Puri5.

Puri5 is made from a unique, all natural formula. Puri5 is rich in fibre, green food and oligosaccharide. It promises to improves and maintains well-being. Promotes digestion and absorption. Protects the body by preventing the accumulation of toxins. Prevents cellular damage. Neutralizes threats caused by environment pollutions to the body.

You only need to consume 1-2 times a day, 1 sachet each time, 15 minutes before breakfast or sleep. You may experience frequent need to release yourself after consuming the product but this doesn't happen to me.  :)

Puri5 is selling at RM88 for 15 sachets(11 gm each) in all Eu Yan Sang outlets. Go try it out and maybe you would just like me, will fall in love with it.  ;)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

I've got invited to try the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua last Saturday. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is ultra-light skin perfecting makeup gives you instant natural radiance with SPF15/PA++

I like the texture and it looks perfectly natural on me. The best part is it didn't made my face oily after applying for a few hours. I would consider to buy this after I finish my current liquid foundation as the price is quite reasonable, 30ml for RM156. Like it's plastic container as it is light and easy to carry.
My shade is B20(Beige-Tendre)

The BA gave me 2 foundation samples after the mini makeover ^-^

Magazines with freebies

I got these 2 magazines from Kinokuniya Suria KLCC,

Get free Skinz eye gel with Newtide October issue(on-pack), the magazine cost RM8

Get a stylish cushion with Malaysia Tatler Homes Vol 2, the magazine cost RM20


Copied from Wikipedia - A macaron is a sweet confectionery. Its name is derived from an Italian word "maccarone" or "maccherone". This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient. It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar.
Now we KL folks can have macarons too! Wow, we don't need to fly to France to get it.  :)

I have bought macarons from 3 different bakery and let's see the review from me now.  ;)

1) Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop located at LG 03, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya. Tel no 03-5022-2060

The mini macaron is selling at RM2 each and with the purchase of 10 pcs, you just need to pay RM18. Their macarons look very cute and nice, and the taste is OK. I would give it 2.5 out of 5 points. Ohya, they are selling the big size macaron at higher price, RM5 each.

2) Babycakes located at The G City Hotel, G.02A Ground Floor, 199 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 KL. Tel no 012-2190069

Better call to reserve the macarons before you heading to the shop. The macarons prize from RM2.20 to RM2.50 but the size is much more bigger than Whisk. So it's quite worth and the taste is superb, I would give it 3.5 ouf ot 5 points.

3) Nathalie's Gourmet Studio at Unit 4-1-5, Dutamas Solaris, Jalan Dutamas, 50490 KL. Tel no 03-6207-9572

The shop is quite hidden, it's located above Tutti Frutti Dutamas Solaris.

They have many flavors for you to choose and it's always available. Their macarons is nice but I found it a bit too sweet, and a bit expensive, RM4.40 each. I would rate it 3 out of 5 points.

the staff was wearing a cute macaron t-shirt

yellow & pink - from Whisk
brown & white - from Nathalie
green & black - from Babycakes

Now, would you want to try some too? ^-^

My Women's Weekly Vichy Promotion

I received a letter from My Women's Weekly few days ago to inform me that I have won their July 10 Vichy Promotion, the prize is Vichy Normaderm products worth RM154.
It has a Purifying Cleansing Gel(RM65) and Pro Mat Non-Stop Matte Effect Hydrating Care SPF15(RM89).

Vichy Purifying Cleansing Gel claims that it deeply cleanses and unblocks pores while removing impurities in-depth, while Pro Mat Non-Stop Matte Effect Hydrating Care SPF15 is a NEW generation of oil-free daily moisturizer with SPF15 which has a "Dry Touch" technology or matte effect that is 3 times better than standard formula for an unprecedented dry touch effect. The NEW formula combines 3 technologies to mattify and protect skin against sebum activating UV rays.

Let's see after I tried and review the products. :)

Facebook Pros & Cons

I know this topic has been discussed thousands of times, but today I felt like I wanted to shout out my opinion!

Facebook has helped people to connect to their friends, networks and family, some even are lost connection for many many years. It's good in term of Community(at least I found it is much better than Frienster which was popular in Malaysia few years back) and to share your feelings, thought, videos and photos with your dear friends.

There are more and more competitions running in Facebook, where judge by the number of "likes". Now, this is the part I hate the most because it's unfair. People can open hundreds and thousands of FB account with fake details and voted as they like. Why can't those companies that running the contests judge the winners themselves? But using the count of "like"?


Anyhow I found out that a recent contest that I participated is using the "Like" mechanism! aih, looking at other competitors that easily gets hundreds votes, I think my hope for winning is low. However, for those who are reading this post, please help me to vote by following the 2 steps below,

1) "Like" Trudy & Teddy's page at
2) "Like" Jia Rye's photo at!/photo.php?pid=4997123&id=108879074770&ref=fbx_album&fbid=443745214770


Uhuhu, guess what is Jia Rye's temptaing about here?

Yeah, they are Uhu!hu! from The loaf bakery. I know this is not new to most of the KL folks, but it's the first time for Jia Rye though. ^-^

Some people may be wondering what is Uhu!hu! ? Well, it's actually cheese cake, in Japanese style? Since The loaf is Japanese bakery?

Uhu!hu! is selling at RM3.30 each, you can get half dozen at discounted prize RM18.20(Not including 5% Gvn Tax). There are plenty of flavors for you to choose and I have chosen Luxurious Chocolate, Rasberry Swirl Whirl, Oreo Crunch, Coffee Grinds Ganache, Nuts Nuts Nuts, and Glitzy Strawberries.

Apparently Jia Rye likes the Uhuhu very much, what about you?

dirty cat, ahaha!
Ohya, for people who visits The Loaf oftenly, you can apply their lifetime membercard at RM10 to enjoy some special discount for some buns. And they are having promotion for some new buns at 50% off too, like the Epi, RM2.30 after discount and Tuna Tomato, RM1.90 after discount.

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